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Why Personalized Maternity T-Shirts Are Fun and Great Gifts

Funny maternity

Having a baby is an exciting time in a woman’s life. That enthusiasm is shared by her friends, family and acquaintances in a way that no other life experience is. Motherhood bond woman universally, and so strangers on the street will approach a pregnant woman to congratulate her, ask the sex of the baby or even be bold enough to rub her belly.

If you are looking for a fun and original way to let the expectant mom in your life know you are happy for her, here a few reasons why personalized maternity t-shirts are fun and great gifts.

It’s the Thought That Counts

When you take the time to have a personalized maternity t-shirt mad for someone, it is obvious that you really went out of your way to think about their wants, needs, and the details of the impending arrival. For instance, a maternity t-shirt that says, “Baby Number Four – Coming this Summer!” is very specific. It instantly shares mom’s important news with everyone and is a great conversation starter.

You can get as personal as you want with the details, right down to the name of the new baby. I would only do that if you are certain the parents are comfortable sharing that information, and already refer to the baby by name. If you feel that step is a bit premature, you could simply state, “Baby Tibble # 2” or “This Belly Contains a Future Soccer Player!”

Make ‘Em Laugh!

Another reason why personalized maternity t-shirts are fun and great gifts is that it’s a great way to inject a sense of humor into the occasion. “I’m Growing a Human Being -What Did You Do Today?” is sure to get a few snickers. Although the “Never Mess with a Pregnant Woman” message is one to be taken seriously.

Is your friend really struggling to eat right during the pregnancy, or lamenting the things she can’t have? “Kill for Coffee” or “We’re Hungry” are both cute and poignant. Anyone who has been pregnant should be able to relate to them instantly.

Make a Statement

Personalized maternity t-shirts are also a great way for the mom-to-be to get a message across to inquisitive friends and strangers. “We’re Not Finding Out!” or “Don’t Touch the Belly!” are pretty clear. And let’s face it, after about the fifth month, the most patient of expectant parents has dealt with enough unsolicited questions and belly rubs to shoot her hormones through the roof.

Other messages like “Got Mother’s Milk?” or “Miracle in Progress” may be appropriate depending on your friend’s plans and beliefs. Or perhaps simple is best. Messages like “Baby Diaz” or “Two Peas in this Pod” are simple but sweet.

If you are still wondering why personalized maternity t-shirts are fun and great gifts, remember this: even after the blessed event this shirt will be a keepsake for both mother and child. Unless she plans to recycle, then you can’t go wrong with the “Yes, I’m Pregnant!” version. It can be worn again and again.

When to Give Maternity T-Shirts


So there’s a baby in your future? Ok, it may not be yours, but if someone you love is pregnant you are undoubtedly sharing in the excitement and anticipation. You’ve probably thought of several different ways to show you care and are considering getting one or two of those cute maternity t-shirts for your special friend. Now you are wondering when to give maternity t-shirts, how to choose and what options are out there. These are great questions and here are your answers.

How Soon Can I Give a Maternity T-Shirt?

If mom has decided to announce the pregnancy, it’s not too soon to start giving gifts. Although she may not even be showing yet, receiving gifts will make the impending pregnancy feel more real. Granted if she is having morning sickness it may seem pretty real already! So a positive reminder of the event would be particularly helpful.

So go ahead and give a maternity t-shirt early on the pregnancy. The mom will appreciate your excitement on her behalf. And having some cute and fun maternity clothing will help her look forward to the day her clothes no longer fit rather than dreading it.

A Maternity T-Shirt for All Seasons

Once the mom-to-be starts to show is another time to give maternity t-shirts. “Baby Bump” or “Oops! I Did It Again!” can be cute sayings for maternity t-shirts. You might even consider giving two or three t-shirts to cover the different stages of pregnancy. Try starting with “Under Construction” for the first trimester, then “Mommy in Training” for the middle part, and finally, “Are We There Yet?” for those final couple of months. Your friend will get a kick out of the different sentiments, and really appreciate the time and thought you put into this gift.

When to Give Maternity T-Shirts to an Active Baby

Does your pregnant mom complain that this baby is constantly kicking, jumping or dancing around in her belly? This is a great time to help her enjoy and make light of her situation with a cute saying like, “Belly Dancing in Progress” or “Future Soccer Player.” By playing up the specifics of the pregnancy, mom can be proud of every jab and kick she receives.

Showered with Love

Of course if you are still wondering when to give maternity t-shirts to that future mom, the baby shower is a perfect venue. Amidst the soft baby blankets and cuddly stuffed bears that she is sure to receive a personalized maternity t-shirt is guaranteed to be a hit. Since most baby showers will take place in the third trimester, you will want to make sure the maternity t-shirt you choose is a good size fit, and appropriate to see mom through these final months.

Remember, she may continue to wear this shirt after the birth of the child, so consider that factor as well. To make it very personal consider labeling the shirt with the family name like “Baby LaPointe” or expected date, “Due in June!”

When it comes down to knowing when to give a maternity t-shirt you just need to think of your friend’s needs at this point in her pregnancy. Simply announcing “Baby Bulge” might be all it takes to make her smile.

How to Customize T-Shirts

Customize t-shirts

Custom T-Shirt Printing

One of the most popular, and easiest, ways to express yourself is through your clothing. And, what says expression better than a custom designed T-Shirt.  A popular fad during the 1980s, heat-pressed t-shirts bearing glittered images of television personalities and rock stars may not be the “in” thing today – but the popularity of personalized t-shirts has not really declined.

Today, it’s more common to see screen-printed t-shirts bearing a popular cartoon character with some catchy phrase reflecting the personality of the wearer.  Take a look in the halls of nearly any high school, and you will be bombarded with personality shirts.  This is a great trend for the younger crowd, but what about young professionals?

It is becoming more common than ever to see company representatives in t-shirts and golf shirts bearing the embroidered logo of their employer.  Often, these shirts are presented to the company for use on casual dress days or company events.  Promotional companies have built tremendous corporate customer bases through the popularity of these embroidered shirts.

Similar to the process used in the glitter shirts of the 80s is the process of dye sublimation, which allows for heat transfer of a detailed and multicolored image with more accuracy and less change of fading than a standard ironed-on design.  The process of dye-sublimation requires specific materials and equipment, and it is most commonly done by professionals. However with the right tools and techniques, any of the four methods of designing custom t-shirts can be done by just about anyone with a little time and creativity.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer, or iron-on, t-shirt design is perhaps the easiest and least expensive method for creating custom t-shirts for yourself, your friends or your family.  Commercial heat-press t-shirt designers generally use an industrial bed-style heat press in order to apply the customer’s choice of design to a t-shirt.  The designs are printed onto a special paper, which allows the image to separate from the backing paper when the design is pressed at a high temperature.

In contrast to the high costs of industrial heat presses, the home iron actually works just as well for most people interested in the world of t-shirt design.  And, just about anyone with a little creativity can create their own transfer designs with a home computer and a color printer.

