How To Dress Like A Redneck

To dress like a redneck one must think like a redneck. How does a redneck think you ask? It’s rather simple and you need only consider three things, comfort, flannel and old. Redneck fashion is all bout functionality between work and home. Here are some tips so you can get your redneck look from top to bottom:

1)    Baseball caps
– You need a solid color cap, red or black are the norm and it has to have either a logo on it that relates to sports, beer, tools, women, hunting or fishing. A new cap is a no go; it needs to be old or worn looking.
2)    T-shirts – T-shirts need to be worn and have to have something on them that supports a farming company, truck parts or something about being a redneck. When looking for a motif you should think along the same lines as the logos for the baseball cap.
3)    Flannel – It’s all about the flannel. Specifically red and black flannel because anything else is just not manly enough for a redneck. The shirt should look old and worn out and the thinner looking it is the better. If it’s summer time, cut those sleeves off and make sure it’s not a neat and tidy cut either.
4)    Belt Buckle – Your belt should sport a rather larger buckle; normally silver in color and the buckle should be related to something along the lines of the logos for the baseball cap. They don’t have to match; in fact, it’s better if they don’t.
5)    Pants – The pants are easy; jeans for every occasion! The jeans should look worn out and old and should not fit properly. As for a specific brand, you want to look for Wrangler, Levi’s or whatever the cheapest thing is on the thrift store rack. Don’t forget plumber’s crack, it’s an important fashion accessory.
6)    Shoes – Your shoes should reflect your rugged life and the fact that you do manual labor for a living. Thusly you need some work boots, or some really cheap sneakers. If you want to be a fashionista redneck, black leather boots that look as if you’ve been wearing them to a good few years is a must.
7)    Hairstyle – Brush and style your hair without the use of a mirror, this is important, or, if you just don’t want to do that, wear a baseball cap all day long and only take it off when you sleep. This will give you baseball cap hair and this is the mark of a true redneck.

Now if you are a woman, many of the same tips hold true for you as well aside from the baseball caps and the hair. Your hairstyle should be at least 20 years old, think big 80’s hair, bright blue eyes shadow and too much black eyeliner will complete the look. With the flannel, rolling up the bottom into a knot is a good way to keep cool in the summer.

11 thoughts on “How To Dress Like A Redneck

  1. Hunter

    Full real redneck here. i say this here list is a bunch of bullshit. aall this is is stereotyping the kind of shit that you see in the movies.

  2. DixiePixie

    these are the reall, comfortable clothes. if you aint wearin that, you aint what yawll say ya are….redneck pride till the day i die!

  3. dillman

    im a true full blooded redneck , and this is bullshit, the only thing i wear thats on her is the wranglers. this hole thing is bullshit

  4. Travis

    this is a bunch of fuken Coon swaben shit! am a real Country Boy and we dont dress like that only with the Jeans and the good Work boots and hat the rest is a bunch a HOGSHIT!

  5. Beck

    This is NOT bullshit! If you don’t look like this no you are not a true blooded redneck…. Because me and every other redneck I see look’s like this.

  6. hunter

    amen to the other hunter this is bull spit. non eof its real the only part that is is the wranglers, i wear tony lamas every day

    redneck pride!!!!

  7. rusty

    real rednecks look:

    pants: carhartt or wrangler/levi (worn + chew ring)

    shirt: dosent matter, best bet solid black or white

    jacket: pull over football team hoodie or carhartt/CAT work wear (worn)

    hat: mossy oak, Coors/bud, or team, or workwear (worn)

    shoes: work boots like romeo’s or chinook/george of boot/cat/ etc…

    hair: out of bed look

    smell: old spice/ beer/smoke/none

  8. (You)

    Now hold on. Aside from the logod baseball cap, the black and red flannel, the logod belt buckle, the wrangler jeans, cheap sneakers, and baseball cap hair, the old hairstyles and knotted flannel, this was not at all what rednecks dress like.

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