Mandy Jiroux

How to Dress like Mandy Jiroux

Mandy Jiroux

Mandy Jiroux is a back up dancer for many of the Miley Cyrus music videos and that role led her to become best friends with the teenage music and acting icon. Recently the two made a series of YouTube videos called the The Miley and Mandy Show. While the online show is grabbing much acclaim, some wonder if it is not casting the wrong opinion on the Disney star Cyrus as the videos are apparently more geared towards an adult audience. Either way, the stir has caught the attention of many younger women across America and many now want to dress like Mandy Jiroux.

To capture the style and fashion of Jiroux you really don’t have to do anything too much out of the ordinary as she tends to dress much the same as any women her age would. Here are some tips to help you achieve this controversial figures look:

•    Jeans: Jiroux is a big fan of jeans and wears then often. She tends to go for the darker colored ones and sometimes will sport some rips and tears in the legs. She tends to go with a tighter fit so when you choose yours go as tight as you are comfortable with.
•    Shirts: Jiroux’s shirts are the typical t-shirts that a lot of teenagers are now wearing. She likes t-shirts that fit just a bit long and usually wears ones that have some sort of symbol or saying on them. To get her look go with white t-shirts that have some sort of fun saying or typical ‘rebel’ symbol such as a British flag or an anarchy symbol.
•    Jackets: No matter what the weather is like it seems that Jiroux always has a jacket handy. All you need here is a simple sweat jacket with a hood or any other type of zip up jacket that is lightweight and looks good no matter what it is you have on.
•    Shoes: Jiroux wears a wide variety of shoes and can be spotted at times in high top sneaker and in high heels at other times. Wear what you think looks best with your particular outfit and you can’t miss.
•    Accessories: Jiroux’s most notable accessory is her big bug eyed designer sunglasses. These are very popular these days and can be found at almost any department store. She also seems to go for the less noticeable jewelry and sticks to conservative earrings and necklaces. Additionally she carries a small purse that is probably designer, but you can achieve the same look with any small style knock off purse that you like.
•    Hair and maker-up: Jiroux has long luxurious hair and likes to wear it down. She sometimes gives it some curl and sometimes wears it straight. Achieve her look either way; just don’t go crazy with the volume of your hair. When applying your make-up you have to go big. Jiroux seems to wear a lot and really accentuates her cheek bones. She also tends to use darker eye shadow and dark eye liner as well.

All you have to do now is find yourself a multi-million dollar best friend like Cyrus and you too could be making fun videos online.

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