The average cost for a professional heat press is around $500.  There are a wide variety of options for those interested in purchasing this equipment, including different size machines, different temperature settings and different styles and colors.  Most people could easily find an industrial heat press that meets their needs for well under $1,000.  While this might sound like a pricey endeavor, it is beneficial to think of the return on investment.  Generally, a custom printed t-shirt at the local mall will cost between $15 and $30.  The price is 10% higher, on average, when the t-shirt is printed at or near a tourist attraction.  Considering the popularity of custom t-shirts, an entrepreneur could easily recover the cost of the press in as little as one month.

For heat pressing, the press is the most crucial and most expensive piece of equipment. However, many t-shirt shops are now purchasing computer systems and printers which allow for complete customization and eliminate the need to purchase and store large numbers of stock designs. With the aid of computer software and image packages, a t-shirt designer can allow customers to browse thousands of customizable images which can be quickly printed and pressed onto the t-shirt of their choosing.

The cost of the computer, printer and software necessary to offer such a wide selection to customers depends more on the desired technology and individual preferences of the purchaser. A decent computer system, complete with a color printer, can cost as little as $600 and as much as several thousand dollars.  Many software packages are available, and the software ranges in price from inexpensive, with less customization options, to also in the several thousand dollar range.  Generally, the more expensive software offers the most customization options for the t-shirt designs provided.  The cost can seem daunting, however in order to consider the benefits it is necessary to explore the alternatives.

Take a look at the offerings of any t-shirt kiosk in your local mall.  You will see that there are usually a few hundred pre-printed designs for customers to choose from.  These designs are not customizable in most cases, and they are definitely not very unique.  What you may not realize is that the shop owner pays around $1 per copy of each image offered.  A new t-shirt shop owner hoping to compete in the custom shirt market will need to purchase a large variety of designs in varying quantities.  If you were to purchase 10 copies of 100 designs, you are already spending $1,000 for a minimal supply of designs.  And, chances are that you might choose to expand your offerings. This would leave you with the already purchased designs, in addition to requiring the purchase of new and exciting designs when they become available.  Because trends and fads come and go, the amount of research and background work necessary could easily be eliminated with the use of software offering quarterly design updates.

Honestly, the selection of equipment depends on the desire of the t-shirt printer.  If you intend to generate repeat business, you will need to stay current with your offerings – and this is true with both stock options and customizable options.

Embroidered T-Shirts

One of the most popular corporate promotions and advertising methods today is the embroidered t-shirt, bearing a high contrast logo on a t-shirt.  Most companies distribute these shirts to employees for casual days and corporate picnics and other events.  Although t-shirts are not generally thought of as corporate attire, no one wants to visit an amusement park wearing a suit and tie.
The corporate logo t-shirt generally requires little customization, because the company provides the logo to the producing company.  But, unlike handcraft embroidery the threadwork needs to be done using an embroidery machine.  Home embroiderers who want to create custom shirts for friends and family members will sometimes choose hand-embroidery as the production method. However, duplication is nearly impossible and can be extremely time consuming.  For this reason, home embroidery machines are gaining popularity at fabric shops everywhere.

Generally, a home embroidery machine with a variety of template designs costs around $500.  The options for these machines are limited, and unless they come with software and connections for a home computer, the number of designs that can be produced is quite limited.  Of course, there are always more templates available for purchase.  Considering that the price of new templates adds up over time, it might be better for the home embroiderer to spend around $1,000 for a machine that will work with a computer, similar to the way a printer works.  With this type of machine, the embroiderer can connect their machine to their computer, select a standard design, or design a custom image to be embroidered onto their t-shirt.

Professional promotional companies that provide mass quantities of embroidered shirts will generally need to spend around $5,000 for the equipment necessary to mass produce embroidered t-shirts at a relatively fast rate.  Of course, these machines also generally require computer systems and software.  The additional cost can be as low as $600 and as much as several thousand dollars.  Most would agree that the price is right, considering the average cost of $20 for a custom embroidered shirt.

Embroidery has always been a popular adornment for clothing.  Looking back to ancient Rome, it is evident that the more detailed a robe or tunic, the more important the wearer was to the society.  Intricate designs were embroidered by hand onto silk robes and other pieces of clothing in order to customize them for the wearer.  While embroidery no longer represents social status, the appreciation for fine embroidered designs is just as common today as it was then.

Machine embroidery has also developed over time. Embroidery machines gained popularity during the 1990s, with a few machines to choose from. Companies familiar to tailors, including Brother and Toyota, offered the first commercial and home embroidery machines.  Technology is constantly evolving, and today’s machines are much more sophisticated than those produced just a decade ago.  While the original designs required machine specific templates, the advent of developing computer software now allows the t-shirt designer to design their own images, and to convert it to a standard format for use by the embroidery machine of their choosing.  Standardization has also opened up the availability of millions of designs for embroiderers.

The field of t-shirt embroidery is gaining in popularity among designers and shirt wearers alike.  And, technological developments continue to become available to embroiderers. This reduces the amount of time and the cost of production for each individual shirt.  The selection of the right equipment and software to meet your needs is an individual decision, and therefore it is important to explore the various options to find the best solution for your situation.

Screen Printing

The first screen printers lived in Japan, thousands of years ago. Evidence exists today in museums across the world, in the fine art galleries.  Most of the rare Japanese prints hanging in these galleries are early forms of screen printing.  Today, we see screen printed items nearly everywhere we look.  Walking down a city street, you will see screen printed signs, bumper stickers and billboards. But the most commonly screen printed item is the t-shirt.

Industrial screen printing is one of the least expensive methods for mass-production of printed t-shirts.  A walk through any department store will place you in a sea of shirts produced in this way.  There are many methods for production, but the original method used by the Japanese still provides the basic principle used in screening.

The technique of screen printing utilizes some type of frame, which will align a template and the material onto which the design will appear.  The template is most commonly made of thick cellophane or another non-porous material.  Once the material and the template are locked into the frame, a thin layer of paint or ink is pulled across the template using a squeegee in order to guarantee an even distribution of the design.

The design options for screen printed shirts are much more limited than the designs used in embroidery and heat pressing.  However, they are often more interesting to the beholder.  Most of the time, these designs are printed in one color – possibly as many as a handful of colors depending on the intricacy of the design.  It is easier for a commercial printer to produce multi-color designs than it is for an individual at home.

The design of the template for printing utilizes the idea of negative space, a concept unfamiliar to most people without an art or design background.  When creating the template, it is necessary to draw out the design which will appear on the shirt and then to use an Exacto knife to cut out the inside of the desired design.  Thus, most people new to screen printing will choose to begin practicing with very basic designs.  Once the process of creating negative space becomes comfortable, designers can easily move to slightly more difficult patterns and images.  Professional artists who generate screen printing templates will often create multiple templates for the same design, one for each color to be printed in a particular order.  The ordering of the templates is crucial for multi-colored designs in order to produce the desired design as it was intended by the designer.

Most professionals who opt to screen print t-shirts will purchase equipment that can automatically cut out the desired design from the template material.  This process is very expensive, and so generally the produced templates will be utilized many times. This type of equipment is fairly expensive, and in order to generate a profit the designer will need to produce and sell many duplicate designs.

