How to Dress for Success


There’s an old saying that says if you want to be successful, you need to dress for the job you’re seeking instead of the job that you already have. This has worked well for people for decades, and it can work for you as well. If you are interested in a management position, you need to dress and act like a manager instead of like a person who needs a manager.

Casual Work Environments

The trend today is toward work environments that are more and more casual. This has lent itself to too many employees who look sloppy and who may not be considered for management positions because of it. Even if you are allowed to dress sloppily, resist the temptation to do so. After a long time, management will start to see you in that light and may not consider that you have bigger job possibilities within you.

Always arrive for work looking well put together and dressed in business casual at the very least. While you don’t have to wear a suit everyday, you should always wear dressy pants and a shirt that is suitable for a business casual environment. You might pair a casual blazer with your outfit. Never wear jeans to work, even if that’s what everyone else is wearing. If you want to be successful, you have to set yourself apart from what everyone else does.

Looking Professional

To achieve a professional look requires looking like you have come to work to do nothing but work. That means getting rid of the novelty ties, the pounds of jewelry and anything else that can only serve as a distraction to your business attire. For women, forget wearing a low-cut shirt. Wearing one might get you some attention around the office, but it will not lead to success.

For both men and women, cover up the tattoos and take out the piercings. You may feel that there’s no reason to cover them, but not everyone feels this way. If you take a stand in not covering them, you may jeopardize your future because if it. There are those who will judge you harshly if you have them showing, and that could cost you a promotion. You want to show your bosses that you are committed to the work you do there, and that means looking less like an individual while you are there. Feel free to uncover the tattoos, fill in the piercings and wear loud t-shirts on the weekends. While at work, you have to measure up to corporate standards.

For the best results, take a hint from the owner or highest boss of the company. Take a look at what they wear and try to emulate that style. They are the ones who best understand the environment of the business and they are the ones who you most need to impress. Of course, if the bigwig dresses very casually, that may not be the best course to take. The highest person at the company is not seeking the approval of the others and is not in line for a promotion and may have simply given up on corporate attire.

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