Fair Trade T-Shirts to Promote a Better World

Fair trade is one of the big causes of the decade, with everyone concerned about how trade is causing poverty in some nations. The prices that are paid in some countries for goods are far lower than they should be, thanks to workers in developing countries being paid too little. This creates an unfair environment where workers are not paid enough to live on, and wealthier people pay little for the things they need.

Fair trade also has to do with the environmental damage that can be caused in these cases. The production of some items is not only promoting a low standard of living for some workers, but it creates a bad physical environment in those countries. Promoting fair trade often takes both of these factors into account. Proponents of the practice want workers all over the world to have access to good wages, a clean environment and a decent standard of living. There is a fear that fair trade would make food prices rise and cause problems in the developed world. The practice may cause the prices of some items to rise, but what those higher prices buy is a better world for everyone.

Many of the biggest names in rock n’ roll promote fair trade on their clothing, including Chris Martin and Bono. Their t-shirt style has led to many others who feel this way representing that sentiment on their own t-shirts. Now you can personalize your own feelings about the fair trade issue. Fair trade t-shirts can simply say “Fair Trade” on the front, or they can have a slogan about the issue. Some t-shirts have a few sentences about how fair trade will benefit the world. Others have graphics that show how trade is hurting some countries. Flags of the affected countries are also a great way to show exactly who is benefiting and who is hurting from the current trade arrangements.

Fair trade shirts don’t have to be that serious, though. Some people choose to use humor to drive home their political message. Some fair trade shirts have funny pictures that they tie into the issue. Some use rhymes or other means of conveying the message softly.

Along with the words used, there are a number of ways to make people remember the message. Some people use a large, colorful picture of Africa or of Asia, both of which have been hit hard by unfair trade practices. These memorable shirts speak to people about the people who are deeply affected by the situation. To make the issue even more personal, it is possible to use a picture of a sweatshop, a specific environmental disaster area or another picture that shows the personal impact of the lack of fair trade. These put a real face on the issue and make it hard to ignore.

Another way to promote the issue is to promote products that have been fair trade certified. This certification is a way to help people find items that are not having a negative impact on the people who make them. That certification is perfect for a t-shirt, and it may educate a lot of people about socially responsible buying.

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