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Review of eco-friendly and organic t-shirts. Find and create custom designs on organic t-shirts.


How To Shop Ethically For T-Shirts And Clothing


For years we have been hearing about how much of the clothing that we wear in the Western World is produced in sweat shops around the world in poor countries, where primarily women and children work for next to nothing in horrible conditions. For many people this issue has become a preoccupation in their lives. They have set about striving to shut down sweatshops and create fair working conditions for these workers, and to rally for children’s rights in order to make sure children are not used for such purposes.

The individual who is concerned with the how their T-shirts and other clothing are made can find out more information by doing some research. It is easy enough to decide how to shop ethically if you know that basically all clothing that comes from certain countries is made in sweatshops. By boycotting clothing made under unethical conditions you are refusing to support the owners of such factories in their continued abuse of the available labor in their area.

There are also a variety of companies that specialize in sweatshop free apparel and can be found be doing a simple Internet search. There are also specific brands that have been created which focus on fair trade or things that have been made with a living wage. Many organic lines are made under fair trade conditions.

Another way to ensure that the T-shirts and clothing you buy are made in an environment that treats their employees ethically is by buying only American and Canadian products. The clothing industry in these two countries are free of sweatshop conditions and prove to be good ethical choices for the things you wear. Therefore you can rest assured that you are shopping ethically when you see Made in the USA or Made in Canada.

If you are looking to build a brand new wardrobe of T-shirts that are all made in places that pay their employees a living wage and do not use child labor, a great place to start is with custom-made T-shirts. It is particularly easy to find organic cotton tees to have printed that are made under ethical conditions. When you have selected the tee you want in the style and color you desire you can have it customized to your taste. The choices of things to put on a T-shirt are endless.

You can educate others about shopping ethically by putting a one-liner on your T-shirt like one of the ones below.
•    Where was your shirt made?
•    Fair trade only
•    Kids need fair trade
•    A living wage is a family value
•    Did a child make your shirt?

You can also put a symbol, a photo or a drawing on a T-shirt that speaks about fair trade. You can even put a paragraph of information if you want. It is the perfect way to spread awareness of the need for more people to buy with a social conscious.

Eco youth

How To Dress Like An Eco Youth

Eco youth

You may be asking yourself what exactly is an Eco Youth and how can you dress like one? Well, I can sum this up in a couple of words: hippy and bohemian. An Eco youth is someone who cares greatly about ecology and the planet. The things they wear and do are all with a saving the planet mentality.

The first thing you need to do is look online for stores that sell eco friendly clothing. This is clothing that is made with recycled materials or who use coloring and dyes that are earth friendly with a production process that does little to pollute the earth. A big part of eco fashion is not fashion really, but how these things are made.

With that said, you will need something to pull this look off so people know that you are eco friendly. You see it’s not enough that you know; everyone has to know as well. It’s a very look at me I’m better than you because I am eco friendly and you aren’t kind of lifestyle. Belligerence about it is sometimes needed as well.

Ok, to the tips!

1)    Always carry around one of those recyclable  ‘green’ grocery bags with you that have the word Green on it. This way everyone knows you are all about green stuff.
2)    Look online for clothing stores that feature green or eco clothing and articles. A great place to look as well is vintage stores and thrift stores. Recycled clothing at it’s finest.
3)    Buy your jewelry from vintage stores and don’t go buying real pearls, ever.
4)    On that note, you cannot wear anything made from animals; no leather or suede and snakeskin boots are definitely out!
5)    If you use any kind of beauty product, from shampoo to makeup you have to be sure none of it was tested on animals, has no animal proteins or whale blubber or anything like that in them. There are specific places that sell eco friendly products of this nature, search them out.
6)    Your clothing should be made of cotton, silk, bamboo or any other type of sustainable thread. Clothing and shoes made from hemp is a great way to go for this look.

