Chris Martin

How to Dress Like Chris Martin

Chris Martin

The band Coldplay has been burning up the charts for several years now. The lead singer of Coldplay is Chris Martin who has a unique style of singing and can play the keyboards with the best of them. Because of the popularity of the band there are many guys these days that want to dress like Martin.

Martin has two very distinct looks and neither is hard to emulate. Follow the tips below and you will easily pull off either or both of Chris Martin’s styles:

EVERYDAY LOOK: Martin’s everyday look is much the same as the way the average guy looks. Here is what it entails:

•    Pants: Here Martin opts for jeans or cargo pants that are of a darker color. When choosing your jeans go for a classic fit or even a lose fit and never go with anything tight.
•    Shirts: When dressing in an everyday manner, Martin’s shirts consist of nothing more than a darker colored t-shirt. He seems to like to stick with dark grays or blacks and rarely strays from this formula.
•    Footwear: When just out and about and dressing like the every man, Martin will simply wear a pair of Converse style sneakers or even flip-flops at times. You can wear whatever is comfortable for you as that is what Martin seems to do.
•    Accessories: Martin is rarely seen without his tell-tale bracelets. He sometimes wears a watch and to complete this look and you should be sure to get yourself a pair of dark sunglasses to wear everywhere you go. You can also get a fitted ball cap and wear it backwards as this is a favorite style of Martin.

ARTISTIC LOOK: This is the look that Martin will sport many times while performing or when he is in the public eye. Here is how you can pull it off:

•    Pants: Black trouser style pants are the trick here. Rarely will he perform in jeans, but whatever he does perform in they will be black.
•    Shirts: When in artistic mode Martin is often seen in long sleeved black shirts. When picking out your black shirt go for any style as Martin has worn them all, including a very artistic long sleeved turtle neck.
•    Footwear: to go with the black pants and black shirt you will want to get, you know it, black shoes. You can go with black Converse style sneakers or a dressier loafer if you want to as Martin has been known to wear both.
•    Accessories: Again Martin has on his bracelets and to copy him properly you should not be shy of them yourself. Leave the sunglasses at home with this look.
•    Hair: Martin likes to keep his hair in a messy and spiky manner. If you have short hair, you can easily do this by using a heavy holding gel and just sort of messing up your hair.

Dressing like Chris Martin isn’t tough to do, but as you can see he likes the dark colors so be sure that you are not going to be outside on a hot day when emulating this rock star.

3 thoughts on “How to Dress Like Chris Martin

  1. carly

    um u didnt mention what he wears on stage like his hot jackets and yes he does wear tight pants have u ever seen coldplay live and u forgot he wears a beanie and a grey scarf and if ure gonna dress up like someone ure not then ure a tryhard, u cant be someone ure not dont bother trying i did in high school it doesnt work be your self . look chris is chris and no one will ever be like him ok i like him too majorly but if he saw someone trying to be him i think it wouldnt impress him instead like him for who he is and like u for what u really are. im not being nasty look ive tryed doing this before it doesnt work if u do this people will just call u a tryhard trust me

  2. Debbie

    He wears a lot more color on stage. He has awesome brightly colored shoes that go with everything ?

  3. Debbie

    Everything has a bit of color. Often he wears a brightly colored shoe lace around his left wrist. I’ve never seen him without one of his trademark LOVE buttons on his tee shirt

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