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How to Dress Like Paris Hilton – Fashion & Style Tips

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is one of the biggest style icons today for girls and young women. Her style has ushered in a new era for high-end items that are worn like badges of honor. You will rarely see Paris Hilton without at least one or two very high-end clothing items or accessories. To pull off the complete look, you have to know how to blend those items in with other articles of clothing to create a look that is high-end without looking too old. Youthful playfulness is also a part of her look.


Paris Hilton’s wardrobe is all about the accessories. When people notice her outfit, they usually talk about her handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. Like many of the women in her crowd, she often carried very large designer handbags. These are often large enough to house a few changes of outfit as well as daily necessities. These handbags are often very limited-supply bags that cost thousands of dollars. She has been seen with Gucci, Chanel, Fendi and Louis Vuitton handbags most often. The same styles are available for less through other designers who are inspired by the high-end names.

Her sunglasses tend to be very large and dark. And like her handbags, they always come from big names. There are designer-inspired sunglasses on the market just as there are designer handbags, and this can make this look more affordable.


Paris Hilton wears both flats and high heels. She usually chooses designer footwear, and it’s often in gold, pink or another bright color. She likes Louis Vuitton footwear and other designers who offer strappy heels in bright hues. She wears tennis shoes on occasion, and they are also from top-name designers. She has been seen wearing Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton tennis shoes and tends to prefer either white or pink for that style of shoe.


Pink is said to be Paris Hilton’s signature color, and she wears it well. She often wears one or two pink pieces that don’t overwhelm the eye but give the overall impression of femininity and fun. When she has casual days, she will often sport pink sweatpants or a pink tracksuit with tennis shoes. On dressier occasions, she loves flowy pink tops work with white or off-white pants. She also wears pink dresses and dresses that have patterns that incorporate pink in them.


Because her style is ultra-feminine, she often wears dresses. She prefers knee-length or longer dresses, though she occasionally wears a dress that is shorter. In general, she wears dresses that are cut deeply in the front and that are made of silk or other fabrics that flow well and don’t cling. She likes to be able to twirl in her dresses for an extra-girlie look, so wear a dress that fits well and isn’t too tight. Her dresses are often in bright colors and if they aren’t dominated by pink they are usually dominated by red or black. She has worn dresses in silver on occasion as well.

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