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How to Dress Like a Rock Star

Rock star

The great thing about being a big rock star is the freedom you have in your wardrobe. There are no cut and dry rock star looks anymore that went out with the big hair heavy metal bands of the 80’s. Nowadays, a rock star’s fashion can be anything at all; however, there are some tried and true looks that have stood the test of time and can make anyone look like a rock star.

Rock stars don’t base their fashion on what other people think of them, they don’t have to, there’re rock stars after all. You should keep this in mind when putting your look together and don’t worry about copying the look of someone else’s style, it all overlaps at some point or another.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1)    Hairstyle – Your hairstyle must not be normal at all. Rock stars have interesting and odd-looking haircuts to express their individuality. This is a great time to look at someone else’s haircut and, more or less, copy it.
2)    Shirts – For your shirts they should fit your body and not be overly baggy at all. A black t-shirt is a good bet as that is classic for a rock star or, you can wear shirt sporting a vintage band logo because all rockers pay homage to their favorite old bands that have inspired them. When it’s cold, a leather biker jacket is a must.
3)    Sunglasses – Don’t forget your sunglasses. They must be dark so the public can’t see your blurry red eyes from all the partying you do. Make sure they are fashionable and fit your face style.
4)    Pants – There are two types of pants you can go for to complete the rock star look and those are jeans and leather pants. For the jeans you don’t so much want faded old jeans but torn knees or other areas are just perfect. They should be a proper fit and not very loose on you at all. The darker the jeans the better, you don’t see a rock star is light blue jeans do you? Leather pants are well; leather pants the ultimate in cool. Get them immediately!
5)    Shoes – Your shoes need to be sturdy and cool looking. A vintage pair of sneakers with a checkerboard look or a pair of black boots, think Doc Martens, will be a perfect pair for rocking and stomping around on and off the stage.
6)    Jewelry – You don’t want anything fancy or frilly. We are talking black leather with spikes and studs here. If your ears aren’t pierced, you will want to look into magnetic earrings.

All of these tips will have you looking like a rock star in no time but there is one thing that all the clothing in the world can’t do and that is make you act like a rock star. You have to act like a rock star if you want to look like a rock star.

Project an air of confidence and playfulness. Rock stars are very outgoing and want attention and approval from everyone they see. You have to be the center of attention and if you are at a party, then party like, well, a rock star.

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