Get Dressed and Save the Earth

Earth Day is a very important day, especially these days. The Earth is in trouble, and a lot of people are putting in a lot of time and effort to give something back. For some this means changing their habits by recycling or eating organic foods or using less electricity. For others it means volunteering outdoors, planting a tree each year, or writing poetry in reflection of the beauty of the Earth. Some who can afford it donate money to organizations trying to take care of the Earth.

But other people—too many people, probably—let Earth Day slip by without thinking about it at all. They might see a headline here or there that reminds them of the special day. But they are too busy or stressed out or distracted with other daily worries to take time out to help make the Earth a safe, healthy place for the coming generations. It takes a lot of effort to stop and decide to change your habits, or even to take a day to reflect and commit something small to a cause like saving the Earth.

Are you wondering how you can participate in Earth Day? Do you want to call people’s attention to the importance of the day but aren’t sure how to do it? Well, how about making a special Earth Day t-shirt? You could make one just for yourself, to wear while you volunteer or go to work or school. On the front you could have an image that reminds you of the beauty of the Earth—of what you are trying to save. On the back you could have some text that will help people think about the Earth and tell them how they can figure out a way to help. Perhaps you could provide a link or a phone number to nearby volunteer opportunities, or information sites where people can go to find out what is happening to the Earth, and to learn how their lifestyles can help or hurt it.

You could also always make t-shirts for a lot of people to wear. You could make t-shirts for your whole class or for your office. If people receive a free t-shirt designed by their friend in honor of Earth Day, they are not likely to forget what day it is. Then they will have the t-shirt and the information you put on it to keep, and they can perhaps start an Earth Day tradition of their own with their families or roommates.

Making Earth Day t-shirts is a way to spread knowledge about Earth Day and its issues without making people feel guilty or pressured. It’s more of a way to create more enthusiasm for the day and for every other day in which helping the Earth is an important part of life. If the message on your t-shirts is a positive one, you can help get people excited, which will make them more likely to go off on their own next time and contribute. Good luck, and happy Earth Day!

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