The home screen printer, who wants to create custom screen printed designs, will not need to purchase this expensive machinery so long as they have an eye for design and a steady hand.

Screen printed t-shirts are commonly worn by little league baseball teams, and school students who receive shirts for participating in events and activities.  Generally, the more shirts that are produced with a similar image, the cheaper the shirts will become.  For this reason, screen printing is often the method of choice when the t-shirts need to be identical.

Screen printed t-shirts make great gifts for friends and family members however remember that you will need to select a sturdy material for your shirt design templates so that they will last through multiple printings.  Practice makes perfect with this technique, so be sure to try printing your design on paper prior to locking that shirt into the frame.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a heat transfer process used for creating custom t-shirts, and although the process is more involved and requires specialty inks the process is quite popular.  Like iron-on heat transfer designs, designs printed with sublimation inks are transferred to t-shirts with the use of an iron or a heat press.

The difference between dye sublimation and iron-on transfers is that with dye sublimation, the fabric of the shirt is actually changed when it absorbs the sublimation ink.  This is in contract to the iron-on, which simply attaches to the shirt with a binding agent.  For this reason, shirts designed with dye sublimation tend to maintain their design through many more washings.

The process of dye sublimation includes printing a design onto heat transfer paper with special inks that evaporate to a gas-state when heat is applied.  The ink then attaches to the fiber of the fabric onto which it is being applied.  There is no change in the texture of the fabric, and the design is permanent.

One of the benefits of using this type of transfer process is that the design can be much more intricate than that of an embroidered t-shirt, a screen printed t-shirt or an iron on transfer.

Generally, the process involved will include a computer generated or scanned image that is printed with an ink jet printer on to sublimation transfer paper.  For the home crafter, the process is a bit involved because special ink is required. While some printer manufacturers make available sublimation ink cartridges, others do not.  For those that don’t have the option to use pre-filled cartridges, there are kits available for filling empty cartridges with a syringe.  The process is not extremely involved and is simple once you know the steps for filling the cartridges.

Once the design is printed onto the paper, it can be transferred with a hot iron or a flat heat press.  Generally, steam is not preferable and therefore it is best to turn off the steam setting on the iron prior to pressing the t-shirt.

The catch is that when you are selecting the t-shirt, you cannot just select any material.  Artificial fabrics, like polyester, work much better with this process than natural fibers like cotton.  This is because of the structure of the fibers, and their level of ink absorbency.  There are ways to coat a natural fabric with polyester in order to produce the desired transfer effect on the t-shirt, however it is probably easier to just purchase a polyester t-shirt from the beginning.

The process used in dye sublimation is much newer than other t-shirt transfer processes.  It was actually discovered by a French printer in the 1950s.  A printer realized that certain inks would vaporize and then solidify onto another fabric (or paper) when high heat was applied.  The process is quite common today in the printing industry.  However, because of the longevity of sublimation clothing manufacturers have also adopted the process.

Interestingly enough, the process of dye sublimation can also be used when screen printing a design. The difference between this type of screen printing and normal screen printing is that instead of applying ink and pulling it across the template with a squeegee, a layer of thin, transparent film is applied atop the template and then high heat is applied to transfer the design to the t-shirt.

Generally, the process of sublimation is difficult to master for the home crafter. However, once you practice and develop a technique it is very useful in t-shirt design.  Industrial t-shirt manufacturers commonly use this technique to create beautiful and unique t-shirts which outlast those created using other methods.

How to Wear Pocket Tees

pocket tee

Fabulously Functional Pocket Tees

The pocket t-shirt, or pocket tee, is one of the most wearable garments you can have in your wardrobe. That’s why, regardless of what the trends are doing, you can still find these comfy staples hanging in the closet of 90% of modern males. Despite its simplicity, the right pocket tee can be remarkably versatile. It can act as a base layer for a casual jacket or even a sport coat during cool weather, then be worn alone or with a vest during the summer months.

The pocket tee is a cut above a plain undershirt as far as sophistication goes. The material used in pocket tees tends to be more durable than that of undershirts, and the pocket itself gives the shirt a bit of added strength. Choosing the right color and wash is important to achieving a casual yet polished look with the pocket tee.

Even among pocket tees, there are numerous styles available. Crew necklines are the most common, although v-neck pocket tees have gained in popularity in recent years. Solid colors are the typical style for casual wear, and also the most functional. Common colors include red, blue, black, white, heathered gray and navy blue. Of course any of these colors can be worn casually, but if you’re using a pocket tee underneath a sport coat for a dressier look, it’s best to stick with a darker color. Anything bolder will draw attention to your tee, not the outfit as a whole. If you want to wear a pocket tee in a bold color for a dressier occasion, try pairing it with a white or light-colored jacket for a tropical feel.

For a good selection of basic pocket tees, check out a major retailer that sells men’s clothing. Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart and JCPenney will all have a respectable selection of tees to choose from, although the quality will not be as good as those found at more upscale department or clothing stores. J.Crew offers a nice selection of pocket tees (and styles without pockets) in a wide range of colors, including some that are hard to find (such as brown, sage, gunmetal grey, green, yellow and taupe). The cotton jersey material is soft and durable. The fit is also tailored, making them better for layering since there’s less bulk. GAP has a similar pocket tee version at a less expensive price, but the color selection is limited to white, black, grey and navy.

Striped tees are another variation on the pocket tee, and a look that’s currently very hot for guys. Bold, contrasting colors give the tee a bit more youthful edge, while more subtle neutrals are easier to dress up. This classic-fit striped pocket tee by Ralph Lauren is an excellent example of this style.

If you’re into a certain designer, there’s a good chance that you can find pocket tees among the offerings of that particular label. The designer touch can add a bit of flair to this decidedly casual look.

Maternity Shirts for Men

men maternity shirt

Fatherhood is in. More and more men are embracing the experience of pregnancy as a shared adventure for a couple. Gone are the days of men being bashed to obscurity while the mother to be is celebrated with parties in her honor and gifts that reflect only her tastes. No, now couple’s baby showers are being thrown and diaper bags, strollers, and baby gear are being designed with men in mind. Why should moms have all the fun and get all the new stuff?

The mother to be always knows or suspects the pregnancy first. Then there is the dilemma of how to break the great news about the new baby to the daddy. There is any number of creative ways. Why not give that special man in your life a shirt proclaiming “Good daddies are hot”?

For most men, they can’t have too many t-shirts. T-shirts proclaiming your feeling about pregnancy and resulting baby are one of the hottest trends. This is not only true for moms to be but dads to be also. Dads can be seen wearing shirts stating they are on a mission to fulfill their significant other’s craving of the hour or that all should be kind to them as the princess in their life is pregnant.

Is your brother’s wife or girlfriend pregnant? While you are shopping for the new baby (being a good aunt is cool too), get a shirt for your brother to tell him how you think he will be a wonderful father. Pair the shirt with a book about baby care or fatherhood.

Often dads complain about diaper bags and how many items moms think are necessary and stuff into the bag for just one trip to the grocery store or visit to the grandparents. Get a black messenger bag or backpack and fill it with baby necessities, then add a cool vintage style t-shirt. Have the t-shirt made with design of your own. This would be a great gift for the new dad at the baby shower.

