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How to Dress like You’re from the 1970s


Bring Back the 1970s with Custom Printed T-shirts

Dressing like you’re from the 70s is just fun. Everyone likes dressing in 1970s fashion. No matter how many years pass, the trends of the 70s never seem to get old. After all, people living in the 70s just wanted to have a great time. They had a great time from head to toe.

The 1970s spawned some of the most famous fashion trends to date. Images of celebrities in traditional 1970s attire are the ultimate inspiration for nostalgia and days gone by. After all, the Vietnam War was finally behind us and people were ready to have a good time in the 1970s. The economy was on the rise and it was time to party.

And party is exactly what they did. The 1970s were a time for disco dancing and all-night partying. When that kind of fun is going on, you need to be appropriately dressed for the festivities. The 1970s had no choice but to create some unique fashion trends to match the eccentricity of the age.

Who could forget the shimmery eye shadows, frosted hair and golden tans of 70s beach babes? The winged layers of Farrah Fawcett’s famous locks will never be forgotten. John Travolta’s white polyester suit will go down in infamy, as will his legendary dance moves from Saturday Night Fever.

Girls wore bellbottoms, platform shoes, short shorts, and crop tops. The 70s were a time to bare all. Even the guys tried to keep up with the girls by wearing the famous platform shoes. Peasant shirts became a wildly popular trend and afro haircuts created constant competition. To say that the fashions of the 1970s were colorful and unique would be the understatement of the century.

However, the most common fashion trend of the 1970s was the t-shirt. The standard men’s outfit consisted of a pair of jeans and a custom t-shirt. People took pride in creating their own t-shirts and used their personal style and creativity to make plain old t-shirts into something special. Even today, you can buy reproduction 70s style t-shirts in department stores and trendy boutiques. The t-shirts of the 70s are as iconic as Jacqui Kennedy’s Halston sunglasses.

If you want to dress like you’re from the 70s, you can easily get the look and the experience of this legendary fashion decade. Bring back the power and creativity of the plain t-shirt by designing your own custom printed t-shirts.

If you buy a reproduced 70s style t-shirt at the store, there’s a good chance that your friend is going to show up wearing the very same shirt. Almost nothing is truly unique these days. But when you custom print your own t-shirts, you can feel confident that you have a wardrobe that’s completely unique. No one will have a 70s style shirt quite like your unless you show give them one.

However, because giving always creates a warm, fuzzy feeling, get enough 70s style custom t-shirts to share with your friends. You don’t want to be the only one dressed like you’re from the 70s. After all, the 70s were all about the love.

How to Dress like You’re from the 1940s


Dressing Like You’re from the 1940s Keeps a Smile on Your Face

In the 1910s, things were a bit crazy. The Great War almost ruined everything. We got a little bit of a break in the 1920s, but not for long, because the stock market crash in 1929 and kooky Dust Bowl brought a little bit of craziness back into the mix. Just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get much worse, the 1940s came along.

Without a doubt, the 1940s were dark times. The United States had it pretty bad, but lots of other places had it even worse. Left and right, people’s sons, husbands, and fathers were being shipped off to fight in the Second World War and many of them never came home. Adolph Hitler was marching all over Europe while the Jewish community did everything they could to stay alive. Unfortunately, more than six million of them were killed.

Needless to say, there are lots of things about the 1940s that make it a unique decade. Americans were pretty tired from all the chaos, depression, and conflict that were going on around the world. But somehow they managed to stay afloat so that they could see the light at the other end of the tunnel. Eventually, things did actually start to get a little bit better. The war ended in 1945, and we got to enjoy at least a few good years in the 1940s.

One thing that kept heads above water was the great fashions of the 1940s. There is no doubt that the 1940s were one of the greatest decades for fashion. All you need to do is look around and see that the styles from the era are still influential and popular today. It’s one of the greatest times in American fashion and people still love to dress in a way that pays homage to this bygone time.

In fact, all you need to do to dress like you’re from the 1940s is look at what you already have. Most of the clothes you have in your closet will have some trace of a 1940s influence. Modifying your clothing to make it look more like the traditional 1940s style is the best way to go.

However, if you’re looking for a more modern look, you can always add 1940s touches to ultra modern pieces. Mixing and matching is another great way to achieve the look. In fact, a plain t-shirt with a 1940s style design on it is a unique and easy way to start transforming your wardrobe.

But how do you find such a t-shirt? After all, they’re not exactly selling 1940s style t-shirts on the street corners. You can make them yourself. All you need to do is a great custom printing t-shirt company that can print any design that you like on a t-shirt. Create your own design and in no time, you can be up to your ears in 1940s style t-shirts. It really is that easy and all of your friends and fellow fashion junkies will want to know where you find such great t-shirts.

How to Dress like You’re from the 1960s


Express Yourself on a T-shirt to Dress like You’re from the 1960s

Even today, we can’t get enough of 1960s fashion. The folks from the 1960s were so totally fabulous that they knew that the trends of the age would carry on for years to come. And they certainly have. Fashions trends from the 1960s just won’t die and that’s okay with us.

Unlike many of the previous decades, the 1960s didn’t see a single, overall style for the majority of the decade. The 60s were a tumultuous time in fashion as they were a tumultuous time in history. People changed what they were wearing significantly from one year to the next. Fashion was also determined by your social or political affiliations. The 1960s seemed to set the standard for how fashion trends would change significantly from year to year.

However, a few mainstays in the fashion world took center stage throughout the decade. The 1960s introduced the miniskirt which has since taken the fashion world by storm. To this day, the miniskirt is yet to die out. It merely fades away for a few years, but them comes back with a vengeance.

The mini skirt combined with patent leather white go-go boots was the ultimate threat. Historically, women’s fashion was about modesty and propriety. All of those things said their final goodbyes in the 60s. Shorter was better in the 60s.

