Graduation T-Shirts Help Commemorate the Big Accomplishment

After long years of hard work, you are finally graduating! Whether from high school, college, or trade school, your graduation is a giant accomplishment that you should be very proud of. Now is the time to celebrate a job well done and years with your friends and classmates, now coming to an end. Why not commemorate this special time with some custom t-shirts?

If you are in some organizational position, like class president or student council, or graduation committee, you could consider ordering t-shirts for your entire class. You could design a standard t-shirt with “Class of 2008,” your school name, and perhaps a picture of your mascot or something like that. The shirts could show your school colors, and perhaps some unifying facts about your class—pop culture from the year, class songs, or slogans. In the days leading up to graduation, the class would appreciate a t-shirt to wear together and to keep as a souvenir of their entire class. When will the class be more unified than on graduation day?

You don’t have to be class president to design and order class t-shirts, however. Why not design t-shirts for yourself individually, or for your group of friends, or for a club or team you belong to? If you’re making a t-shirt just for yourself, you could take the opportunity to celebrate your personal accomplishments—best hair, most likely to succeed, high grade point average, captain of a team—or highlight your favorite memories from school. Think of yourself as a walking version of your yearbook write-up. What is your favorite inspirational or funny quote? You could list your favorite songs and movies from the year, or your favorite classes and t-shirts, or your best friends.

If you want to get t-shirts made for a small group of people—like your high school choir, or your softball team, or just the kids you eat lunch with every day—you can get creative and individualize each t-shirt for the specific person. You can put their names on the front or back, and maybe a picture of them that captures their personality. If you already have nicknames for people, you could use those, or you could make new nicknames up. For small groups, you can think about inside jokes you and your friends have enjoyed over the years without having to worry about leaving anyone out. Commemorating jokes and memories on t-shirts will help people go back to the days of school much easier as the years go on and they move on to new parts of life.

No matter how large the group that you decide to make t-shirts for, you can have a lot of fun with the t-shirts after you’ve all received them. Graduation is a great time to let people know what they’ve meant to you, and to wish them well. You could have a t-shirt signing party, or just bring them to school in the final days before graduation for everyone to sign, like yearbooks. Then you will all have a meaningful and fun memento of the years you spent together in school.

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