Fathers are going need even more t-shirts after the baby is born, especially since babies can be messy. For a fun gift for the new father, take packages of diapers and wipes and a t-shirt proclaiming how real men change diapers when you visit the mom and baby in the hospital. Get one as a hint for your husband as the due date approaches for your baby and his role in your life is about to change forever.

The best place to find these creative t-shirts is with online retailers. Celebrity magazines and blogs are great places to look for style and design ideas. Styles range from the plain white t-shirts to vintage look. Long sleeved tees are also a popular choice.

T-shirts are great gifts especially with their easy care requirements. They are totally wash and wear. This is a big plus with any household with a new baby and all the items babies add to the laundry. Dad can just throw his own t-shirts in the washing machine with no help from a very tired new mom.

Help the dads in your life embrace their new role in life and show how proud they are with a new t-shirt.

Top 10 Places to Wear Matching T-Shirts as a Couple


Matching couples t-shirts have become extremely popular, particularly in China and other Asian countries. Proud couples who want to display their love for each other wear couples t-shirts for many occasions. Here are some places you can show off those cute matching shirts.

At the rehearsal dinner. Wearing couples t-shirts at the rehearsal dinner is a fun way to show your personality and relax a bit before the big day. It will also help those relatives you haven’t met to identify who’s the bride and who’s the groom. Shirts that simply say “The Bride” and “The Groom” will do, or try these t-shirts featuring two intertwined hearts.

At your wedding. If you’re a couple with a sense of humor and want to break the tension typically associated with a wedding (or you just don’t have the time and/or money to spend on formal wedding attire), matching couple t-shirts are the way to go. Try a tuxedo t-shirt for the groom and a wedding gown t-shirt for the bride. To create a truly custom look, have your names and wedding date printed on the back of your shirt. The tuxedo t-shirt/wedding gown t-shirt combo could also be a fun choice if you’re guests at a casual wedding.

At your second wedding. You already endured the pomp and circumstance of a big first wedding. This time around, why not have some fun? Dress in a tuxedo t-shirt and a matching bride t-shirt, and you won’t even have to change before the party that night. If you have attendants, let them in on the fun too.

On your honeymoon. The love is new, the excitement of the wedding is still palpable and you want the whole world to know that you’re in love! A honeymoon is one of the most popular times to wear matching t-shirts as a couple. We like the matching “We Did” t-shirts at featuring a cute cartoon wedding couple. Shelf Life offers a selection of t-shirts featuring a honeymoon theme.

On a date. So you shouldn’t give your date a matching t-shirt on the first date (or the second or even the third) or you risk looking psycho. But if you’re a steady item, matching t-shirts can be a fun way to let everyone know who you are with.

At a nightclub. Keep the sharks at bay by wearing matching t-shirts!

At parties. Matching couple shirts are the perfect get-up for a party. You’ll stand out in the crowd, and you’re sure to get lots of comments from men and women alike about how cute you look together. Best of all, all the other girls will know that your guy is taken (and vice versa)!

To a concert. If you’re both fans, why not wear matching t-shirts to the concert? Double the fun!

Anywhere there will be a crowd. Matching couple t-shirts are not only cute, they can also come in handy if you and your partner become separated. Just ask people if they’ve seen someone wearing a shirt like yours!

Hanging out at home. Seeing that your special someone is wearing your matching shirt will make you feel closer all day long.

How to Create a Novelty Maternity T-shirt

Novelty maternity

Novelty Maternity T-Shirts Ideas

Pregnancy is such a fun and exciting time in a woman’s life. It is no surprise that so many ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts have cropped up in recent years. One of the fun parts of having a baby is celebrating the unique qualities this child will posses. As the new parents work to individualize their child by decorating the nursery and picking out baby names, they can also express their excitement by wearing novelty maternity t-shirts.

– How to Create a Novelty Maternity T-shirt

There are a few different ways to go with novelty maternity t-shirts. You can focus on the specifics of the family and due date, funny sayings and quotes, or make a statement. The most personal idea for a novelty maternity t-shirt is to incorporate the family’s name or child’s due date on the item. For instance, “Baby Ramsey – Due in June” or “Rick and Robin’s Work in Progress”. Even the due date “12/11/07 – Give or Take 2 weeks!” can be a fun way to inform people of the impending event. This will also serve as a lasting keepsake of the pregnancy.

There are so many funny sayings for novelty maternity t-shirts, you will have fun just browsing through them all. “Oops!” is hilarious on a 9-month bulging belly! “Start me with Seconds – I’m Eating for Two!” and “When Momma’s Happy…” are both fun sayings for a t-shirt. “Who’s the Daddy?” can be funny, if it’s not too true, and doesn’t offend Dad!

In fact, there are even novelty maternity t-shirts intended for Dad to wear. “Baby Daddy” and “Sympathy Belly” are both fun ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts, and a great way to draw Dad into the excitement.

– Got Something to Say?

Of course a pregnant woman is bound to attract attention. The question is –what do you want to do with it? Your novelty t-shirt can act as a warning to others, “Hands Off the Belly!” It can send a message, “We Like Surprises” or “Two for One!” You may choose religious sentiments like “Miracle in Progress” or “God at Work.” Some people choose political statements like “One More for the Red/Blue States!” Or it can be sports related “Future Jaguars Fan.”

Of course, you may just want to keep in sweet and simple. There are many ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts that are cute and to the point. “Baby Bump” or, “Yo Mama” or, “Mom in Training” would all be fun.

– Coming Up With Your Own Ideas for Novelty Maternity T-Shirts

While there are literally hundreds of great ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts around, you may have your own.  And it’s easy to have this put onto a custom made shirt. “Enjoying Sleep for the Last Time” may strike a chord. If this is your sentiment, find a shirt and create your own unique novelty maternity t-shirt.  You can also add images or picture to make it even more personal.

Whether for yourself or a gift for someone who is having a baby, the ideas for novelty maternity t-shirts are many. They are only limited to your imagination and the many choices that abound on the Internet, stores and catalogs. Happy Shopping!

What Funny Custom Maternity T-Shirts to Wear

How to Make Light of Being Pregnant Outwardly with Funny Custom Maternity T-Shirts

Has the gravity of your current situation dawned on you yet? You are literally carrying the future in your belly. Every choice you make from nursing to the type of mobile you choose will be scrutinized by loved ones and complete strangers. So before you run to the parenting aisle of your local bookstore in response to the latest piece of unsolicited advice… Lighten Up!

Pregnancy is what you choose to make of it. Instead of getting tense and worried with each new phase of your “condition,” take these tips on how to make light of being pregnant with funny and custom maternity t-shirts.

The “I Just Wanted a Backrub!” T-Shirt

You know you laughed! This is part of the fun of being pregnant. Whether this event was preplanned, or a big surprise, it is all part of the story you will tell your future child. Pictures of pregnant mom in her funny and custom maternity t-shirts can make great Christmas cards or additions to the baby’s scrapbook. By choosing witty sayings for your maternity t-shirt, you will create immediate connections with people who appreciate our sense of humor.

