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Plus size

Plus Size Women Fashion Tips – What Not to Wear

Plus size

Everyone was created differently and for that reason it really is true that everyone is special in their own unique way. When it comes to the shape of women, some were created petite and some were created as more of a plus size. While one is no better that the other, there are certain things that a plus size woman should avoid wearing.

Fashion often comes down to how good you feel in a garment, but there are some easy no, no’s to avoid that will have you looking better and feeling better as a result no matter how plus in size you are. Some things to avoid as a plus size woman are:

•    Horizontal lines: Horizontal lines tend to give things, including people, a stretched image. If you are already a plus size then wearing clothing that features these types of lines is only drawing to that fact on a greater level.
•    Sizes too small: If you are a size 16, then wear a size 16. A lot of times, especially with dresses, you may find an unbelievably cute dress that is a size or so too small for you. Don’t give into temptation and get the dress thinking you can pull it off. If you are already plus sized, then wearing extra tight clothing is not going to compliment your figure. Stick to dresses and other clothing in your size and leave the stuff that is too small alone. As cute as it is, there are other ones just as cute that will actually fit you, so just leave it on the rack.
•    Bright colors: Bright colors make for bigger appearances. Avoid bright yellows, reds, and violets to name a few as this will give the impression that you are bigger than you are. Again, you want to compliment your figure, not complicate it. This isn’t to say that you have to dress in dark drab colors all the time, but be careful how bright you go.
•    Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans, or tapered leg jeans, only look good on skinny women – and the jury is still out on that- and will not compliment your full figure. Wearing skinny jeans will not only be very uncomfortable on you they can also give you the appearance of having stumpy looking ankles and that is not a look you will want to go for. Stick to the loose fit jeans and let the 100 pound and under women have the skinny jean trend.
•    Short-shorts: Not everyone in the world was designed to wear short shorts and if you are a plus sized woman, avoid them. If you insist on wearing short shorts you are asking to be teased and that is not going to do your image or your self-esteem any good. There are plenty of cute carpris and bahama shorts that will not only fit you great, but compliment your fuller figure as a result.

You should never have to feel bad that you are a plus size woman as you are just as special as anyone else alive today. Dressing yourself to look great, helps you feel great as a result and will help you keep that great looking smile on your face day in and day out.

Dark complexion

Best Colors for Dark Complexions – What to Wear and What not to Wear

Dark complexion

When it comes to what color of clothing you should wear you should always consider your complexion. If you have a dark complexion you are in luck as there are full spectrums of colors that will look good on you. There is however no one size fits all rule as there are different levels of what would be considered a ‘dark complexion.’ While the best outfit to wear is always the one you get the most compliments in there are some general guidelines that can help you to determine what to wear and what not to wear with your darker complexion.

If you have a dark complexion there are basically three categories that you will fall in. Determining which category you fall under will help you determine what types of colors are going to look best on you. Here is a quick guide:

1.    Cool Toned: A cool toned individual will have a much darker complexion that the any other type. When you are cool toned, you will find that colors such as red, pink ,blue, and lavender look great with your complexion. On the other side of the fence, you will find that colors such as yellow and orange do not. Cool toned individuals usually find comfort and style with the many different shades of red as well as blues, purple, and maroon.

2.    Warm Toned: A warm toned individual will have a lighter skin complexion in comparison to a cool toned individual but will still have an overall dark complexion. When you are warm toned, you will look great in orange, yellow, and even apricot colors, but you will not look particularly good in the colors that the cool toned individuals look good in. Being warm toned you will want to avoid the darker colors like reds, blues, and even maroon. Choosing earthy colors is usually a safe bet. Colors such as gold, brown, green, orange, and apricot usually fit the bill.

3.    Mixed Tones: This type of skin complexion is both unique and harder to determine which color of clothing looks best with it. The reason is that if you are a mixed tone your complexion will tend to change somewhat throughout the year. You may be one tone in the summer and a totally different tone in the winter. Because of this you can wear all the colors that look good with cool toned and warm toned individuals, you just have to take more care as to what your current tone is before you get dressed. Mixed toned individuals are generally on the warmer toned side but if you can tell when you have a sun burn or people can see you blush, then this describes you.

Whatever color you decide to wear with your dark complexion you should be comfortable in it. It is after all your body you are dressing up. But there is no reason why you can’t feel great and look your best and let some of the colors of the rainbow help you out. Being a darker complexion can be challenging when it comes to deciding what to wear, but knowing your tone ahead of time may help you to decide just a bit easier.

2009 fashion

2009: What Not to Wear

2009 fashion

Being on TLC’s reality show, “What Not to Wear,” is not something most people aspire to. Family members and friends nominate a sucker with bad fashion sense, and the show’s hosts (Stacy London and Clinton Kelly) swoop in to clean the victim’s closet. Armed with a $5,000 budget, they offer fashion tips, go shopping in swanky boutiques and produce a well-heeled man or woman with infinitely more pizzazz and polish. If only we could do a makeover for the entire world, life would be good. It seems that with so many fashion directions to go in, there’s always someone taking a wrong turn!

