How to Dress Like Blake Lively

Blake Lively has a fun, causal style that is easy to achieve by pairing a few simple pieces together to form a cohesive, classic outfit. The look that Blake Lively favors never goes out of style and it always looks pulled together, no matter how casual the pieces are.


Blake Lively wears a lot of dresses, both when out on the town having fun and when she’s attending important events. Sometimes she also wears casual dresses to go shopping and out to lunch with friends. Her casual dresses are often neutral colored or pastel in color so that they aren’t too flashy for the day time. These casual dresses usually have some type of print or adornments on the hem to make them look feminine and fun. She prefers to wear deeply plunging necklines that enhance her figure and bring a little glamour to any dress.

For evening wear, Blake Lively wears flashy dresses in bright hues. She seems to like evening dresses the best, and this may be to play up her blue eyes. Like her casual dresses, her evening dresses all have very low-cut fronts. Sometimes, she wears evening dresses with belts to accentuate her waist.

Casual Wear

When she’s dressing casually, she often wears jeans and plain shirts. One of her classic outfits is skinny black jeans and a white button up shirt. These pieces work well together as a casual but fashionable outfit and they also work well when paired with other classic items from her wardrobe. There are many white shirts that will work well both as simple classic pieces and as a feminine part of your wardrobe.

Skinny jeans look, look for black jeans that are tapered-leg style and that have a low rise. These can be put together with a loose button-up shirt or with a t-shirt that is cinched with a belt. Sometimes she pairs them with a tank top with a loose button up shirt over it that is left unbuttoned to leave her undershirt showing.


Blake Lively often wears boots with her casual wear. She prefers tall boots that come up to her knee or higher. Depending on what color she’s wearing, she may wear black or brown leather boots with her outfit. With her black jeans, she often wears high boots that make her legs look even longer and slimmer. Sometimes with jeans she will wear high heeled pumps in either black or any pattern.

With her evening dresses, she almost always opts for high-heeled pumps that match her dress. Sometimes she will pair black pumps with a brightly colored dress, but often she chooses colors to coordinate with the bright colors of her outfit. She has been seen in many different pairs of high heels with wild patterns on them. Some of these include red with black polka dots and blue with black stripes. Her shoes always get attention, no matter what else she’s wearing. If you have a plain, simple dress, make sure to jazz it up with footwear that will get attention for a classic Blake Lively look.

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