The Eco Youth look is not any one particular fashion or look, it’s all about what clothing you are wearing, what it is made of and how it was made. If you are wearing something that was made by a company who is serious about being green then wear whatever you want from them.

This style is not a fashion style; it is a way of life. It is about how you try to reduce your carbon footprint in the world. How you handle electricity use, fossil fuel use and all about recycling everything you can include in your choice in clothing. Wearing vintage clothing is preferred as it is already there and your buying it will not make someone go out and say “Hey we need to make even more stuff!” Eco Fashion is all about saving the planet and looking good while you do it.

Are People Allergic To Cotton And Cotton T-Shirts?

Allergies are becoming more and more prevalent in our world today. People suffer not just from seasonal allergies and allergies to things like dust, mold and pet dander, but from a variety of other allergies too. More and more people are being diagnosed with allergies to seafood, nuts, chemicals, textiles, plants, fruit, food additives, dyes and much, much more. There have even been cases where people are found to be allergic to cotton, including the much-loved and popular cotton T-shirt.

Surprisingly, you can definitely be allergic to all-natural things, like cotton, as many typical allergies prove. There is nothing more natural than shellfish, peanuts, soybeans, wheat, corn, oak trees, grass and many other things that people are allergic to. However, in terms of textiles, it is more commonly the synthetic ones that tend to create allergies in people. More often than not, using cotton as a replacement for these textiles is the recommended treatment, such as using 100% cotton pillowcases, towels, sheets, socks and T-shirts. In situations where there may be air born particles that may be allergenic, it is often recommended to cover your mouth with a cloth made of 100% cotton. So what happens to those people who are actually allergic to cotton?

If you think you are allergic to cotton, you may want to consider if it is actually cotton or something the cotton has been in contact with at some point. Take a cotton T-shirt for example. It is washed and dried using detergent and some form of fabric softener usually. You may be allergic to one of those or an ingredient in them. Wash and dry your T-shirt using nothing and try wearing it again to see what happens. You could also be allergic to the dye in the shirt or some other chemical it was exposed to during processing or even something applied to the cotton during growing. To find out if this is the case, invest in an organic cotton T-shirt and see how you react to it. In many cases, you will find that by going organic you will have eliminated the irritant that is causing your allergies. If you happen to be of the unlucky few who are actually allergic to pure, organic cotton, you will have a very limited selection of clothing to choose from.

For people with allergies to additives found on everyday cotton, finding T-shirts and other clothes is difficult. However, by choosing to invest in custom-made organic T-shirts from an online retailer, you will make your T-shirt buying a snap. You can get a wide variety of organic cotton T-shirts customized exactly how you want them. You can replace favorite T-shirts that you can no longer wear with organic ones that look just like them. You can have T-shirts made to boast of someone or something you are proud of. T-shirts can be made with information you want to share or just fun designs on them. You can also tell of your favorite causes, places you’ve visited, accomplishments, passions and much more.

Get your custom-made organic T-shirt today and leave all your allergies behind.

Saving the Earth One T-Shirt at a Time

Every year, it seems like there’s more and more concern about keeping the earth clean. You can take actions such as recycling and driving your car less to make an impact on the environment. However, you may not have thought about how the clothing you wear can also affect the environment. Because t-shirts make up such a big part of your everyday wardrobe, finding ways to be more green with them can make a positive impact on the environment.

Cotton is a very popular fabric for t-shirts. It’s soft, breathable, and durable. Even though cotton is a natural fiber, conventionally grown cotton may not be the most earth-friendly fabric. Growing cotton usually involves large amounts of pesticides that are bad for the earth. The methods used to process cotton and make it into fabric also use a lot of chemicals. On the other hand, organically grown cotton is a great option for those looking for an earth-friendly fabric. Organic cotton is grown and processed with the use of harmful pesticides or other chemicals.