The 60s also welcomed the first of the hippie look with bellbottom jeans and flower girl tops. Hippies wore their hair long with flared jeans in paisley print. Psychedelic prints were all the rage when it came to 60s fashions. These folks couldn’t get enough of their wild textiles and bellbottom pants. Nehru jackets and mod styles also made a cameo during 1960s fashion.

However, some classic looks still remained. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was a fashion icon during her short lived hay day in the White House. American women looked to her for inspirational timeless looks. The ever popular pillbox hat still remains one of her trademark looks.

Most of all, people cared about their causes in the 60s. It was a time when people became open about personal and political issues. Since then, the t-shirt became a means of advertising opinions and causes. To this day, the t-shirt is a great way to advertise events and different ways of thinking.

With that, dressing like you’re from the 1960s means adding a little bit of hippie flair to your normal t-shirt look. Pair a t-shirt printed with your own personal thoughts with some bellbottom jeans and you’ll look like you stepped right out of a time machine. But how do you get a shirt that’s printed with your own ideas?

Custom t-shirt printing is a perfect way to create your own 1960s style shirts. Custom t-shirt printing services can print anything you can think of on a t-shirt. You‘ll love your personally designed t-shirts so much that you’ll want to share them with all of your friends. After all, it’s time for 60s fashions to make a strong come back.

How to Dress like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the socialite celebrities that this country has become fascinated with, much in the same vein as Paris Hilton. The daughter of lawyer Robert Kardashian, she has become a well-known personality. She become a reality TV star as a member of the cast/family in Keeping Up With the Kardashians and was even a past contestant on Dancing With the Stars. She has become a well-known name and face in households across America from TV, her association with other big name celebrities and a sex tape scandal that she was featured in with another big name.

Kim Kardashian’s fashion style is sexy, shows lots of skin and features practically nothing but designer labels. This stunning brunette beauty has professional sylists working with her on a regular basis to help her create the sense of style she portrays. Her ensembles for major events are even planned in advance and photos are taken of her in a variety of dresses, so she and her team can objectively see which ones flatter her best.

If you want to dress like Kim Kardashian, it will require some research on your part. I recommend bookmarking Kim’s website, which has tons of photos of her in a wide variety of outfits for any and every occasion. Check it regularly to see what she is wearing now. This will help you to get a good idea of what exactly Kim’s style is.

Dressing like Kim Kardashian could cost a lot of money if you plan to use the same designers Kim uses. However, there are tons of great places that sell designer knock-offs so you can buy a fancy outfit that looks almost identical to one of Kim’s outfit for a mere fraction of the price.

Kim Kardashian’s fashion style features a lot of black. She often pulls her straight, dark hair into a pony tail or some other simple style that shows off her face. She also favors accessories like big hoop earrings and flowing scarves. Almost all Kim’s shirts are low cut showing off décolletage, off the shoulder or strapless. She also wears a lot of fitted jackets with silver or other light colored, low cut tops under them.

If you are looking to dress like Kim Kardashian, a great place to start is by getting a selection of custom-made T-shirts. Choose a lot of black tees in V-necks, scoop necks, princess necklines and square necks for a fun, casual everyday look. If it shows off some décolletage, it is definitely a Kim style. You may also want to invest in some lighter colored shiny T-shirts in low cut styles to put under a jacket in order to create a dressier going out look. You should also be sure to opt for T-shirts that are form fitting, as Kim would never wear anything that doesn’t show off her assets. Just remember to work on staying in shape so you look good in that look too.

Get your selection of sexy custom-made T-shirts today and pull together your very own Kim Kardashian look.

How to Dress like Barbie


Life-Size T-shirt Barbie

Barbie has been a fashion icon longer than almost any living model or fashionista. Yet, she never gets old. If only we could all be so lucky. With her endless style, devoted Ken, perfect proportions, and ageless beauty, it’s no wonder that young girls have wanted to dress like Barbie for more than fifty years.

Barbie brings something entirely new to the concept of unrealistic beauty. We all know that celebrities and actresses on the red carpet have a whole team of experts working on them to make them beautiful. They spend hours in the spa and weeks pouring over outfit possibilities with stylists and consultants. Needless to say, an appearance on the red carpet is the beautiful result of countless hours, dollars, and hardworking people.

Barbie on the other hand is a whole new brand of unrealistic beauty in that, well, she’s plastic. But that hasn’t stopped young girls from striving to look and dress just like her. The great thing about Barbie is that we get to see her even when she’s not wearing a ball gown. We get to see Barbie when she’s bumming on the beach, treating animals, roaming through the safari, making ice cream, and working at the hospital, just to name a few.

With that said, it’s pretty easy to dress like Barbie. Almost anything you put on could technically be classified and Barbie-wear. To date, there are few things that Barbie hasn’t done and few outfits that Barbie hasn’t worn. Barbie is the ultimate fashion icon because she looks great no matter what she wears.

Barbie even turns the basic t-shirt into something special. In fact, Barbie can be seen wearing a fabulous t-shirt almost as often as she can be seen wearing an evening gown or a pair of high heels. With that, any Barbie inspired wardrobe simply must include a multitude of t-shirts that can be mixed and matched at will.

But how does a person get their hands on a truck load of basic yet stylish t-shirts? Stocking your wardrobe with awesome t-shirts has never been easier than it is with custom t-shirt printing services. With the help of a custom t-shirt printer, you can turn any regular t-shirt into a piece of clothing that even Barbie and Midge would fight over. Just let your creativity take over and you can create a one of a kind t-shirt that’s all your own.

When you design your own custom printed t-shirts to dress like Barbie, you can still make your style your own. There’s punk rock Barbie, heavy metal Barbie, and skate board Barbie. Almost any style can be interpreted as Barbie inspired style.

The trick to turning your custom printed t-shirt into a Barbie outfit is the high heels. With a pair of super high heels, even a regular old t-shirt can look Barbie fabulous. But then if you’re wearing a custom printed t-shirt of your own design, you won’t need the high heels to look as fabulous as Barbie. Only Custom T-shirt Barbie can look as fabulous as you.

