How to Dress Like a Skater Girl

First there was Gwen Stefani and then later on there was Avril Lavigine. While neither gets full credit for the look there is no denying that these two music icons gave new life to the skater girl look and it has been gaining momentum ever since. The look sort of incorporates a wide variety of fashion and mixes punk, skater, and surfer all together in one convenient look. If you want to dress like a skater girl you need to be ready for plenty of looks as the fashion statements of these skater chicks is very outlandish at times. Still it can be a fun way to go through the day.

To pull off the skater girl look, bring plenty of attitude and follow these tips:

•    Pants: To pull off the skater girl look you only need to buy one type of pants – cargo. Baggy is the word here and if they are a little bit too long, that just adds to the look. These days it is not unusual to see some skater girls wearing skinny jeans but if you decide to go with this look, be sure you can pull it off. Skinny jeans usually look off unless you are skinny to begin with. On the other hand, cargo pants are easy to find and comfy to boot.

•    Skirts: Want to be a skater girl but still keep your feminine side intact? You can go with all kinds of tennis type skirts and compliment them with some wild colored leggings to complete the look. Many skater girls like the black and red checkered ‘school girl’ skirts, but any shorter skirt will do the trick.

•    Shirts: Go nuts here because really anything goes. Tank tops make for a good mix with cargo pants and if you want to go with the skirt option then you can go with a white short sleeved button down shirt.

•    Shoes: Leave the high heels at home and grab some skater shoes. A very popular type of skater girl shoe is the classic Converse high tops. If you are wearing a skirt, you can get really risqué and go for a pair of calf-high black leather boots.

•    Accessories: This too is really wide open. Some skater girls like studded bracelets and others wear vests and even men’s ties that are shorn up loosely. The whole idea behind this look to appear as if you really don’t care how you look. Avoid flashy jewelry as it will definitely clash with the look.

•    Hair and make-up: To look the part of a skater girl, you can’t go all out with your hair. If you have long hair, then part it in the middle and simple let it hang down. If your hair is short you can use some gel to give it some spiky lift for that edgy punk rocker look. When it comes to applying your make-up, go light and go with dark colors. Don’t go all black as that may have you coming off as gothic, but darker colors are definitely key.

Now couple that don’t care look with a don’t care attitude and you will be all set in your quest of being like a skater girl.

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