Whether your personal sense of humor leans towards, “Never Mess with a Pregnant Woman” or “Are We There Yet?” you will be able to find funny maternity t-shirts to make you laugh out loud.

Express Your Beliefs

Custom maternity t-shirts are also a great way to express your personal beliefs and convictions. Religious sayings like “Designed by God” may be the perfect expression of your faith. Or politically charged ones like “Already Better than Bush” might work if you rather enjoy pushing people’s buttons. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you give up your personality.

If “Don’t Touch” or “Yes, I’m Pregnant” will save you from the unsolicited belly rubs and silly stares of strangers, well who could really ask for more in a piece of clothing? What about “Not Finding Out”? That could really save you from about a hundred questions a day.

Keeping things on the lighter note you may want a maternity t-shirt that says “Under Construction” or “Belly Dancer.” Once you start looking around, it’s easy to see how to make light of being pregnant by wearing funny or custom maternity t-shirts.

Who’s Carrying this Baby?

I know, you weren’t thinking of buying a funny or custom maternity t-shirt for Dad, but why not?  After all, who got you into this situation? He should definitely share in the joy with a t-shirt that reads “Sympathy Belly” or “Look What I Did” with an arrow pointing toward you. This is a fun time for the two of you, and you will need your sense of humor in the months ahead as you navigate sleepless nights and a fussy baby.

You can even get custom shirts for the older siblings, grandparents, aunts, or uncles. This is a great way to make brothers and sisters feel important, and other relatives feel connected to the baby.

Ultimately, the key in how to make light of pregnancy outwardly with a custom or witty maternity t-shirt lies in your personality. This is a great time in your life, so don’t spend too much time obsessing over the right diaper and try to have fun.

How Cute Are Maternity T-Shirts

Cute Maternity Clothing. What Do You Think Is Cute?

Just being pregnant is an adventure. It is the biggest life change any woman will experience. Your body undergoes a dramatic and wonderful transformation. Suddenly, things that were not important seem very important. But one thing does not change when you get pregnant and that is the desire to look good.

New clothes are likely one the first things you are going to think about when you learn you are pregnant. Everyone knows at some point you can’t just stretch that shirt over your baby bump and wear your jeans with the top button undone. So what is a girl to do? Do you run out and buy a whole new wardrobe or do you just borrow clothes from a friend who had a baby? No matter what you choose, you will still want some clothes that are yours only. They need to fit the needs of your growing body as well as help you feel good wearing them.

Why not embrace one of the hottest trends in maternity fashion today? The t-shirt proclaiming to the world your feelings about your impeding motherhood. Celebrity moms and moms in the grocery store can be seen wearing shirts with designs telling everyone about their special baby. A popular design choice is one saying the baby is “Due in (fill in month due).” Another asks “Does this baby make me look fat?”

T-shirts are a great item to have in your maternity wardrobe. They are comfortable, versatile and affordable. T-shirts range from the plain white standard with black lettering to vintage styles harking back to styles you wore in elementary school. You can have long, short or even three quarter length sleeves. They can be form-fitting or more relaxed.
Layering t-shirts is also another way to add more visual interest to your wardrobe. They can be worn with a hoodie and jeans or with a cute printed skirt.

The added value of t-shirts is their easy care requirements. Most tees on the market today are 100% pre-shrunk cotton or a cotton blend. This makes them totally wash and wear. Who really wants to spend their limited time as a pregnant mom doing laundry anyway?

Get started today. Pick a style or two that you love. Then choose a design with a slogan that you enjoy. This is a good time to be daring and have some fun. This t-shirt can be a great memento of your pregnancy and tell everyone how excited you are about your new life circumstances. You can use your shirt to tell everyone what your baby will be in the future. Pick a picture of Buddha and the word belly (Buddha belly). If you love the way you are looking pregnant, why not say “I heart baby belly”? If you are feeling sexy, say so. Declare that you are going to be a “Rock Star Mama” or “Sexy Mama.” Sassy design slogans include those declaring yourself to be “Knocked up” or that you “Failed sex ed class.” If you are tired of telling people the sex of your baby, get a t-shirt saying “Got Girl/Boy.” “Shhh, it’s a surprise” will tell everyone you choose not to find out the sex of your baby.

Whatever your choice of color or style, t-shirts are a cute and fun part of your maternity wardrobe. Pick out your shirt and get started.

What Maternity Clothes To Wear

Cute Cheap Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes can get expensive

Shopping for maternity clothes often gets to be an expensive endeavor. We all want to look our best and show off the baby bump with style, but for many of us, buying an entirely new wardrobe is not an option. Also when you’re pregnant, being comfortable is a high priority. Enter the humble t-shirt, a versatile, stylish, comfortable and often unique item of clothing.

T-shirts are great way to add variety.

Start your maternity wardrobe with some basic pieces in neutral colors. The foundation pieces will depend upon your needs, but most of us need both casual and more professional items. Once you have these items, you can mix and match t-shirts to add variety and color. Solid colored t-shirts can be worn with dress pants or a skirt and jacket for work. By adding accessories, like a bold necklace, you can look confident and stylish. T-shirts and jeans are the classic combination and already in your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Don’t give up your weekend and after work favorites just because you have a new baby body. A myriad of fun casual t-shirts are available for the mom-to-be. These t-shirts have slogans like “Who’s your daddy?” ,“Does this baby make me look fat?”, and “I need a back rub.” Pair a sassy t-shirt with a great pair of jeans and go indulge the craving of the hour.

T-shirts are cheap and comfortable

Maternity t-shirts are an affordable way to expand your maternity wardrobe. When you just can’t face those maternity jeans one more day, a new t-shirt can work wonders. Since t-shirts are often mostly cotton or some blend, they are comfortable and they stretch. This is a distinct advantage, especially in the later part of pregnancy when your movements are already restricted by your baby. Most, if not all, retailers that sell maternity clothing  have a great selection of shirts. Buying t-shirts in both long and short sleeve is good idea, especially if you are pregnant during the fall and winter. Since often you feel hotter (body temperature, really!), layering is always a great option. This also allows you to get more bang for your buck. Since you can still wear all your jewelry, be sure to add some so you not only feel but look hot.

T-shirts are unique

Buying maternity t-shirts. There are tons of t-shirts with slogans made up by other moms. For a truly unique shirt, make up your own slogan and have it made just for you. After the baby, your t-shirt can be a memento of your pregnancy. There are many online retailers that sell maternity t-shirts. Some have designer prices, but many are quite affordable. Check out the celebrity blogs to see what the Hollywood mothers to be are wearing, then find a retailer with similar t-shirts.

T-shirts are easy to care for

One of the greatest advantages of t-shirts is their easy care requirements. Since most t-shirts are a cotton blend or pre-shrunk cotton, they are simply wash and wear. No dry cleaning, hand washing, or ironing required. This is great news for the pregnant mom.  Think of the all the time you will have for napping or eating ice cream. Plus there will be plenty of laundry soon with a new baby.

