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Attention Men: What Not to Wear

Men fashion

Unlike fashions for the ladies, men’s fashion is something that gets far less attention on the runways. As a result, fashion for guys changes much more slowly. The truth is most men don’t really care whether they’re in style. If it is comfortable and covers all the important areas of the body, they’re happy. Many don’t even shop for themselves, instead relying on the good taste and fashion sense of wives, girlfriends and daughters.

If you’re one of those guys who’s venturing into a store for the first time in years, looking for some new duds, don’t let confusion set it. Even worse, don’t try to singlehandedly carry on years-old styles that will result in ongoing fashion faux pas. If you haven’t been paying attention for the past decade, here are a few tips for styles that are dying or long dead.

Skinny jeans. We’re pretty sure this style was an idea generated by women and not a man. While skinny jeans occasionally look good on a woman, for a men’s jean the style is just wrong. If the design hugs from waist to ankle, it will look anything but flattering on the male silhouette. You might even get beat up, so stick with a classic, much more masculine bootcut.

Urban wear. This category includes a long list of tacky and ill-fitting items. If it could have been featured in a rap video from the past decade, don’t resurrect it. Jeans and shorts that are too loose and too wide at the leg, baggy pants that play boxer peekaboo, shirts that nearly reach the knees, oversized jewelry, and gaudy colors and patterns should be left to die quietly.

Camouflage. At the height of its recent popularity, camouflage could be seen on everything from cargo pants to shirts to bags. Now it’s best left to those hunting for the 30-point buck and others who need the print for function and not fashion.

White socks with anything but athletic shoes. They might be the first thing you pull out of the sock drawer, but they make you look like a dork. An old dork. Save the white socks for the gym or to hide under jeans. If you’re wearing loafers or dress shoes, choose socks that match the color of your pants.

Socks with sandals. No, no, no. The whole point of wearing sandals is to let your feet run free. Leave the socks at home.
Sweats. So everyone wants to be comfortable on their days off, but there’s a right way and a wrong way. Faded, stretched out sweatpants will do nothing for your image but hurt it. Instead, go for nice athletic wear in neutral colors that fits your body, instead of making you look like an Oompa-Loompa.

Clunky shoes. There was a day when shoes that could conquer Mount Everest were the norm. Today, shoe styles are much more streamlined and easier to wear. It’s a good thing.

Combovers. This probably wasn’t ever a style, so we’re not sure why so many men do it. Those few long strands of hair aren’t going to fool anyone. If you’re balding, embrace it and move on. Your kids will thank you.

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