How to Keep Your Undershirt From Showing


An undershirt is a great, versatile item to wear with just about anything. There are many people, however, who don’t wish for their undershirt to show. Having an undershirt that shows is a matter of personal preference, but if you don’t want to show it, there are many ways to avoid it.

Choosing Your Colors

If you want to make sure that your undershirt doesn’t show through your over shirt, make sure your undershirt is not a darker color than what you wear over it. When the color is darker, it will generally show through even if you have a thick over shirt. Believing that their over shirt is thick enough that the undershirt won’t show through it is a mistake that people often make. Colors do make a big difference in what is visible.

Another way to do this is to choose to shirts that are roughly the same color. If you only have a dark colored shirt that can be worn as an undershirt, wearing a matching shirt as an over shirt will ensure that the undershirt doesn’t get noticed. Even if the color of your undershirt is visible for a moment above your outer shirt, the matching colors mean that it will not be noticed.

Choosing Your Shape

Another way to make sure that your undershirt is hidden is to wear the right shape. A V-neck undershirt has a lower-cut front than a standard crew neck undershirt. This makes it possible to have a looser neck line with your over shirt and to still keep your undershirt from showing. The V-neck undershirt means you can even keep your collar unbuttoned a little and you will still have an undershirt that is out of sight. If you wear a crew neck T-shirt as an undershirt, make sure you keep your over shirt buttoned up all the way to avoid revealing the undershirt.

Choosing Your Layers

If you choose an extra layer, you can be sure that your undershirt will be far harder to see. A popular look is to wear an undershirt with a T-shirt over it and then to wear a button-up shirt over that. The button-up shirt can be left unbuttoned for a casual look that keeps your undershirt well out of sight. For people who are hiding figure flaws, this is a great bit of layering that gives the body a leaner look. It also provides extra warmth as well as hiding the undershirt.

Choosing Your Fabrics

If you want to make sure that your undershirt doesn’t show, choose the thinnest undershirt that you can. This still provides you with some coverage while making it harder to see the undershirt. T-shirts come in a variety of weights, and a thinner weight shirt worn as an undershirt will be easier to hide with an over shirt. Choosing a thicker weight button-up shirt to wear over a thinner weight undershirt is a great way to hide it. Button up shirts tend to be thicker than jersey knit shirts overall, and are great for covering an undershirt of any kind.

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