Complexion clothes

How To Find Clothing Colors That Best Fit Your Complexion

Complexion clothes

Your complexion is very important to consider when you are looking to find the best clothing colors that work for you. Not every color goes with every complexion. Some colors will make certain people appear washed out, while other colors will make them look overly ruddy. Still other shades will tend to blend in too much with a person’s complexion and they will look almost other worldly. Spend some time experimenting to find the clothing colors that best fit your complexion, so you always look your best.

If you happen to have a naturally ruddy complexion, meaning that your face has predominant red and pink tones, you need to be particularly careful in the colors you wear. Reds and pinks will make your ruddiness more prominent and you will look like you are overheating or suffering from high blood pressure. Choose cool colors to downplay redness, like blues, whites and greens.

For dark complexions, lighter colored clothes or bright vivid colors, especially close to the face, are the best choices. They draw attention to the face. Avoid shades that are too similar to your skin tone. Those with dark complexions have the luxury of wearing pretty much any clothing colors. You should avoid colors like turquoise and certain shades of green.

If you have a very fair complexion, choose dark or bright colors, because pale ones will tend to wash out your complexion even more. Avoid yellow, very pale pastels, black and white. Warm pinks and reds especially will help give your skin tone a boost. Remember that your hair color is very important for choosing clothing colors, especially for those with a fair complexion. If you have light hair and a fair complexion, all the very light colors will make you appear ghostly. However, if you have dark hair and a fair complexion, the color palette for clothing is much more open for you. White and pale pastels in moderation work for you.

If you have an olive complexion, stay away from pale yellows and greens. They will reflect in your complexion and make you look sick and drawn. All other colors work great with this skin tone, especially autumn colors like orange, brown and turquoise. Golden shades will bring additional light to your face. All bright colors that are just slightly muted or dusty work well with this complexion.

A quick and easy way to determine the colors that work best for you is to hold solid colors up to your face in a mirror. Watch your face closely and notice when it looks good or bad, depending on what color you hold up. Make a note of the ones that work best and concentrate on buying these shades when you go shopping. This is a general rule primarily for shirts, T-shirts, jackets and scarves. Anything that is worn close to the face should work well with your complexion. For your bottoms, any color works and complexion is much less important.

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