How to Dress like an Artist

Artist t-shirt

Become an Artist with Custom T-shirt Printing

Artists are all about being creative. You might think that their need to leave their artistic mark ends with a canvas, a lump of clay, or a sheet of paper. This is not the case. You can spot an artist from across the street by the way they dress.

Artists tend to extend their artistic chops to every area of their lives, including their wardrobes. They can’t stop creating, even if they try. Everything they touch, own, and wear becomes a medium of individual expression. It’s the artist’s way.

Take an artist’s clothes for example. Artists always look like they just stepped off of some bohemian runway. Their clothes make a statement, whether it’s politically, socially, or personally. The funky, unique style of an artist is craved by many, both artists and non-artists alike.

Artists manage to achieve that coveted style without breaking the bank. Yet they still look as if they only wear one-of-a-kind couture that would set you back a few bucks. However, just the opposite is true. Artists make the most out of what they have. They take ordinary t-shirts, jeans, pants and dresses and make them into something special. They use scissors, paint, and anything else they can get their hands on to turn that ratty old shirt into something spectacular. They don’t call them ‘starving artists’ for nothing.

However, there’s another way that you can dress like an artist without raiding your desk drawer at work of safety pins or creating your own textiles with your son’s finger paints. You can actually take the creative process of designing your own clothing to a whole new level with custom t-shirt printing.

Custom t-shirt printing services are the ultimate in artistic clothing design. With custom t-shirt printing, you can put anything you want right on a t-shirt. From words, to pictures, to your very own designs, it can be on a shirt in no time.

Better yet, custom t-shirt printing doesn’t just allow you to dress like an artist. You can actually become an artist with custom t-shirt printing. Your original designs don’t have to stay on the paper or in your head. You can actually wear your unique designs right on your shirt sleeve.

Custom t-shirt printing is also a great way to share your creativity with the masses. You can specially design your own t-shirts and give them as gifts to friends and family. Everyone you know can be wearing your artistic creations. With that, you and everyone you know can dress like an artist.

Dressing like an artist is about being resourceful and using what you have. Custom t-shirt printing lies at the fingertips of every aspiring artist out there. In no time, you can have a closet full of artistic t-shirts that bear your unique designs. Everyone will want to know where you got your unique wardrobe and you can tell them with pride that “You made it yourself.” With that phrase, you won’t just be dressed like an artist. You will actually be one.

How to Dress like a Teacher

Teacher t-shirt

Those Who CAN Do, Teach: Be a Teacher with Custom Printed T-shirts

Dressing like a teacher seems pretty easy to most people. You go to your closet, you put on something awful. Done! Better yet, you find a ten year old t-shirt from the Sierra Club and tuck it in to a broom skirt. With an outfit like that, the only thing you’d be missing is a teacher’s certificate.

The fact is that teachers get a bad rap when it comes to fashion. Let’s face it: these ladies (and gentlemen) have a tough job. You can’t blame them for wanting to be comfortable. They also have to be tasteful yet professionally dressed. The classroom is not always the place to make a fashion statement. Thus the bad t-shirts, brooms skirts, and weathered loafers.

However, being that t-shirts are a main staple in the teacher’s closet, you can’t dress like a teacher without them. That is not to say that the t-shirts in question have to be devoid of all modernity and style. In fact, it’s just the opposite. T-shirts are a great place to demonstrate your own personality and creativity while you dress like a teacher.

Just think if you could actually design and print your own t-shirts? Then, dressing like a teacher would be creative, fun, and cool. With custom t-shirt printing services, you can! Custom t-shirt printers can print almost anything you can think of on a t-shirt. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

If you’re going to dress like a teacher, then you’re going to have to think like a teacher. When you’re thinking like a teacher, you’ll have an unlimited supply of ideas as to how you can design your own custom printed t-shirts. You can even design t-shirts that correspond with the day’s lesson. Your custom printed t-shirt can even be a discussion starter for the students. Teaching ‘Hamlet’? Wear a t-shirt that says “To be, or not to be” and your students will never forget just ‘what’ the question is.

But dressing like a teacher doesn’t mean that you have to dress like you just stepped out of a catalogue specializing in frump gear. There’s no need to unearth your faded and thoughtless t-shirts from college and beyond with reckless abandon. Be relieved that you won’t need to rob your mother of her broom skirts hidden in the back of her closet in case they ‘come back in style.’ They never will. Not even for teachers.

That’s right. With custom t-shirt printing, you can dress like a teacher that has great personal style and endless creativity. All of your fellow teachers—or teacher impersonators—will be wondering where you got all of the great t-shirts. Teachers are hard-working and underpaid, so be sure to spread the word about your new found secret to great teacher style.

Custom t-shirt printing allows teachers and non-teachers alike to create awesome, unique t-shirts that are both trendy and functional. Be more comfortable in front of your classroom in a t-shirt printed with a design of your very own.

How to Dress like a Samurai


How to Dress like a Samurai, But not Act like One

The Samurai is one of the most respected yet feared figures in all of history. These highly trained Japanese warriors would kill you on the spot if you even looked at them. They dedicated their lives to their practice and to their fellow warriors. The entire existence of the samurai is based on loyalty, commitment, and honor.

Because of their legacy of devotion and commitment, the samurai has become a revered image of inspiration. However, many people forget how ruthless they really were. It’s safe to say that you would not have wanted to encounter a samurai on the street. What if you actually made eye contact? In the blink of an eye you’d be yet another victim of ocular malfunction.

Despite their ruthlessness, many people would love the opportunity to be a samurai. Some people even devote their whole lives to the study of the history, life, and practice of the samurai. They live their lives based on the philosophy of the samurai and even take up martial arts. There might not be anymore official samurai left, but there are many honorary samurai around the world.

