Meaghan Martin

How to Dress Like Meaghan Martin

Meaghan Martin

Meaghan Martin is best known for her role in the Disney Channel original move Camp Rock. Her success as an actress is now branching out and she has recently signed with Disney’s record label. At only 17 years old she is taking the stage and screen by storm and now has many adoring fans that want to look like her.

Martin’s look is one that is clean, simple, and elegant. She has an all natural beauty about her and a smile that makes anything she wears look great. Here are some ways that you too can dress like Meaghan Martin:

•    Dresses: Martin likes to wear dresses and likes to wear a wide variety of them. She can be spotted wearing anything from sleeved, to sleeveless, to spaghetti strap. She has two types of dresses that she usually wears as far as colors go; solid fun and bright and patterns. When selection your solid colors go with pinks, yellow, light purples, or any other fun and happy color. To mimic her pattern wear go with floral patterns as that is the favorite pattern of Martin.
•    Pants: Martin also likes to wear a more dressy style of pants. These pants are usually white in color and are never tight fitting but rather on the form fitting side. Choose a pair for yourself that hug your body but doesn’t squeeze it.
•    Shirts: With her pants, Martin likes to wear a variety of nice looking shirts. She opts for shirts that come down either half way on her arms or goes full long sleeved but the shirts are always made of a lighter material and are typically in the green or blue family.
•    Shoes: With dresses you should go for a variety of heels as Martin does. Her favorite pair is a sandal heel that looks good with a wide variety of her dresses. She is also known for matching her shoes with the color of the dress she is wearing. When dressing in pants and a shirt go with a professional looking flat that will look great and feel comfortable at the same time.
•    Accessories: Martin likes to wear a simple gold chain necklace that sometimes sports a pendant on it. She opts for the non-flashy earrings that hang down a bit and aside of that she only carries a small purse with her. When it is time for you to go down the accessory path, choose the path with the least resistance.
•    Hair and make-up: Martin has shoulder length blonde hair that is parted to one side and then given a little body. You can accomplish this by using some non-stiff hold gel in your hair. Her make-up is done in a very light manner so when applying yours, go with less than you may normally use. Use lighter pinks on your lips but be sure not to go crazy and pick a wild hot pink color as doing so will kill the look.

Bottom line when trying to dress like Martin is to keep it clean and fun. Be more on the conservative side and be confident no matter what you have on.

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