Hop on over and make a t-shirt for Easter!

If you’re like most Christian families, then Easter is very important day of the year. Easter Sunday is a day for the family to reflect together and give thanks. As your children grow older, they will appreciate the deeper meaning while remembering the fun surrounding the day.

And we all know—especially those of us with children—that Easter time is also a time of celebration and excitement. What little kid doesn’t wake up on Easter morning, excited to see where the Easter bunny left those eggs, and maybe where he left some sweet treats too! Other events surround the Easter holiday, like egg dyeing and basket making. There is also the classic visit to the Easter bunny, who will give your kids some treats and maybe a picture to take home. These things make the holiday special for children who are too young to understand the religious significance of the day.

So there are two ways to go if you are thinking of designing custom t-shirts for you and your family to wear at Easter time. If you really want to focus on the religious holiday and take the day as time to spend with family and, perhaps, your church group, you could think of t-shirts that pay warm respects to the holiday. Maybe you could include your favorite quote from the Bible, or images from the life of Jesus. You could also include your own statements about what the holiday means, and what you believe is important to communicate on that special day.

The other option offers still more possibilities for creativity. If you want to make t-shirts for you and your kids to wear to the big egg hunt, or to go get your picture taken with the Easter bunny, then you should go with more colorful schemes and perhaps more eye-catching design. The traditional colors of Easter decorations are pastel—light pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and purples. Going along with this, you could include images of animals—the bunny, of course, plus all the other baby animals that tend to be associated with Easter. As far as text goes, you could choose anything from a quote from your favorite Easter song, like “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.” You could even design your own find-the-object picture, for people to find the Easter eggs on your t-shirt!

It is each family’s choice what to focus on at Easter time. The t-shirts you design can help you and your children create designs that encapsulate an aspect of what Easter means to you. Designing the t-shirts together could even be a great way to teach your children about Easter by opening up a dialogue with them. You can ask them what Easter means to them, and then share with them what Easter means to you. No matter what you choose to do with your Easter Sunday, making t-shirts with your family can be an easy and fun way to share the meaning of Easter together.

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