Another option that’s becoming more and more popular as a fabric for t-shirts is bamboo. Because the bamboo plant regrows so quickly after being harvested, it’s an extremely green option for making many materials including clothing. Bamboo is made into a fabric that’s extremely soft. Sometimes bamboo is blended with other fabrics such as cotton. Bamboo also has natural antimicrobial properties, so it might be especially good for athletic wear.

Hemp is another fabric that’s eco-friendly. It’s made from a plant that’s very easy to grow, and is quickly renewable, like bamboo. Hemp is made into a strong, durable fabric that’s similar to linen. It can be blended with other natural fabrics for a softer knit that makes a very comfortable t-shirt.

You might not think that synthetic materials such as polyester would make a very eco-friendly t-shirt. However, polyester has certain advantages over natural fabrics. For one, products made with synthetics tend to resist wrinkles, which means that you don’t have to bother with the extra fuss of ironing. Also, synthetics can be more green because they dry more quickly, which saves on electricity. Synthetics are more durable than some natural fabrics. Also there are some synthetics fabrics made from recycled material. Imagine wearing a t-shirt made out of pop bottles!

How you choose to wash and dry your t-shirt can also have an impact on the environment. After washing your t-shirt, why not hang it on a clothesline instead of using an electricity-sucking dryer? Plus when you hang your t-shirt to dry on a clothesline outdoors, you get the benefit of that fresh, clean scent that is like pure sunshine. Also, you may not need to wash your t-shirt after each wearing. If it’s stain- and odor-free, why not hang it in your closet and wear it another time before washing?

As you can see, there so are many ways to be earth-friendly and enjoy wearing your favorite t-shirts.

Fair Trade T-Shirts to Promote a Better World

Fair trade is one of the big causes of the decade, with everyone concerned about how trade is causing poverty in some nations. The prices that are paid in some countries for goods are far lower than they should be, thanks to workers in developing countries being paid too little. This creates an unfair environment where workers are not paid enough to live on, and wealthier people pay little for the things they need.

Fair trade also has to do with the environmental damage that can be caused in these cases. The production of some items is not only promoting a low standard of living for some workers, but it creates a bad physical environment in those countries. Promoting fair trade often takes both of these factors into account. Proponents of the practice want workers all over the world to have access to good wages, a clean environment and a decent standard of living. There is a fear that fair trade would make food prices rise and cause problems in the developed world. The practice may cause the prices of some items to rise, but what those higher prices buy is a better world for everyone.

Many of the biggest names in rock n’ roll promote fair trade on their clothing, including Chris Martin and Bono. Their t-shirt style has led to many others who feel this way representing that sentiment on their own t-shirts. Now you can personalize your own feelings about the fair trade issue. Fair trade t-shirts can simply say “Fair Trade” on the front, or they can have a slogan about the issue. Some t-shirts have a few sentences about how fair trade will benefit the world. Others have graphics that show how trade is hurting some countries. Flags of the affected countries are also a great way to show exactly who is benefiting and who is hurting from the current trade arrangements.

Fair trade shirts don’t have to be that serious, though. Some people choose to use humor to drive home their political message. Some fair trade shirts have funny pictures that they tie into the issue. Some use rhymes or other means of conveying the message softly.

Along with the words used, there are a number of ways to make people remember the message. Some people use a large, colorful picture of Africa or of Asia, both of which have been hit hard by unfair trade practices. These memorable shirts speak to people about the people who are deeply affected by the situation. To make the issue even more personal, it is possible to use a picture of a sweatshop, a specific environmental disaster area or another picture that shows the personal impact of the lack of fair trade. These put a real face on the issue and make it hard to ignore.

Another way to promote the issue is to promote products that have been fair trade certified. This certification is a way to help people find items that are not having a negative impact on the people who make them. That certification is perfect for a t-shirt, and it may educate a lot of people about socially responsible buying.


