How To Dress Like A Socialite

Have you ever seen a picture of someone like Paris Hilton who is incredibly popular? Have you ever wanted to look like someone who is a socialite like her? Well you are in luck as I have some perfect tips on how to get that look down so you can be the popular social butterfly you know you want to be.

The first thing you need to do is look like a socialite:

1)    Keep up with all the latest trends and watch shows that are always fashion forward, read fashion magazines and always look for ways to be stylish and on the go. Try to emulate these styles as much as you can.
2)    You have to have some good-looking jewelry, notice I did not say expensive, just good looking. The more bling the better for a socialite.
3)    Get yourself some big, fashionable sunglasses and handbags as well. Every socialite has a cute little designer handbag.
4)    Get a pocket pet. You know those tiny little dogs that fit perfectly in your handbag.

Now that you have that part done, being a socialite is not just about the look; it’s about the attitude and how you carry yourself. You have to ooze confidence and let everyone know you are, in fact, all that. One way to do this is to talk to everyone, everywhere and if you think they are ok, make them your friend. They don’t have to consider you a friend, but a socialite has friends everywhere.

Smile to everyone and make it a genuine big smile and if something pops into your head, just say it. This is what a socialite does; they speak their mind out loud and don’t care who hears them. This puts the focus on you and that is what you want. It’s all about you, you, and you so play that up as much as you can.

When you do meet someone new, exchange digits with him or her. This gives you a broader base of people who can hang out with you and invite you places thus increasing your exposure to the world. If you run into someone you have met before, the standard socialite greeting are air kisses near the cheek.

Now onto the attitude because what we have talked about so far are just the mechanics of dressing like a socialite. You need drama and that drama has to be all about you in one way or another. Cause a scene now and then, do something outrageous and crazy at a party once in a while. This keeps people talking about you and your legend will grow.

You also have to have an attitude and not be afraid to show it in public. If someone does something you don’t like, throw a little fit and remember that a socialite never allows someone else to be nasty or get the better of him or her in a social situation.

The last thing is to be a trendsetter. A socialite is all about the latest everything, fashion, music, clubs, and food. You want to be the one that people emulate because you are so freaking awesome and cool.

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