Debbie Ryan

How to Dress Like Debbie Ryan

Debbie Ryan

Debbie Ryan is best known for her role on the Disney Chanel Original Series program, The Suite Life on Deck, which is a sequel to the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, in which Ryan plays the role of Bailey Pickett. Her lovable character coupled with her infectious attitude and winning smile has many young women now wanting to imitate the way she dresses. Her style is both fun and fashionable and is very easy to get so long as you go about it in the correct manner.

Ryan likes to dress in a variety of outfits and no matter what she is sporting she seems to like to keep it colorful. This cheery way of dressing goes with her cheery personality for a look that simply can’t be beat. Here is how you can dress in the same manner as Debbie Ryan:

•    Dresses and skirts: Ryan likes to wear a large variety of dresses and skirts and they are never on the short side. She always stays conservative and above all else she stays colorful. Many of the dresses and skirts that Ryan picks out are multicolored and have some sort of wild design on them. When going for your dresses and skirts, you should feel free to go with fashions that are a little on the wild side and don’t be afraid to get a little outgoing.
•    Pants and shirts: Though she seems to love dresses and skirts, Ryan can also often be found wearing pants and shirts when she is out doing her thing. She seems to be most comfortable in dress pants and gravitates towards cute long sleeved button down shirts. She is also known to wear regular long sleeved shirts with her pants and she almost always goes with a darker color on the bottom and a lighter colored shirt for her top.
•    Shoes: Ryan is a fan of pumps and heels. When you decide what you want to wear it should be dictated by the outfit you have chosen. Ryan seems to gravitate towards the heels when wearing dresses and the pumps when wearing pants and shirts so you can follow that guideline as a good rule of thumb.
•    Accessories: Ryan loves to accessorize and wears anything from scarves to hats to wild looking sunglasses. She is a big fan of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces and when she wears them she has no problem going big and somewhat flashy. Have fun with this and again let your outfit dictate what type of jewelry you wear.
•    Hair and make-up: If Ryan wears a lot of make-up she doesn’t show it. Her cheeks are a nice rosy color and you can emulate this by using a good amount of blush. She does wear lip stick but stays with the more flesh tone colors versus the hot red colors. Her hair is always worn down and always curly. To perfect her hair look you will have to take some time and curl your hair and be sure that you have bangs if you want to look authentic.

Now just carry with you that same big smile that Ryan does everywhere she goes and you will be all set.

4 thoughts on “How to Dress Like Debbie Ryan

  1. Adi

    I love her clothes, too! But, you should put the shirt she wore on the episode where her and London worked in that playroom. With the Kids.

  2. Maxine

    I love Debbie Ryan so much. she is my hero. i am just like her but without those dresses and stuff. i would love to talk to her so mabey put my email to good use. please????? she is super cool.

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