Dressing like a samurai is a big part of living like one. Samurai were warriors. They couldn’t go into battle in a t-shirt and jeans. They wore a fierce looking suit of armor and carried their swords into battle. When they weren’t showing off their fighting skills on the battle field, traditional Japanese costume took center stage.

If you want to dress like a samurai, there is lots of information about what they wore and how they dressed. There have been thousands of books written over the years about the way of the samurai. You could spend your whole life learning how to dress like one. However, dressing like a samurai in the modern day world could cause people to stare. And you can’t exactly kill people just for looking at you anymore. That would certainly bring your samurai days to an end.

If you want to dress in a way that shows your admiration for the samurai, printing your own personally designed t-shirts is a great alternative to the traditional garb. A good custom t-shirt printing company can print almost anything you want on a t-shirt. In no time, you can see your own personal samurai-inspired designs on every t-shirt that you own.

Best of all, you can have multiple t-shirts made with the same design. You can have enough samurai t-shirts made to give one to all of your friends. If you want to give a samurai sword to all of your friends for Christmas, but don’t have the money to buy all of them the real thing, make t-shirts with samurai swords printed on them instead.

They’ll get a personalized gift from you that demonstrates your enthusiasm for the samurai as well as functional piece of clothing that they can wear on a regular basis. Everyone loves t-shirts. But not everyone loves a ruthless samurai.

How to Dress like a Geek

Geek style

Dressing like a Geek Means Making Your Own History

Geeks are unfortunate individuals. They have a lot to offer. However, sadly they don’t have a clue about much of anything. Social gatherings are often a mess as geeks normally choose to discuss obscure topics and the latest events on a show called Star Trek. Geeks are like milder, less dramatic forms of a car crash. You don’t want to watch yet you find yourself slowing down to get a closer look.

Sometimes geeks are hard to spot. They sneak up on you. They look like a normal, well adjusted person. Yet you don’t learn until half through your conversation that you’re talking to a geek.

Sometimes you have to take a closer look to see the scotch tape holding their glasses together, or the pocket protector serving an oh-so-important function, or the fanny pack that’s neatly concealed beneath their jacket. Yes, sometimes it’s difficult to spot a geek. Other times, it can be very hard to miss them.

Many geeks have the wherewithal to keep their geeky-ness under wraps. Others have so much geek in them that it simply must manifest through their wardrobe. When it comes to fashion, geeks have a style all their own. If you’ve ever seen a flamboyant geek before, you know that they have a signature style that is unmistakably bad.

For a group of people so often fascinated with the future, they seem to live in the past when it comes to their wardrobes. For all of their studying and analyzing, they don’t have a clue as to what the current trends are in clothing. Instead they keep wearing the same old stuff, year after year, long after it’s gone out of style.

It’s not uncommon to see a geek wearing a pair of pleated, high-wasted trousers, or a souvenir t-shirt they got at Yosemite National Park in 1988, or a pair of Keds from their junior year of high school. Geeks just can’t be bothered with fashion. They’re too busy saving the world.

However, they make it easy for the rest of us to dress like them. Dressing like a geek is easier than flipping up a pair of clip on sunglasses. All you need is a little bit of creativity, a sense of humor, and the help of a great custom t-shirt printing service.

When you design your own geeky t-shirts, it’s easier to look like the real thing. It’s hard to recreate a lifetime of collecting dorky clothing items. Sometimes, you have to backtrack if you want to dress like a genuine geek. However, you can look like you’ve been a geek all of your life when you can custom print t-shirts that only a geek could love.

Imagine the geekiest things in the whole world and create a t-shirt design. You t-shirts will be ready in no time and before you know it, you can have a band of geek look-a-likes proudly wearing your t-shirts around town. Fashion tends to repeat itself. Who says the ‘geek’ look won’t become the rage?

How to Dress like a French Woman

Paris T-shirt

French Fashion Made Easy with Custom T-Shirt Printing

Paris is the fashion capital of the world. It’s no wonder that the women of Paris are some of the best dressed women on the planet. After all, they have to keep up their reputation of being beautiful and fabulous, right? Otherwise, they might have to move the fashion capital of Europe to some other, less illuminated European city. That, by French standards, would be positively tragic.

Women all over the world have spent thousands of dollars trying to look as put together and fashion-forward as a Parisian mademoiselle. For those with a little more cash at their disposal, they can go straight to the source and stock their wardrobes with one-of-a-kind pieces from French dwelling designer labels. Anyone can look French when dressed in head to toe haute couture.

But since most of us don’t have a six figure annual clothing budget, we have to get a little creative when it comes to recreating that ultra feminine look you see on the streets of Paris and in fashion magazines.

With a little bit of a padded wallet, you might even be able to hit up a consignment shop or thrift store and find an original Chanel suit or a Burberry coat. But the heart of French fashion is creativity and uniqueness. If you really want to dress like a French woman, it’s time to put a little bit of thought and originality into each ensemble.

Now, most of us don’t have an on-call live-in seamstress that can whip up our own personal designs at the drop of a hat. However, there is a way that every Americana can create a wardrobe full of French fashions that are all her own.

Customized t-shirt printing can help you and all of your friends unlock the secrets of dressing like a French woman. When you custom print your very own clothing, every piece of clothing that you buy can have a touch of France printed right on it.

The best thing about creating a Paris- inspired wardrobe with custom t-shirt printing is that you can have that French flair no matter where you go. Even your weekend wear and workout shirts can have your favorite French phrase printed on them.

You can even have t-shirts printed with the globally recognized image of the Eiffel Tower. Nothing says style and romance quite like the Eiffel Tower or the Arc de Triomphe. However, if you are going to French-ify your workout wear, you may want to choose something other than Marie Antoinette’s famous phrase, ‘Let them eat cake.’ You don’t want to tempt your fellow exercisers.