With a new decade just around the corner, it’s time to start cleaning out the closets and getting rid of those no-no’s of the past few years. For 2009, here are are a few over-and-done-with trends to avoid.

1.    Sagging, oversized pants.
The gangsta look is dead and gone, so get rid of those pants that oh-so-subtly display your undergarments to the world. Time to get some trousers that do what they’re supposed to: fit.

2.    Too many accessories. Forget the bulky chains and gaudy bling-bling. Beautiful Bohemian prints are showing up in many designers’ collections, but go easy on the accessories. Wearing too much jewelry can send the wrong message about what you do in your off-hours. Keep accessories simple and clean, without a hint of bling. That means one (small) necklace at a time, one ring per hand, and one earring per ear.

3.    Too much color. While pale pastels and acid neons from the 90’s are making their way back onto the runways, be cautious when incorporating these colors into your wardrobe. Try using just one bold item at a time to spice up a look. Don’t mix a lot of these colors together, or you’ll glow—and not in a good way.

4.    Casual attire at the office. Leave the flirty sundresses and novelty t-shirts at home if it’s time to head to work. Tailored is in for office attire, so keep fun and formal separate. Anything that will do for an outdoor cocktail hour is an office “don’t”.

5.    Flip flops. Flap, flap, flap, flap.
You hear them coming before you can see them. Flip flop wearers of the world take note: these noisy sandals are not cool unless you’re going to the beach. They’re especially not cool at the office, or anywhere where you want to make a positive impression. Flip flops don’t look good with any outfit that’s not made of Lycra, and they definitely don’t sound good, so leave them in the beach bag.

6.    Bluetooth headsets. These handy little gadgets were never meant to be a fashion accessory, so don’t act like they are. Wearing a bluetooth headset in your ear doesn’t make you look cool; it makes you look like a fool. Everyone knows you’re not as important as you think you are.

With a bit of “what not to wear” advice, 2009 will be the year you make a positive fashion impact, even without the extra $5,000 to work with! Find a few pieces you love, and work them with class.

Men fashion

Attention Men: What Not to Wear

Men fashion

Unlike fashions for the ladies, men’s fashion is something that gets far less attention on the runways. As a result, fashion for guys changes much more slowly. The truth is most men don’t really care whether they’re in style. If it is comfortable and covers all the important areas of the body, they’re happy. Many don’t even shop for themselves, instead relying on the good taste and fashion sense of wives, girlfriends and daughters.

If you’re one of those guys who’s venturing into a store for the first time in years, looking for some new duds, don’t let confusion set it. Even worse, don’t try to singlehandedly carry on years-old styles that will result in ongoing fashion faux pas. If you haven’t been paying attention for the past decade, here are a few tips for styles that are dying or long dead.

Skinny jeans. We’re pretty sure this style was an idea generated by women and not a man. While skinny jeans occasionally look good on a woman, for a men’s jean the style is just wrong. If the design hugs from waist to ankle, it will look anything but flattering on the male silhouette. You might even get beat up, so stick with a classic, much more masculine bootcut.

Urban wear. This category includes a long list of tacky and ill-fitting items. If it could have been featured in a rap video from the past decade, don’t resurrect it. Jeans and shorts that are too loose and too wide at the leg, baggy pants that play boxer peekaboo, shirts that nearly reach the knees, oversized jewelry, and gaudy colors and patterns should be left to die quietly.

Camouflage. At the height of its recent popularity, camouflage could be seen on everything from cargo pants to shirts to bags. Now it’s best left to those hunting for the 30-point buck and others who need the print for function and not fashion.

White socks with anything but athletic shoes. They might be the first thing you pull out of the sock drawer, but they make you look like a dork. An old dork. Save the white socks for the gym or to hide under jeans. If you’re wearing loafers or dress shoes, choose socks that match the color of your pants.

Socks with sandals. No, no, no. The whole point of wearing sandals is to let your feet run free. Leave the socks at home.
Sweats. So everyone wants to be comfortable on their days off, but there’s a right way and a wrong way. Faded, stretched out sweatpants will do nothing for your image but hurt it. Instead, go for nice athletic wear in neutral colors that fits your body, instead of making you look like an Oompa-Loompa.

Clunky shoes. There was a day when shoes that could conquer Mount Everest were the norm. Today, shoe styles are much more streamlined and easier to wear. It’s a good thing.

Combovers. This probably wasn’t ever a style, so we’re not sure why so many men do it. Those few long strands of hair aren’t going to fool anyone. If you’re balding, embrace it and move on. Your kids will thank you.