How To Create Your Political Custom T-Shirts

Custom T-Shirts – Wearing Politics, Elections, Current Events

You make a political statement; chances are it may not be heard. But, wear it on your chest and you’ll stand out like a sore thumb or a messiah depending on which side of the public opinion you stand. Take the case of President George Bush. He seems the most hated man, but he’s adored too. An Afro-beat band called Mifuné, wearing custom t-shirts with a picture of George Bush with a line through it, was silenced in mid-performance at Tower City because the mall’s management felt the band’s attire was inappropriate.

Custom t-shirt – a political medium

It’s true since the time people started sporting t-shirts with their political views printed on them, it’s given them a new voice. It became that much easy to go with the mood of the nation or spark a controversy by wearing your political beliefs emblazoned on the fronts and backs of this apparel. Gone are the days when dress-code disputes limited themselves to gangsta gear or showing too much skin, politics has now become the new fashion mantra that’s giving sleepless nights to the administration. And the disputes arising out of it are making their way into the courts. Listen to this…a student gets reprimanded for wearing a t-shirt shouting ‘International Terrorist’ with a picture of President Bush. He’s told to remove it or face the consequences.  He contacts the ACLU. The group files a lawsuit and wins!

But why this sudden revival of playing politics with tees? Well, the times they’re a changin’…people’s lives today are more and more affected by such issues as Iraq war, terrorism and the talk of bringing back the draft. And this is adding to the frustration of otherwise God fearing and hard working individuals. Instead of taking up the arms, people are literally wearing their protests on their arms!

The t-shirt, of course, has long been a political tool. Starting out as part of a military uniform, it has ended up as a banner of political dissent. It was just half-a-century ago that the t-shirt was declared an official part of the US Marine Corp uniform. But, forty years later someone came up with the idea of using the blank space on the chest and back as a walking billboard. If you got a surface to write your views, can politics be far away! So, it’s no surprise that this casual wear started saying things with telling effect. Vietnam ‘Hell No, We Won’t Go’ defined the role of the t-shirt as a canvas for activism, advertising, ‘subvertising’ and politics of all persuasions. Since then, the variety in political messages is only limited by the imagination of the slogan and graphic creators, as there’s no dearth of political causes.

Creating your political custom t-shirts

Today, if you want to have your political say on your custom t-shirt, you don’t have to go looking for a plain tee and try your hand at designing. There are apparel companies who’d help you out with that. And rightly so, with t-shirt being the billboard of today’s movement, why should you sacrifice quality and style with your amateur attempts. By using hi-tech machinery that allows innovative colours, embroidery and appliqué, these companies can help you in not only reproducing your idea, but evolving it too with the kind details you couldn’t even dream of. They’re aware that a simple t-shirt can be a vote for change.

So, if you want to highlight a political theme in humorous or satirical way on your tee, go for the established people in custom t-shirt printing business. They’ll design your political t-shirt in a way that’d get the message across in split seconds to make an instant impression.

How To Express Individuality

Custom T-shirts – Way to Express Individuality

The days of t-shirts displaying company logos is passé. And plain t-shirts…well, they remain just too plain for anyone’s comfort! Today, you’re not ‘in’ with the crowd, if you don’t have a custom t-shirt, flashing your style and ideology. So, what do you do to stand out in the crowd? Well, you customize your t-shirt by adjusting color, image, text and what’ve you.

Characteristics of custom t-shirt

Like humans, customized t-shirts too are not created equal! If you wear, say, Levis or Wranglers or any other brand, countless others wear them too. However, if you wear something that says ‘Hold My Chest, I Breathe Heavy’ or some such deep philosophy, people know it can only be you!

Since, your t-shirt is you; it reflects your inner feelings right across your chest by appropriate text and images. In certain cases, it also states what should best remain unsaid! And it’s not only the message; there are several other factors too that are essential in a customized t-shirt. And this information can come in handy for those who want to exhibit their individuality, along with the quality of the material, its style, color, and weight.

According to the experts in the field, the first criterion to be considered for custom t-shirt printing is the weight of the t-shirt. Any t-shirt made of 100% cotton weighing between 5.3 oz and 5.8 oz is considered a heavyweight t-shirt. Super heavyweight t-shirts are generally constructed of material weighing between 6.1oz and 7.00 oz. However, you’d do well to choose a standard heavyweight t-shirt in the range of 5.6 oz. This is not only because there’s a huge color choice in this weight category, but also because it lends itself beautifully to printing. Little wonder these standard heavyweight tees are the best selling of any classification of t-shirts.

However, those wanting a product with a little more beef would do well to choose super heavyweight t-shirts. They’re the recommended choice for custom embroidery. Although, they may cost slightly more than the standard weight, it’ll be worth the money for customers with a budget. Seven ounce t-shirts are seldom used for casual wear. They’re more suited for sporting purposes.

Coming to the material, t-shirts constructed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester are the lightest weight tees, weighing between 3.9 oz and 4.6 oz. However, from expert’s point of view these tees are a big no-no, since they cannot match the superior custom printing and embroidery surface, comfort and durability of 100% cotton t-shirts. The problem of shrinkage of pure cotton tees has been overcome. Now, major brands in the market are either pre-shrunk or have a fairly uniform shrinkage at 3% to 5%.

Creating custom t-shirts

Well, you’ve chosen the appropriate material and thought of a befitting slogan, now all that remains is to put a suitable graphic and you’re done. And in today’s high-tech world of desk top publishing, you’re already a graphic artist. Right? Wrong! Designing a customized t-shirt is where the creatives earn their living from. This not only requires visualization, which only a creative mind can offer, but also expertise in handling the professional and highly complex graphic software, like Photoshop Adobe. This in no way is home users’ cup of tea, even if you can afford it. So, if you want to express your individuality, hire a graphic designer. Only he or she’ll be able to create the piece of art, you’d love to call your own.

How To Create Your Own Custom T-Shirt

Creating Your Own Custom T-Shirt

It’s certainly difficult to imagine that a humble t-shirt, the most enduring symbol of youth and self-expression, is nearly a century old! This basic apparel of the 1919s started off as men’s innerwear and got its name from its shape that formed into a stout ‘T’ when laid spreadeagled. However, today, this has become the most convenient medium to express your individuality.

Characteristics of a t-shirt

A typical t-shirt has little sleeves and a round collar that distinguishes it from a standard undershirt. Although, it’s a summer wear, its popularity doesn’t diminish in cold weather, as a sweatshirt or a long sleeve shirt can always be worn on top of it.

This apparel is popular not only because it’s a convenient wear, but it can also be made unique. You can reflect your inner feelings right across your chest by appropriate text and images. In certain cases, it can also be made to state what should’ve remained unsaid! Although the message is important, there are other important factors to be considered too, for example, material, style, color and weight.

According to experts, an important criterion of a custom t-shirt is its weight. Any t-shirt made of 100% cotton, weighing between 5.3 oz and 5.8 oz, is considered a heavyweight t-shirt. Super heavyweight t-shirts are generally constructed of materials weighing between 6.1 oz and 7.0 oz. However, you’d do well to choose a standard heavyweight t-shirt in the range of 5.6 oz. This is not only because there’s a huge color choice in this weight category, but also because it lends itself beautifully to printing. Little wonder these standard heavyweight tees are the best selling of any classification of t-shirts.

