Guide to Team Sponsorship T-Shirts

Sponsoring a team isn’t just great advertising, it’s a way to build a positive reputation for your business or service. Most teams these days have sponsors- even children’s teams. A business can sponsor a team that plays any sport and comprises any age group and audience demographic. It’s also easy to do- most teams are actively looking for sponsors, so they will be able to handle many of the details that are involved.

If you’re looking into a local team, the word of mouth advertising that comes from it is invaluable, far outweighing the cost. Everyone who plays on the team, their families and everyone in the audience will see that advertisement. Local people will also see the sponsorship every time any member of the team wears one of the shirts. That is a great deal of advertising for one price, making it a valuable and cost-effective way to advertise. Casual, local teams are often very inexpensive to sponsor. To reach a wider audience, a larger budget will sponsor a more professional team. Most areas have enough sports teams that one can be found that will fit into every advertising budget.

To find a team that’s in need of a sponsor takes little more than asking around. Most people have family members or friends on local teams. If you don’t make any progress that way, call around to the local recreation centers and find out what teams play there. Many of them will likely be receptive to the idea of a sponsor even if they haven’t been actively looking for one. You might even check online to find local teams who are looking for sponsors.

If you want teams to come to you, you can place your own advertisements for a team that needs a sponsor. You can post flyers in places that will accept them or you can display them in your own business. You can also put your own ad in the paper for teams needing sponsorship. Word of mouth also works well when looking for a team. By simply putting the word out among friends and employees, you may hear back about several teams that could use a sponsor.

When you find a team in need, getting to the sponsored t-shirts is a simple process. Usually the team itself will already have a t-shirt design or an idea for one. From there it’s just a matter of agreeing on the size of the sponsored ad and what it will look like. The captain of the sports team will usually find out the sizes needed for the shirts and will provide you with the quantity needed. If each shirt will be personalized, the captain should also provide that information. From there, getting the t-shirts printed is simple. The internet makes getting the proper design onto a shirt an easy process that leaves little room for error. The small investment that is provided is turned into a large and positive advertising force that benefits both the community and the business being advertised.

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