Top 10 Dorky Clothes Items

Looking your best is important. That’s why fashion is a popular topic. There are books, TV shows, magazines, radio programs, blogs and much more devoted to just that. With your clothes you make a definite impression on others and therefore you need to know exactly what type of impression each item actually makes. If you are a dork and revel in the fact, you will want to know what clothing is dorky, so you can wear it. If you strive to avoid looking like a dork, you will want to avoid dorky clothes. Below is a listing of the top 10 dorky clothes items that everyone should be aware of.

1.    Socks with individual toes. There is no good reason to wear these things, other than to look dorky.
2.    Pants that are just too short to be pants and not short enough to be capris are dorky.
3.    Anything in adult size clothes that has layers of ruffles is dorky.
4.    Socks and sandals or flip flops always spell dork.
5.    Any clothes that have seasonal decorations all over them are dorky.
6.    White tube socks that are worn with colored pants, or using white tube socks as a fashion staple. They definitely are not fashionable.
7.    Suspenders are always dorky, no questions asked. Leave them for Santa Claus.
8.    Shiny clothes and overly bright clothing is out.
9.    Poorly fitting T-shirts are dorky. T-shirts that are too long, too short, too small or much too large are never a good wardrobe choice.
10.    T-shirts that tell that you are a dork are rather dorky. We can usually see that for ourselves.

Whether or not you are trying to break free of a dorky image or you want to embrace it, you can do so in custom-made T-shirts. With a custom-made tee you get to choose the color (think not too flashy if you don’t want to be a dork), the weight of the fabric, the style of the shirt and the quality of it. As with most things, the higher quality ones will be pricier.  When you have chosen the shirt you want you then can get anything you choose printed on it to make an individual statement.

Some undorky things to print on a T-shirt include:
–    your heritage
–    your beliefs
–    a message to support a cause
–    the fact that you are proud of someone
–    things you love, as long as they are not dorky activities.

Some totally dorky things to have printed on a custom tee include:
–    anything about dorks, including the fact that you are one
–    information about dorky hobbies like stamp collecting, gaming or playing the bagpipes
–    anything about how hot you are.

Luckily for many dorks, it has become pretty popular to focus on being a dork. Many people are actually starting to come clean with the fact that they love dorks. So relax and enjoy it. This is your moment.

Get a dorky custom-made T-shirt and flaunt your dorkiness or that you love a dork.

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