Dressing like a French woman is easy when you have the help of a custom printing service. Not only can you make French street style your very own, but you can even pass on your custom printed French fashions to friends and family. Give them as gifts or create a posse fabulously dressed ladies. After all, French women aren’t the only ones on Earth that should look great.

How to Dress like a Cowgirl


Live the Glamorous Life of a Cowgirl in Custom Printed T-shirts

Cowgirls are practical people. Their primary passions in life are cows, horses and life on the farm. They don’t get caught up in celebrity gossip, the latest fashions, and whether or not they should be wearing a black belt with their brown boots. In general, cowgirls care about function over fashion when it comes to their apparel.

How can you blame them? After all, who would want to be wearing a pair of shorts or even a pair of pinstripe trousers when riding full speed through a patch of mesquite? What if you were thrown off of your horse into a cactus? What if your horse stepped on your foot and you were wearing a pair of peep toe pumps? Most of all, it’s just downright dangerous to ride a horse without heeled boots.

It’s true that being a cowgirl means sacrificing a little bit of personal style for the sake of being safe and comfortable while performing daily tasks. Being a cowgirl isn’t exactly for your average mall walker. However, when cowgirls aren’t on the range bringing in the cattle, you can bet the ranch that they are looking their best. Just where do you think the term “Buckle Bunny” comes from?

Cowgirls make up for lost time when they get an opportunity to get out on the ‘town’ and be seen. They dress up in all of their usual western wear. But they do it with enough rhinestones, glitter, and glam that you’d think they were walking the red carpet at the Grand Ole Opry. Buckle Bunnies, otherwise known as rodeo groupies, set the standard in western glamour. Nothing can outdo these gals with their bedazzled teal jeans, glittery fingernails, and big jewelry.

In a nutshell, cowgirls love to look their best. But because their everyday lives require that they get a little dirty every now and then, it’s important that they’re appropriately dressed. However, it’s easy to dress like a cowgirl and look great if you remember to use your imagination when it comes to your wardrobe. With a little ingenuity and attention to detail, you can have a comfortable, practical, cowgirl worthy wardrobe.

But just how do you get your hands on such a collection of western wear? It’s easy to acquire a unique cowgirl wardrobe with a custom t-shirt printing service on your side. When you design and custom print your own t-shirts, the marriage of style and function is almost instantaneous. There’s nothing you can’t do when you design your own t-shirts.

When you want to dress like a cowgirl, you can be the best dressed cowgirl on the range when you employ the services of a custom t-shirt printing company. Your very own western designs can be seen while you’re working cattle as well as while you’re cheering on your favorite celebrity bull rider. Custom t-shirt printing allows you to create cowgirl fashions that are all your own. All the other cowgirls will want to know where you got such a great wardrobe.

How to Dress Like a Nerd


Whether you love nerds, or love to hate nerds, there’s always a reason to dress like one. Nerd was once a derogatory term, but now it’s a badge of honor. A nerd is usually someone with a deep, almost obsessive, love for something. Commonly, nerds were the book worms who craved knowledge and learning. Nowadays, the term nerd has expanded to three main types of obsessed people: classic nerds, sci-fi nerds, and computer nerds.

Classic nerds are the ones who you may instantly think of when you hear the word “nerd.” Classic nerds wear suspenders and pocket protectors. To get this look, make sure to invest in white, knee high socks. Classic nerds rarely wear jeans, but when they do, it’s acid or stone washed jeans. Usually, classic nerds wear khaki pants, combined with the knee high socks. Copy this by getting petite or straight leg Capri pants that stop above the ankle. If you can’t find these types of pants, raise up a pair of straight leg khakis with a set of suspenders. Make sure your socks are showing. Pair with this black loafers. It creates an awkward look that works.

Classic nerds also love to wear white shirts. Make sure to tuck in the shirt. The shirt should also have a front pocket, so that you can place in the pocket protector for your pens and calculator. Wear a bow tie. To round off the look, wear black rimmed glasses and a middle part down your hiar. Girls can wear a low pony tail.

The second type of nerds are in the sci-fi crowd. Sci-fi stands for science fiction. These are the types of nerds interested in Star Trek or Star Wars. You may find them at Star Trek conventions dressed up like Spock the Vulcan, and brushing up on the nuances of the Klingon language. Sci-fi nerds love to wear graphic t-shirts. Capture this look by getting shirts that say something witty or sassy. It’s even better if you can find a shirt that references a popular science fiction television show or movie. Sci-fi nerds usually wear shorts. They rarely wear jeans or regular length pants. Sci-fi nerds never wear closed-toe shoes. They prefer flip flops or sandals. In cold weather, they wear socks with their sandals. These type of guys like to wear spiky hair. The girls wear pony tails.

The third and final type of nerd is the computer nerd. Computer nerds are always found hunched over their computers, toiling away with some computer software into the night. Computer nerds are not exactly fashion forward. They prefer function over fashion. These nerds do have their own unique brand of style. Computer nerds usually wear nondescript, or non-graphic, t-shirts. Sometimes they wear sweat shirts, with an imprinted college logo. Computer nerds usually wear sweatpants, but on special occasions, they will wear jeans. Computer nerds wear socks, but rarely wear shoes, because they don’t go out much. When going out, computer nerds wear ordinary sneakers. This look is definitely the most comfortable of the three, but is also the least defined.

Pay homage to the nerd in you, or poke fun at the stereo-types by exaggerating them. Whatever option you choose, make sure to have fun with it.

How To Look Like A Skater Chick

If you are a girl that loves skateboarding then you will certainly be a fan of the skater chick look. Even girls who never touch a skateboard have a fascination with the skater chick style and often emulate it in the hopes of attracting a skater guy or simply to look cool. If you know the right things to wear, you too can look like a cool skater chick.

