How to Keep Your T-shirt from Fading

One of the most common problems with t-shirts is fading. You wear your favorite shirt so often that the constant washing can cause the colors to fade and end up looking ragged and dull. Keeping your t-shirt colors bright can be a troublesome challenge. However there are a few things you can do to keep them from fading.

Before you wash your shirt, ensure that you have sorted all clothing by color to prevent your bleeding colors damaging lighter cloth. As you sort, be sure to read the label of each garment. If your t-shirt says that it needs to be washed in only cold water, you will already be prepared. There may also be special instructions if you have a printed graphic on your shirt. Washing your lighter weight clothes such as cotton t-shirts with heavier and coarse fabrics such as denim can cause damage, so wash them separately. When pre-treating your favorite t-shirt, avoid rubbing the fabric vigorously. Instead, blot the spot gently and allow the garment to soak in cool water for 15 minutes.

During the wash, make sure that you read the items washing instructions. As a general rule of thumb, darker and brighter fabrics are better washed in cool water, since hot water can cause the dye to release from the fabric causing fading and bleeding onto other garments. Washing the t-shirt inside out will also help protect it from the dreaded fading and pilling which can cause a dull look. Never overstuff the washer. Allow room in the washer to allow the clothing to circulate, helping prevent damage. An overstuffed washer can prevent the soap from rinsing out, causing a dull and faded look.

Once your t-shirt is washed, you can’t slack off yet. Fading can also happen during the drying phase, so take precautions. During the dry cycle, keep the t-shirt inside out. This is especially important if you shirt has something printed on it, as it can help keep your picture or saying in place as well as prevent it from cracking and fading. Overstuffing the dryer can cause severe damage to clothing so avoid putting too much in at one time. Do not over-dry the garments. Too much heat causes damage resulting in faded clothing over time. Setting your timer and pulling clothes out while still slightly damp will help prevent fading. If you line dry, avoid direct sunlight. The direct rays can cause damage and make your black shirt look gray after a while.

Taking care of your clothes by washing and drying them properly is a great way to ensure you will be able to wear them for a while. While it may take a little extra effort on your part, you will save money by having to buy clothing less often, since they won’t be damaged so quickly. You can avoid all the fading a dullness that plagues t-shirts with just a few extra minutes during laundry time. Your favorite t-shirt is irreplaceable, so take care of it. You will be glad you did.

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