Kate Hudson

How to Dress Like Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is an actress who is no stranger to the fashion and glamour that come with a Hollywood lifestyle as she was raised by her mother Goldie Hawn and who she considers to be her father Kurt Russell. At times Hudson’s look is almost hippy like and at other times she resembles the good old California girl that she is. No matter how she is dressed she always looks sophisticated, sexy, and comfortable which is a hard task for many to pull off.

Because she dresses so down to earth her style is often replicated by women everywhere. Much as her mother was, Hudson has a persona that many women can relate to. Here are some ways to help you pull off this ultra comfortable look:

•    Ultra Casual: When Hudson is out and about she is often seen in a fun hippy style sundress. Colors should always be bright and happy, like yellow or pink, and darker depressing colors should be avoided. Go for the full length ones that have a vintage look to them and finish them off with a nice pair of sandals.

•    Every day look: When Hudson is not turning heads on the red carpet she is often dressed in nothing more than a pair of jeans and an eyelet or crotchet white top. The jeans should be a lighter color of blue and be form fitting but never super tight. Hudson has a fantastic shape, but never seems to flaunt it too much.

•    Formal look: When on the red carpet Hudson looks elegant in any of the dresses that she wears. Most of her formal dresses feature an elegant cut and are almost always form-fitting, but once again she never seems to come off like she is showing off her goods. Wearing a nice pair of sophisticated heels goes great to complete the look and modest jewelry as well.

•    Accessories: Hudson makes much of her own jewelry at home with the exception of her formal jewelry. You too can get beads and other goodies and have a blast designing your own jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. She has also been known to wear big sun hats at times and a big pair of sunglasses never hurts either.

•    Boots: Kate Hudson is a boot freak. She can be seen in pictures wearing boots with almost anything style of clothing she owns. Her boots are typically a darker color so stick with browns and black when selecting yours.

•    Hair and make-up: Perhaps she learned this trick from her mother, but Hudson always goes simple with her hair and make-up yet still comes off looking like a million bucks. She typically wears her hair down so if your hair is long enough just a simple hair style will do the trick. As for make-up she definitely uses some, but once again, she never goes overboard and always comes off looking very natural.

Now just practice your smile and learn to melt hearts with yours the way Hudson does with hers and your Kate Hudson look will be complete.

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