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Body shaper

Body shapers do exactly what you would think they would and that is shape the body of a woman to make it more flattering or appealing. Body shapers are the perfect solution for any woman that wants to appear to be shapelier whether you are above your ideal weight to just at your ideal weight. Body shapers have the ability to dramatically change your figure and can take inches off but it should be noted that body shapers have no long term effects that will last. Once the body shaper comes off, your body goes right back to the way it was. But if you don’t want to get liposuction and exercise isn’t your thing, then a body shaper may be for you.

Body shapers are hardly a new concept and can be traced back to the day and age of the corset. The biggest difference is that body shapers can shape more than just the chest and mid section and they are heck of a lot more comfortable than the traditional corset.

Body shapers come in different forms to shape different parts of the body, such as:

•    Boy shorts: Many women wear these on a day to day basis to help slim the appearance of their thighs and backsides. Because they constrict and shape those areas you can have a great looking derriere without hitting the gym.
•    Upper body: Meant to tone the upper body up, they wear like an undershirt.
•    Full body: This type of body shaper shapes you from your head to toe, well almost. They can shape everything like your thighs, bottom, stomach, chest and even upper arms.
•    For guys: Yes they even have body shapers for guys that want to flatten out their beer bellies. They look like a typical sleeveless undershirt but they hold in the gut a lot better.

Though more comfortable than the corsets of old, depending on how many inches a body shaper is supposed to take off will depend on how much you notice it. If you are simply wearing one to ‘slim’ down a bit, you will probably not notice it much at all, but if you are wearing one to dramatically take some inches off then you will more than likely know it is there. You may also have more discomfort than others if you have sensitive skin.

Because they are meant to go on under the cloths and not be noticeable most body shapers are a skin tone or lighter color. They will vary in price according to what type they are, what brand name they are, and of course by how much they are supposed to take off.

Again, these body shapers while effective in shaping you up, will only do so on an interim basis. To get any lasting results you will have to execute the good old fashioned discipline of a good diet and plenty of exercise. But in the mean time, if your high school reunion is coming up and you want to look as close as possible to the good old days, then a body shaper will certainly do the trick for you.

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