How to Choose a T-Shirt That Will Stand Out in a Crowd

When wearing a t-shirt, it may sometimes feel like you blend in with all of the other people out there wearing t-shirts. T-shirt wearing is now so common that it can take a little bit of creativity to make yourself stand out apart from the crowd. There are several ways to go about choosing a t-shirt that will stand out. Choosing a color that gets noticed is one way. Choosing a saying that gets attention is another. Still other people like to wear a t-shirt with an attention-getting picture on it. And for the very bold, a combination of all three things is a sure way to stand out and be noticed in even the largest crowd.

Choosing a color that will make a t-shirt stand out apart from all the others can be done by picking the brightest, most eye-catching color possible. When you want to do that, there’s just one option- neon. A bright t-shirt in a neon orange, yellow or pink is just about as eye catching as a t-shirt can get among a crowd of people. The eye is drawn immediately to these bright t-shirt colors and it can’t help but get plenty of notice from everyone else in the immediate area.

A t-shirt that has a very clever or shocking statement will always get some attention. To get the biggest impact from words on a t-shirt, though, you need to be shocking. Taking a familiar saying and turning it around to mean something completely different is one way to do this. Another way is to use words that aren’t generally considered polite in most areas of society. This can, of course, lead to problems. To avoid any problems, use a word that sounds like a rude word but that won’t get you kicked out of your event.

Pictures can be one of the easiest ways to get a lot of attention very quickly for t-shirt. A picture of someone that is very recognizable and that is popular in pop culture is an easy way to get attention quickly. The best way to choose the right person for your t-shirt is to find out who is being talked about the most. Listen to who your friends are discussing and who is on the news most often and you may have the makings of a great T-shirt for capturing attention. If you can do something to change that photograph to make a statement, it will be even more attention-getting.

To do this to comic effect, try changing the picture slightly with small details. You might try painting sinister looking eyebrows onto a picture, putting a strange hat on them, or even putting makeup on them. There are a lot of ways to change photograph to make people notice right away that something about this photograph is different. You may get a lot of attention from people who are simply trying to figure out how you have changed the picture. This is a fun way to get attention without being offensive to anyone or getting yourself into trouble.

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