Wearing the right clothes will definitely help to create your skater chick look. You need to start with the right shorts. Invest in cargo shorts or other baggie shorts with pockets that provide movement. Wear a welt to keep them up. You can either go for a hard core style belt with studs and lots of metal or opt for a more feminine looking belt to round out your look. If it is too cold for shorts or you’d just prefer something else, skinny jeans work well for a skater chick look. Opt for dark jeans that are somewhat distressed. If they are not distressed, add some strategic holes for a hot look.

T-shirts are absolutely required to create the genuine skater chick look. This is where you get to express some of your own individuality. Printed tees in black or white are the most popular with skater chicks, although you will see other colors as well. Remember though that skater chicks rarely wear pink.

You can get a wide variety of printed T-shirts to wear for your new skater chick look. You can choose ones that already have stuff printed on them or choose to have your own made. If you decide to go with customized shirts you can have anything you’d like printed on them. Make a design of your very own, have a photo printed on one or have any text you want printed on a shirt. You can make jokes, label yourself, make a statement or tell things about yourself. Customized tees are a perfect medium for self-expression for any skater chick.

Choosing the right accessories is very important for the skater chick look. Opt for skateboard shoes that are Vans or similar in style to that brand. If you choose skate shoes that require laces, get the fat laces that you can leave untied. Add some jewelry that is a little hardcore. Bracelets should be tight to the arm. Chains can be used for necklaces. Outerwear for skater chicks is always oversized hoodies that zip up.

Go for a messy hairdo to round out your skater chick look. In fact, having it extra long over one eye is typical of the skater chick look. Most skater chicks also go for dark hair, even dying it if they need to. A stripe of color like red, blue or green can add a little edge to your look also.

Of course, actually having a skateboard and using it will make you look like a skater chick too. So learn the moves. Get outfitted now for a cool skater chick look. It’s an easy, hot look for you to create.

How to Dress like a Vampire

Dress like the Undead to Live Life in Style

In vampire mythology, there are several kinds of vampires when it comes to fashion. For starters, everyone thinks that vampires always wear black. Perhaps this is the case. But the cardinal rule of vampires is looking good. So whether it’s a black outfit or not, style is the most important thing when it comes to dressing like a vampire.

Generally, modern interpretations of vampires focus on their commitment to high fashion and always looking fabulous. Male and female vampires always want to look their best, supposedly so that they can better seduce their victims. That is, of course, if you believe in that kind of thing.

However, the idea of the good looking, well dressed vampire didn’t come along until Hollywood started making movies about vampires. That’s where the idea of the tuxedo, the cape, and the Transylvanian accent came from. The original vampires were ugly as ugly can be.

As far as we know, Bram Stoker’s Dracula was the very first vampire to ever enter pop culture. His Dracula sparked a craze around vampires that is yet to disappear. People are still making movies and writing books about vampires. Some people love vampires so much that they dress up like them and attend annual balls with other vampire wannabes. Some people even have permanent dental work done so that can look like a vampire! Yes, really!

Most people are fascinated with vampires because they appear to be so glamorous. But the original vampire, Dracula, was ugly. Most people don’t want to believe that he was so ugly because he still managed to entice the object of his affection into his arms. But by Stoker’s description, this guy was offensive to the eyes. But because he was a wealthy lord, he was always dressed to the nines.

Ugly or not, vampires have always been known for dressing well. Whether you’re lined up at your dentist’s office for fake teeth or not, dressing like a vampire could be a good rule of thumb if you’ve set your sights on dressing well. Taking tips from your vampire inspirations could definitely catapult you onto any best dressed list.

With that, you might think that most vampires wouldn’t be caught dead in a regular old t-shirt. But even vampires can’t wear designer brands and the finest fashions all the time. After all, sometimes life requires casual wear. When those times come, you can bet the ranch that a vampire would want a specially designed t-shirt for those casual moments.

But how do you get a specially designed, custom printed t-shirt that’s vampire worthy? You make it yourself, of course! Custom printed t-shirts can be had by anyone with the help of a custom t-shirt printing company. You can design your own gothic, vampire inspired designs and develop a whole line of high-fashion t-shirts that any self-respecting vampire would be happy to wear. A custom printed t-shirt probably won’t make you live forever, but it will certainly help you live a more stylish life.

How to Dress Like a Gypsy

The term Gypsy was originally used to describe the nomadic Roma people who traveled around Europe in the early 16th century. They traditionally made their living with seasonal itinerant work, though most people think of them more commonly as roaming workers and fortune tellers who are inclined to an unconventional way of life.

Gypsy style in the modern sense is not far from the way Gypsies originally dressed, though it is somewhat romanticized by Hollywood and Halloween costumes. Today Gypsy garb is much more about style and freedom and much less about function than it was in the 16th century. However, it is a fun way to dress and an easy style to reproduce.

If you want to dress like a Gypsy, the first thing you need to do is find a loose top or blouse. The perfect top would be a peasant blouse with puffy sleeves. Another good choice would be a colorful cotton top with layers or ruffles. Women can wear a bodice over their blouse and can add a shawl depending on the weather. Men can also wear peasant shirts that are similar to the women, though in a masculine cut. Men can add a vest or coat over the shirt.
The next item you need to dress like a Gypsy is a skirt. A full skirt that comes down to at least mid-calf is ideal, especially if it has many layers. The skirt should be colorful, using primarily dark or jewel-tone colors. Skirts can be made of a patchwork or many layers of different pieces of fabric. Around your waist you can wear a long scarf or sash that ties on the side and hangs long, or you can wear a belt with a decorative buckle. You can also add a pair of bloomers under the skirt if you choose. If you are a male, wear loose trousers in a dark color with a belt.

Women who want to dress like a Gypsy can wear their hair down, curly and a little untamed to fit with the free spirited image of the Gypsy. You can add a flower to your hair either behind your ear or clipped on the side or the back. You can also wear a scarf on your head, worn low on the forehead and tied in the back. Men can wear a hat in a dark color, something similar to a fedora, or they can wear a scarf, worn in a similar fashion to the women.

