Become a Human Billboard – Put a Custom Shirt On!

Back in the day, (well before I was born), folks driving down the road were spared the visual accostment of huge, garish billboards. If a local company wanted to put themselves out there on the road, they did so with smaller, eye-level signs along the road, often spread out over a mile or two, which the driver would read as he came to them. These road signs were usually brief and had the product’s or company’s jingle on them. These days, when we drive down the road, we are accosted by literally hundreds of these signs every day. No matter where you drive, whether it’s along county or city roads or on the big interstates, you will see billboards. You can’t avoid them. They might even flash. Some rotate within themselves, so you can see 3 different messages at one time. All of this is a problem, not to mention the high leasing costs for the billboard space, and getting the whole ad up there in the first place.

Another way companies and business owners try to advertise their businesses or services is to hire people to walk around a street corner wearing a sandwich board. Used to be that the only way to advertise was to find someone willing to wear two heavy boards on each side of their body touting the product and where to find it. Not only is this time consuming, an inefficient use of precious funds, heavy and tiring, but it’s not really that effective; we speed by so fast in our cars that we can barely see what they’re advertising.

Why not just take the message you’d normally put on a billboard or sandwich board on your t-shirt, instead? It makes a lot of sense; it’s cost effective, light and cool, easy to maintain (through it the washer and dryer), and gets the message across without potentially causing major traffic accidents.

Getting some t-shirts printed up is incredibly easy, and pretty cheap, too. Be sure to shop around among different printing shops to get the best price, but you’ll probably find that most of them will quote prices about the same. It costs very little to maintain this “body billboard”. Throwing an extra t-shirt in the wash isn’t going to cost you any extra; it’s just part of what you’d already be washing, and can even save wear on your regular clothes.

Don’t forget about comfort. Especially in the summer, advertising with your body via sandwich boards or even holding up a sign on the corner will quickly cause you to feel incredibly tired and sweaty. It seems a lot easier to me to put on a cool and comfy tee for the day, especially if you’re going to running lots of errands; your fellow shoppers, citizens in line at the post office, or others in the bank are most likely to take the time to read your ad. What’s more, if they have questions about your product or service, they can stop you and ask all they want. You’re right there, and it saves them time and money they’d need to spend to call or look you up online. If you’re wearing a particularly provocative t-shirt, you may cause a couple of crashed shopping carts, but rest easy in the knowledge that there won’t likely be any injuries!

So, take the plunge and get your info on your back. Become the newest “body billboard”.

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