Katy Perry

How to Dress Like Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a former Gospel singer who rebelled big time and later gained fame with her song, ‘I Kissed a Girl.’ Her style of dressing matches her rebel attitude and she holds little back when it comes to fashion. Because she is so relatable to the rebellious teens of today, there are a growing number of younger women who are aspiring to dress like Perry.

Perry seems to have two distinct looks. One look is more of a vintage throw back look and the other is a darker attention grabbing look. Here is how you too can pull off these two unique looks that Perry sports:

•    Vintage look: Of her two looks, this one seems to be more fun filled. Here you can visit a vintage store and go crazy with all sorts of outfits. Perry really likes dresses and is often seen wearing dresses that resemble a time in the past. When you choose your dresses go with ones that have fun patterns and are very bright and cheery when it comes to colors. Perry likes all kinds of patterns and has been spotted in polka dots, stripes, and even paisleys. Footwear for this look should consist of big and bright high heels. You can accessorize the look with lots of colorful bracelets and some colored rings if you like. Perry also uses a flower looking hair piece often that will match the dress she is wearing. Go vintage on the sunglasses as well and you will have the vintage look down to a science.

•    Dark look:
Even with the dark look Perry still gravitates towards dresses. To mimic this, you need to go with only one color; black. When going with the dark look you have to be ready to call plenty of attention to yourself and the way Perry does it is by showing plenty of cleavage. Many times she can be spotted in a dark dress that leaves very little to the imagination. Accessorize this look with everything dark. Dark sunglasses, dark bracelets, and you can even go with a dark colored neck choker to complete the look. As for footwear with this look – you guessed it – go black and go high heels.

•    Hair and make-up:
With the hair you have a little bit of a choice. You can put it up or leave it down as Perry does both. Go on the conservative side and don’t spend too much time styling it but rather let it do its thing like Perry does. Your make-up application will vary depending on which style you are going for. The vintage look should have you applying a good amount of make-up and using bright and fun colors of red on your lips. When going for the dark look use darker colors for your make-up application. Be sure to use a dark, but not black, lip stick and go very dark on your eyeliner.

Now you will be all set to tell the world that you too are a rebel and refuse to live by anyone’s rules but your own.

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