The Fonz

How to Dress Like The Fonz

The Fonz

From 1974 to 1984 Henry Winkler portrayed a character by the name of Author Fonzarelli, better known as Fonzie or The Fonz, on a show called Happy days. The Fonz was good with the ladies and as cool a customer as there could be and he made the catch phrase, ‘Ayyyy’ a household saying. The Fonz became so popular that still today there are guys that want to dress like him for Halloween, so how do you go about this?

The Fonz is a classic costume and is very easily replicated. Follow these simple instructions and you will look as cool as The Fonz this Halloween:

•    Jeans: The Fonz always wore jeans and there was never a time when he dressed in anything else; except for his jump suit that he wore while working on hot rods or his motorcycle. But for all intense purposes, he only wore jeans. When choosing your jeans for the costume go with a classic cut that are a good loose fit and make sure that they are blue jeans. Go just a bit longer as in length as The Fonz always rolled his jeans up at the bottom.

•    T-Shirt: This is the easiest piece of the Fonzie puzzle. Again, The Fonz never strayed from the formula and always wore a plain white t-shirt. The brighter the shirt, the better.

•    Jacket: Along with his customary blue jeans and white t-shirt, The Fonz always wore his brown leather jacket. His leather jacket had a collar that lay down at the top and the sleeves ended in an elastic fabric material. Occasionally he wore a black leather jacket so if you can’t find a brown one, a black one will get you by.

•    Shoes: The Fonz could always be seen in black work style boots. A pair of Sketchers will do the trick if you don’t have anything in your closet to fit the bill. The Fonz wore regular white tube socks with his ensemble so don’t go crazy with what you put on your feet.

•    Hair: For the most part, The Fonz wore his hair the same way every episode. To replicate his hair style you will need to get some ‘grease’ and slick down your hair totally. Then comb up each side equally to sort of form a duck tale on the top of your head. If you don’t have the hair of the patience for that looks you can simple slick it back to get the essence of the hair style.

•    Comb: Fonzie always had a comb on hand and frequently broke it out to comb his hair. Be sure to carry a standard black comb with you and break it out from time to time to get the full Fonz effect.

Once you have dressed up like The Fonz, you have to practice looking in the mirror and saying ‘Ayyyy,’ as well as constantly giving the thumbs up. Now if you can just fix a juke box machine with one whack, The Fonz transformation will be complete.

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