Women and men dressing like Gypsies can wear either sandals or boots. Black shoes are preferable. Men can also wear black shoes with a buckle or other adornment.

Jewelry can be worn by both men and women. Earrings, rings and anklets are authentically Gypsy, as well as beads and amulets. Men can also wear pouches and sashes to further accessorize.

Dressing like a Gypsy can be fun and easy. With a few simple clothing pieces and the right accessories, you’ll look the part in no time.

How to Dress Like a Geisha

Geisha are instantly recognizable by their dress and makeup. The word geisha is Japanese for “person of the arts.” Geisha are women skilled in music, dance, singing, storytelling, and performing the ancient tea ceremony. Contrary to popular belief, geisha are not prostitutes. They are entertainers and hostesses who follow a strict code of conduct and hierarchy.

Geisha dress in a style that has been handed down for hundreds of years with little change or evolution. The look is an attempt to create the illusion of female perfection. They indulge men’s fantasy of the perfect woman and are successful because they project a certain kind of unattainable perfection. The dress and makeup is what identifies a geisha.

If you want to dress like a geisha, there are some guidelines that should be followed. Their style is very specific, starting with the primary article of clothing, the kimono. Kimonos are worn by all geisha. Find one that is very bright in color. It should be adjusted to fall at the ankle. The collars of the kimono are low in the back exposing the nape of the neck, which is believed to be the most important and seductive part of a geisha. Make sure the collar of your kimono falls below the nape of your neck.

Around the waist of the kimono you’ll wear an obi, or a sash. The obi is traditionally a comprised of several layered belts, but you can wear one wide sash when duplicating the geisha look. Your obi should be brighter than your kimono in color and should be very wide, covering much of the lower torso. It can be tied in several ways, but most commonly it is tied close to the body with what is called a butterfly tie in the back. You can get the look by tying a wide bow.

Aside from the kimono, the most prominent part of a geisha is her makeup. It is very important, but easy to do yourself. First and most important is the white makeup that should be applied to the full face, neck and chest. If you cannot find a white foundation you can use a pale color and apply a white powder over the top. Second, line your eyes and fill in your eyebrows with a black or charcoal liner. Finally, use a dark red lipstick, filling in your entire upper lip but applying just a stripe down the center or your bottom lip. This application is to suggest that the lips are in the shape of a flower.

Finally, the hair needs to be pulled up. The most common hairstyle of a geisha is a chignon. Although they can often be quite elaborate and difficult to do, a basic chignon will do the trick. When your hair is up, decorate it with elaborate combs and hair pins. You can even add some colorful Japanese flowers such as orchids to your hair to complete the look.

Geishas are known for their very specific and traditional look and style. With a few main pieces and some creativity with makeup and hair, you can pull together your own geisha look.

Amelia Earhart

How To Dress Up Like Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart is a true American heroine. She is one of the few women featured in American history and was a pioneer in aviation. In addition to being an award-winning pilot and the first woman to pilot many historic voyages, she was also an acclaimed author of books about her own experiences. Her disappearance in 1937 was a mystery that still fascinates many. Dressing up like Amelia Earhart is a great testimonial to history and encourages others to learn more about this historical figure.

Dressing up like Amelia Earhart can be done in a variety of ways. You can opt for a dressy Amelia Earhart look or an all-business in-the-cockpit look. Either way, the distinguishing features that will set your costume apart from just a “period” look and make you clearly stand out as Amelia Earhart is the addition of the leather helmet and flying goggles that are typical of pilots of her era.

If you choose to dress up like Amelia Earhart in an everyday outfit or a dressy outfit, you will have a variety of looks to choose from. Flapper dresses were very popular in the 1930s and many of the pictures of Amelia show her in this style. Two piece suits with long straight skirts and a jacket over a blouse was also a common style for her. This was also one of the first times in history when women were beginning to wear pants. Earhart was often photographed in pant suits and pants with a blouse and jacket. She was often shown in bomber jackets and a short tan leather jackets. Her wardrobe was made up of very loose-fitting garments. Scarves were Amelia Earhart’s most commonly chosen accessory.

To dress up like Amelia Earhart, you will need to shy away from colorful clothes and prints. Her wardrobe was mostly of somber colors like navy, shades of brown, tan, khaki and green. Her blouses were mostly plain white.

If you are looking to create an Amelia Earhart at work look, you will need to find a one-piece set of coveralls, similar to what a mechanic would wear today. As she was a pioneer among women, there were no female flying suits available and pictures of her ready for flight show that the suits she wore were very unflattering. Shoes were always flat and utilitarian also. A set of coveralls, the leather helmet and the flying goggles are the three essential items for an Amelia ready-for-flight look.

Despite some rather unfashionable styles, especially when it came to what she wore in the cockpit, Amelia Earhart always had a beaming smile. She looked genuinely happy to do what she was doing, especially in action photos, as opposed to the more formal, publicity shots, which always looked contrived. To help pull off your genuine Amelia Earhart look, smile lots.

Do some research into 1930s era clothing for women. Opt for the most conservative of those items and throw in lots of pants and you have Amelia Earhart’s style. You can easily create a genuine costume that calls to mind a true American hero: Amelia Earhart.

Pippi Longstocking

How to Dress Like Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking is a fictional character from a series of children’s books. Pippi is a child living in a Swedish village with just her monkey and her horse. She doesn’t live with any relatives or adults and spends most of her time with two children who live next door, with whom she shares many adventures. Pippi is very cunning and very adventurous and is quick to dupe any adult who does not treat her and her friends nicely. Pippi is also unusually strong and can even pick up her horse with her own two hands.

To go along with her adventurous spirit, Pippi has a style all her own. With her mismatched clothes and whimsical hair, she is a sight to behold! And dressing like Pippi Longstocking can be as much of a crazy experience as the girl herself. Fun and easy, dressing like Pippi Longstocking just takes some preparation and a sense of adventure.