However, those wanting a product with a little more beef would do well to choose super heavyweight t-shirts. They’re the recommended choice for custom embroidery. Although, they may cost slightly more than the standard weight, it’ll be worth the money for customers with a budget. Seven ounce t-shirts are seldom used for casual wear and are more suited for sporting purposes.

Coming to the material, t-shirts constructed of 50% cotton and 50% polyester are the lightest tees, weighing between 3.9 oz and 4.6 oz. However, from expert’s point of view these tees are a big no-no, since they cannot match the superior custom printing, embroidery surface, comfort and durability of 100% cotton t-shirts. However, the problem of shrinkage of pure cotton tees has been overcome. Now, major brands in the market are either pre-shrunk or have a fairly uniform shrinkage at 3% to 5%.

Creating your custom t-shirts

Well, you’ve chosen the appropriate material and thought of a befitting slogan, now all that remains is to put a suitable graphic and you’re done. And in today’s high-tech world of desktop publishing, you’re already a graphic artist. Right? Wrong! Designing custom t-shirts is where the creatives earn their living from. This not only requires visualization, but also expertise in handling the highly complex graphic software, like Photoshop Adobe and the like. Without professional training, there’s no way you can handle this software, even if you can afford it. So, if you want to express your individuality, hire a graphic designer or take the help of online services that’ll not only help you with images, but also select the right color and material for you.

Although hundreds upon thousands of custom t-shirts are available with all kinds of messages and graphics, it’s your own ideas that’ll make your tees unique. So, create your own custom t-shirt and if it manages to provoke a reaction, you’re sure to get your ‘fifteen minutes of fame’!

How Celebrities Inspire Custom T-Shirts

How Celebrities Inspire Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts, the walking billboards that have been delighting us, inciting us and encouraging us to say our own thing, have certainly come of age. No longer are they content in announcing your favorite sports team, branded articles, TV shows or political affiliations, they’ve become a medium of public dialogue, giving everyone a chance to express their opinions, take sides and shoot barbs at each other.

Celebrities cut in!

With such a powerful medium as tees, can celebrities be far behind! Today, custom t-shirts are being increasingly used for supporting celebrities or poking fun at them. Celebrities, too, have embraced the t-shirt as a form of self-promotion and self-exploitation to plaster any self-serving message and pass it off as either as new fashion or a press release. It’s even being increasingly used to get even with others!

What’d you say about Tori Spelling when she stepped out with the t-shirt message ‘My Dog Can beat up Paris Hilton’s Dog’!  Or the one worn by Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives that said ‘I’ll Have Your Baby, Brad’ shortly after Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced their separation! Of course, Eva later apologized to Aniston for it.

Celebrities not only poke fun through the medium of custom t-shirts, they own up their shortcomings too. Take the case of Jessica Simpson, who was candid enough to sport a tee that read, ‘Talentless but Connected’! In another case, supermodel Naomi Campbell showed she can take a joke by wearing ‘Naomi hit me…and I loved it’. Like other controversies, this too fitted her like a T! For the ignorant, a few months earlier Naomi was ordered by a judge to attend anger management classes, after her former assistant complained of physical and verbal abuse at her hands.

Sometimes, the actions of celebrities evoke such reactions from the public that it gets displayed on people’s chests and backs. Alarmed at the way Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan, was losing weight, the t-shirt slogan ‘Feed Lindsay’ became such a rage that it actually collected an online petition with forty-three thousand signatures that urged Lindsay Lohan to stop. Custom t-shirts also became an important part of ‘Free Katie’ campaign. This campaign was kicked off, because someone it was ridiculous to see Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s couch, breathlessly declaring his love for Katie Holmes. The slogans included ‘Run, Katie, Run’ and ‘Stop Sofa Abuse’!

Tees come in handy for getting even too! Sample Julia Roberts’ t-shirt message ‘A Low Vera’. She sported this tee in 2002, when she was eager to marry Danny Moder. Although, the ‘Pretty Woman’ never cared to explain, it’s believed that she was sending a message to Moder’s estranged wife, Vera, who was in the process of stalling divorce proceedings.

Can you use celebrities on your tees?

Celebrities are public figures and if you use their image for the purposes of advertising or trade without their permission, you’re violating their right of publicity. Unless the use is for a newsworthy article, it’ll simply be commercial use and grounds for a lawsuit. So, if you want your very own customized t-shirt depicting a celebrity, don’t do it without their permission. Seek permission either directly from the celebrity or from the celebrity’s agent. This holds true even for dead celebrities.

Of course, celebrities attract people in droves. So, they’re the most ‘cashable’ commodity doing the rounds. And customized t-shirt is the perfect medium. So, if you’re finding it difficult to resist not letting the world know about something connected with a celebrity, do so.  But, not before taking his or her permission.

What’s Hot In T-Shirt Designing

Creative T-Shirt Designing

People like to show of their creative side, and they like to make statements.  One of the best ways to show your personality at first glance is to wear interesting and unique clothing.  As young girls discovered during the fluorescent clothing fad of the 1980s, the only rules that apply to fashion are the rules that the people wearing the clothing make.  This holds true especially in the t-shirt customization field.  If you are interested in creating unique and cool-looking t-shirts, we have some excellent suggestions.

The hot thing right now is the color-changing, or morphing t-shirt.  These shirts are generally cotton t-shirts with an ironed-on design in a single contrasting color.  However, the surprise is that when you walk into sunlight the design becomes a menagerie of colors and changes the look entirely.  This is an interesting way to go from business casual to office picnic fun!  The shirts are particularly common with tourists in beach areas who want a nice shirt to take home, and one that draws some attention.  The technology for producing these shirts is relatively new, however photosensitive inks have been around for decades.

Airbrushing is another popular t-shirt personalization option that many people are using to show off their favorite things, their grandchildren and even their new car.  Airbrushing is an artistic method that takes a great deal of talent and practice to perfect. A good airbrush t-shirt designer can generally take any image or photograph and transform a t-shirt into an excellent replica of the original.  There are unlimited design opportunities and possibilities with airbrushing, thus it is really no surprise that kiosks are popping up at tourist areas and shopping malls across the world.

Glow in the dark t-shirts have been popular among children and adults for years.  The type of glow in the dark shirt is what has changed.  No longer do the designs you see glow on their own. Now, designers have placed glow in the dark words and designs on the shirt that are not visible during the light of day.  What a different look this provides, and what a surprise some people get when they realize what their shirt is really saying when the lights are low.  This type of shirt makes a great gag gift, or a neat gift for that young nephew who has every toy he can ever possibly play with.

During the 1990s, shirts decorated with rhinestones, glitter and sequins gained popularity. There are a number of ways in which these items can be attached to the shirt they are decorating. Rhinestones can be glued, or a better option is to actually use a grommet of sorts with prongs that hold the stone in place and prevent it from falling off in the laundry or while being worn.  Because these shirts can be fairly expensive t-shirt options, no one wants to see their shirt fall apart.  Sequins are generally sewn onto the shirt, either by hand or machine. And glitter is generally glued to the material with special fabric glue.

