Company T-Shirts Boost Morale

Keeping employees happy and satisfied is a challenge for many companies. Planning company events is one way to maintain employee satisfaction. Events such as a company picnic are a time for employees to relax and mingle. Families get the opportunity to spend time together. Spouses get to meet the many people they hear about everyday after work. Company picnics are wonderful at creating a stress-free environment for employees and giving them down time, so they can be more productive at work.

Company events can be difficult to organize and plan. All companies want to make a great impression at the company event, so that employees will remember the event for years to come. Custom t-shirts are a fun way to create a lasting impression. The company can design a shirt specifically for the company picnic, or other event, that will bring back memories for employees.

Designing a custom t-shirt is actually quite fun. There are many color options for the shirt, although if you are a company with many men, pink may not go over well! There are also options for what you want to have on the t-shirt. It can be as simple as the company name and logo. Although a nice simple choice, it’s not very fun. Consider having fun with the design of your shirt.

A funny saying would be great for your company’s custom t-shirt. One example was a car manufacturer that had a shirt with the saying, “Professional test drivers, don’t try this at home!” It is a cute saying and brings back memories for the employees and former employees. Depending on what your company focus is, there may be a saying that would fit perfect for your company t-shirt. A saying like, “I’m Fried” could be great for a restaurant or computer company. It may also be exactly what your employees are feeling, so it would be appropriate.

Adding graphics to the t-shirt is another great option. A restaurant that uses “I’m Fried” could have a fried egg graphic or a person in a frying pan. A computer company using the same phrase could have a computer on fire or a person sitting by a computer with his head sparking. The possibilities are endless. The graphic used could come from your company itself. A great way to promote your event would be to have an employee contest to design the shirt (or just graphic). The winner could get a number of prizes from a free lunch, movie tickets, or even a paid day off. The better the prize, the better the entries!

Custom t-shirts are a fun way to promote your company event and invoke memories for years. Taking the time to design a fantastic company t-shirt will be worth the effort when the company event occurs and you see the looks on the faces of attendees. If you chose to do a contest to design the shirt, waiting to reveal the winner when the shirts are distributed could be a great employee moral booster. Employees will be anxious to see who won, and there will be talk about it for a long time. When planning you next company event, don’t forget a great camaraderie builder, custom t-shirts. They really are fun and will bring your employees together.

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