An Example of Eco-Fashion and Idea For Recycling T-Shirts


The Green T Reuse Design Contest was put on by Sew Green who is a non-profit organization in Ithaca who encourages sustainability in fabric, fiber and fashion. There were more than 100 entries in 15 categories by 60 designers from ages under 12 to over 70 and from beginners to professionals. One of the reasons SewGreen believes in this project of reuse and recycling of cotton t-shirts is because of how damaging and intensive it is to grow conventional cotton. Cotton actually uses 25% of the world’s pesticides and herbicides but only takes up 2.4% of the usable farmland. Consumers also tend to frequently dispose of clothes, in fact over 70 pounds of clothing are given awan and 80 percent of those end up in landfills. As of now only about 3 percent of cotton is grown with organic farming methods.

The winners were an eco-fashion team called “the Realitee for Humanitee: Sustainabilitee” from Cornell’s office of Publications and Marketing. They created a series of outfits from over 100 different t-shirts. The items created included a reversible cape, a hat that becomes a drawstring purse, a belt, a dog coat and designer leash. The winning designs will be featured in a gallery in the Communtiy School of Music and Arts from April 4-14 and in a Fashion show on April 27th.

For more information check out this article at or SewGreen.

Why Choose Organic T-Shirts?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you know about “going green”. There is a huge movement across this country to change and improve the way we are treating and using our environment. Folks are waking up to the fact that our natural resources are not inexhaustible. Take a walk down the aisles of your local grocery store; you’ll find that there are more and more products available that are “organic”. From potato chips to cereal, consumers can purchase products that are organic–basically meaning that the food crops from which they are derived have not been treated with any chemicals, and have most likely been harvested locally.

Amazingly, the clothing industry is also getting into the mix. Consumers are not only demanding organically-grown foods, they want their clothes and other household goods like towels and sheets to be “organic” as well. There are several companies who sell organic t-shirts. But why should you buy these shirts, as opposed to the traditional t-shirts we are all accustomed to purchasing?

There are several reasons why choosing organic t-shirts is a good idea. First of all, it’s good for the planet. Literally, the earth – the ground you walk on – is improved and protected through the cultivation of organically grown cotton. Traditional cotton farming is the one of the most destructive farming practices there is. Cotton farming uses some of the largest amounts of pesticides of any crop–it’s in second place, in fact–and also uses large amounts of both herbicides and insecticides, many of which are known to be cancer-causing. Cotton crops that are grown organically, however, are farmed using sustainable farming practices and help save the earth. For every 100% cotton organic
t-shirt that is produced, 1/3 lb of pesticides and chemicals stay out of the environment. Taking care of the environment by buying and wearing organic t-shirts is an excellent reason to make the switch to organic clothing.

Another reason to buy and wear organic t-shirts is that, in most cases, the manufacture of these clothing items support fair trade. Most of the clothes we wear today are made in sweat shop conditions in poor, third-world countries. These workers are not paid decent wages, and must work long hours in factories that have no labor, environmental, of safety laws. Buying an organic t-shirt, or 3 or 10, helps provide these workers with a decent income, as well as employment and basic services, like healthcare and education.

Comfort is definitely something we look for when choosing clothes to wear. Organic
t-shirts, which are made of 100% organic, natural cotton, are extremely soft and pleasing to the touch. These shirts are typically non-dyed, and come in the natural color of the cotton itself. While you may not want to wear the same color t-shirt every day of the week, adding even one or two of these t-shirts to your wardrobe is one way you can “go green”. If you’re looking for some color in your organic t-shirts, you may decide to choose one that is made from other organically grown crops that may have natural colors besides the pale cream color of a natural cotton shirt. Some companies not only make t-shirts from organically grown cotton; they use other types of materials as well. For example, hemp, tencel, flax, recycled cotton and soda bottles, spandex blends and organic wool (meaning that the sheep and goats are eating grass that has not been treated by any chemicals) are all different materials that are being used to make organic tees.

As you can see, there are many reasons to pick up an organic t-shirt or two over the traditional variety when it’s time to update your wardrobe. Choose an organic t-shirt, and you will not only be helping your fellow man, but the earth itself.