The most recognizable thing about Pippi Longstocking’s appearance is her hair. It’s fiery red and done up in braids that stick out straight from her head. Most people don’t have red hair, so a wig is a good option when trying to get the Pippi look. If you have hair that’s long enough, you can duplicate the style even if it’s not red. Part your hair in the middle and braid each half into equal braids. Slide a wire such as a straightened clothes hanger or some pipe cleaners down the center of each braid to get them to stick out. To make the look authentically Pippi, spray your hair with temporary red hair color. You should be able to find this at a costume shop. At the end of each braid tie a strip of brightly colored fabric or ribbon in a bow.

The next most noticeable element of Pippi’s style is her mismatched wardrobe. Pippi is often in a dress, usually a patchwork jumper. If you can’t find a patchwork jumper you can always use a brightly colored or patterned jumper that you can get at a thrift store or department store. Short overalls are another option if you can’t find a jumper. Wear either the overalls or the jumper over a turtle neck or bright t-shirt to complete the outfit.

On her feet and legs Pippi wears knee high socks in a variety of bright colors and patterns. Find some knee high socks to wear, even if they don’t match, and you’ll get the Pippi look. Add some big clunky shoes, maybe lace-up leather boots or chunky clogs. You could also try some Converse sneakers to get the look.

Pippi was a little girl so not much makeup is required except to replicate her famous freckles on your face. Use an eyeliner pencil or some costume makeup to dot freckles across your nose and cheeks.

Pippi Longstocking is an iconic image in children’s literature. Dressing like Pippi is fun and easy as long as you have the right materials. Once you do you can pull off the look in no time.

Sophia Loren

How to Dress Like Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

In the 1950s and 1960s Sophia Loren ignited the Silver Screen with a sexiness that some would argue has yet to be rivaled. The Italian actress was extremely good looking and she had no problem showing what she had. Loren blazed a trail for women everywhere when it came to sex appeal and for that reason there are many who aspire to dress like her.

Not everyone can pull off the Sophia Loren look. It not only takes someone with a great figure, but you will have to have the utmost confidence in yourself as well. Here are some ways you too can ignite a room the Sophia Loren did:

•    Wear lots of red: Loren always added a lot of red to her wardrobe. She had the reputation of being feisty and vivacious and the color red certainly helped bring that to the forefront. Everyone looks a little more daring in red and by you adding it to your wardrobe you are telling the world that you may be down to earth, but you are as lively and sexy as they come. There are few colors that can make the statement that red does, which is why Loren wore the color on an almost daily basis.
•    Show your stuff: One thing Loren did with almost every outfit she wore was show off her cleavage. Sometimes she showed so much it left little to the imagination. Wear outfits and skirts that will accentuate what you have and when you think you are showing enough cleavage, show a little more. No matter what occasion you are dressing for you have to make sure that you find a way to show off your cleavage. That is the true spirit of Loren.
•    Wear halter dresses: Another staple in Loren’s wardrobe was the halter dress. She liked to wear ones that were long and that flared. By wearing this type of dress you are showing, like Loren did, that your spirit is sensual, yet you have the undertones of a playful and very famine women. A halter dress is the perfect garment to bring out both features at the same time.
•    Show off your gams: Along with showing off her cleavage, Loren knew she had great legs and loved to show those off as well. You can accomplish this by wearing some of the same ultra miniskirts as Loren did. If you are not comfortable in super short miniskirts you must try to stay in the skirt family or you risk losing the full effect that you are going after. Accentuate your toned calf muscles in Loren fashion by dawning a great looking pair of high heels.
•    Switch up your hair: Loren always put a lot into her hair but rarely was it the same. She would sometimes wear it up and sometimes wear it down but it always looked as ravaging as the rest of her. Take extra time when styling your hair to ensure it comes out looking its finest.

Again, dressing like Sophia Loren is only the first step in capturing her essence. To complete the effect you will have to work on your confidence over and over again.


How to Dress Like Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs


Even if you are not into rap music you would have to be living under a rock to not know who Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is. He has been so successful in the music industry that he now even has his own show on MTV where he actually chooses a band out of a number of contestants and the winners will be signed to his music label. Combs has evolved his style over the years to match his success and can dress up with the best of them, but he has also never forgotten how to just go casual so if you want to look like “Diddy” you better have confidence in yourself.

Here are some ways you too can look like Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs:

•    Ultra casual: It is not uncommon to see Combs wearing a jogging suit. The biggest difference between the jogging suit he wears and the ones you see on the street is the price. Combs only wears designer clothes and his jogging suits are no different. You don’t need to go designer to pull off this look, but don’t get your jogging suit from the thrift store and think you can pull off the look. When going for the ultra casual look you will also want to get a pair of Combs’ signature sunglasses that are big and rounded and you will also need a ball cap that matches the jogging suit that can be worn backwards or to the side.
•    Casual look: This is the easiest look to mimic when it comes to Combs. All you need is a pair of nice jeans, a nice collared short sleeved shirt, and some white tennis shoes. You can of course wear the sunglasses with look as well and as far as the shirt goes, leave it untucked.
•    Formal look: No one does formal better than Combs. He always looks really sharp and wears many different types of suits. He has been known to wear a tuxedo a time or two, but he generally likes to switch it up a bit. Combs like all white suites, a mix and match of black and white, and looks even better when he dawns his famous pin stripe suit. Believe it or not, the sunglasses also go with this style so feel free to wear them with whatever type of suit you go with.
•    Accessorize: Though Combs is not like a lot of rappers that go for the over accessorized look or ‘bling’ as they call it, Combs is definitely not afraid to jazz up his outfits from time to time. He uses flashy watches and bracelets but is always conservative when it comes to the necklaces he wears. He has both ears pierced and usually sticks to larger studded diamond earring with whatever he is wearing.

To complete the Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs look you will have to practice having that air of confidence that he carries with him wherever it is he is going. Other than that, just practice putting a swagger in you step and you too will look as cool and confident as Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.