For those with young children who would like to help with the creation of their own custom t-shirts there is the option to print an iron transfer in black and white and to allow the child to use fabric markers and paints to customize their own t-shirt.  Another way to involve even the youngest family members in to the t-shirt creation process is to make shirts with the child’s handprints or footprints placed on the fabric.  There are a variety of ways to do this, however the most common is to simply stamp the child’s hand onto the shirt after dipping it in thick fabric paint.

There are so many different methods available for creating unique and creative decorated t-shirts that there really is not reason to ever wear a plain shirt again.

How To Customize Maternity T-shirts For Gifts

Creating Custom Maternity T-shirts for Gifts

The anticipation of a new child creates excitement and good will not just for the parents but also for anyone close to them. Baby showers team with well wishers bearing adorable little onesies, blue striped baseball caps, and tiny pink dresses all designed to don the new infant in style and comfort.

What about the mother-to-be? Certainly she benefits from this baby booty, and her eyes light up with each new receiving blanket, but what if you wanted to treat her to a special, one-of-a-kind gift for her use? This is the thinking behind latest gift-giving trend for expectant mothers. Creating custom maternity T-shirts as gifts is a fun and personal way to let the mom know you are thinking of her.

•    Factors to Consider When Creating
Custom Maternity T-shirts as Gifts

The primary consideration in choosing any apparel item is to make sure you know the proper size. This is especially important in creating custom maternity clothes, as a t-shirt labeled “Baby Cosby-Under Construction” is not likely to be returnable. Other than size, you will want to have some idea of the mom’s taste and personality. You wouldn’t want to give a bright pink maternity T-shirt with rhinestone lettered “Baby Princess” on it to your Harley-loving biker friend.

The other important consideration is to know any strong stands your friend has taken on important issues. You wouldn’t give a t-shirt that says “Got Mother’s Milk?” unless you know your friend intends to nurse, and doesn’t mind announcing it to the world. Of course, if you know your girlfriend hates when strangers rub her baby belly a “Don’t Touch!” T-shirt might be quite appropriate.

If you want to stay away from anything too intimate or politically charged, there are plenty of announcement type logos that would work. “Coming Soon to a Basinet Near You: Baby Murphy” written in a Marquee font is benign but appropriate. “Pea in the Pod” or “Biscuit in the Oven” are also cute, without being too personal.

On the other hand, you may be choosing a custom maternity t-shirt as a gift because of the humor it can bring. “We’re Hungry”, “Who’s Your Daddy?” or “I Just Wanted a Backrub” are all possibilities. You can even get Dad his own “My Boys Can Swim” t-shirt.

•    Your Custom Maternity T-shirt Gift: A Time to Remember

While a quote can certainly elicit a smile or a laugh, pictures still say a thousand words. Realistic, cartoon-ish, famous images are all available to choose from. You could even do a before and after shot with a real picture of “before” mom during pre-pregnancy, and an arrow pointing to her belly as the “after.”

Your friend, daughter, or loved one will really appreciate the time and effort you took to seek out a special design and saying just for them. To personalize it even further you can make it time specific, like “Coming this Summer”. Or you can bring other family members into it by saying “Jack and Sara’s Future Tagalong”. The possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination. Not only will this gift be a fun and practical way to show you care, it will be a lasting keepsake for the mother-to-be of this special time in her life.

Automatic T-Shirt Printers

Automatic T-Shirt Printers

For those t-shirt designers or wholesale printers who wish to get into the business of mass-producing printed t-shirts, there are several automatic shirt printers available which make the process fast and simpler than single shirt production methods.  One such machine is known as the Xpress.  The Xpress will print both shirts and paper, and it promises an output of 60-100 shirts per hour.

This printer interfaces with a Windows-based computer system, which feeds the design to the printer and designates the inks to be used and the quantity to be printed.  Up to seven different ink colors can be used to print the shirts, and these can be blended together to create additional colors as needed. Since most colors can be easily created by combining four colors, this is probably not a limitation.  The Xpress also boasts and efficient self-cleaning system ink tank cleaner which allows the operator to quickly move between shirts and paper print projects.  The price will range between several thousand and tens of thousands of dollars for this type of printer, depending on the options and quantity desired.

A lower cost alternative for those wanting to mass-produce custom designed t-shirts is the four-color automatic t-shirt printing press.  This gives the designer the option to use any four inks, or cyan, magenta, black and yellow in any combination to create the color scheme of their choice.

Mentioned above are spray-on printers for t-shirt design. There are also conveyer systems with multiple heat press arms which can be used by t-shirt producers to mass produce heat-transfer designed t-shirts. These machines are often large and heavy. However, the convenience of being able to load shirts which will be heat-pressed with the desired design will reduce the necessary handling and lower the chance of errors in the printing process for large numbers of duplicate t-shirts.  The typical multi-shirt heat press costs somewhere between five and ten thousand dollars. A conveyor belt system for moving the shirts appropriately will be much more expensive.


Show your love of Portugal on a t-shirt


Portugal is a country that encompasses just about everything that a traveler could want. There are cities for the urban tourist. There are plenty of beautiful natural spaces for the nature lovers. There are castles throughout the country for lovers of history. And for fans of the beach- they have those two. Any of these places is a good representation of Portugal, and all are excellent images for a Portugal t-shirt that can be worn with pride.

The many historic villages that dot the countryside are one of the many things that keep visitors coming back to Portugal. Many of these villages are virtually unchanged by the centuries of time that have passed. They are picturesque and would be an interesting addition to a Portugal t-shirt. For anyone from one of these villages, seeing it on a t-shirt would be a great way to promote tourism for the town. A t-shirt like this would also be a great gift for anyone from the rural areas of Portugal.

Castles and the ruins of castles are one of the many interesting parts of the countryside of Portugal. Any of the castles would make an interesting addition to a Portugal t-shirt. The t-shirt can have a realistic picture of a castle on the front along with the word Portugal. It may also have the name of the city or village where the castle is located. Making a simple drawing of any of the castles of Portugal would be another fun way to design the t-shirt. The drawing can be your own perception of the castle and use your creative expression within the design.

Lisbon is a very cosmopolitan European city. Its nightlife and business-like daytime bring people to the city from all over Europe and abroad. The city of Lisbon has an impressive skyline that would be perfect for the front of a t-shirt. The city looks all the more impressive because it is so close to the sea. A picture that includes the beautiful blue waters that are visible form Lisbon would be an attractive and engaging t-shirt image.

Anytime the waters around Portugal are in a picture, that photo is deserving of a t-shirt of its own. The beaches of Portugal are legendary with the jet set. They’re also popular for the people of Portugal. A picture of the sunset over the water is a classic photo that is a symbol for all the natural beauty of Portugal.

One of the moist exciting pastimes in Portugal is surfing. The northern beaches of the country are perfect for riding the waves on a surfboard. To capture just a little of that excitement, a picture of someone surfing off the coast of the country would make a great Portugal t-shirt design. Even a simple drawing of someone surfing and the word Portugal is enough to interest people in the surfing possibilities of the country. It’s also a way to show that you’re a surfer and are a person who loves adventure and excitement.

Show your love with a Portugal T-Shirt