How to Make a Toga


A toga is essential wear for any college student who is going to attend a Greek Party or a Toga Party. If you have yet to attend a Toga Party you will more than likely attend one, or two, before your college days are over. You know the kind of outfit a toga is if you ever saw the movie Animal House. If you haven’t, don’t worry because a step by step series of instructions follow.

To make a toga you only need a plain white bed sheet that is not the kind with the elastic to fit the bed, twin size usually works best, a few safety pins, and to follow these simple steps:

1.    Before you begin to create your toga you need to make sure that you are wearing the proper undergarments. For ladies, a strapless white tube wop will do the trick and white shorts for your lower half. Guys can get away with only wearing a pair of white shorts. Of course you could always go in the raw underneath your toga but depending on how wild the party gets, that may be a choice you later regret.

2.    Making your toga begins with taking the corner of the bed sheet in one hand and holding it on top of one of your shoulders. You will want to leave approximately six to eight inches to spare.

3.    Drape the sheet across your chest and be sure that it is snug. Now tuck it under the opposite arm.

4.    Adjust the length. Here is where you want to adjust the length if it is too long. You will know if it is as you will be tripping over the sheet. The ideal length for a toga is knee length so what you can do is fold the sheet over a few inches and re-drape it to create a shorter fit. Repeat the process until it is at its ideal length for you.

5.    Wrap the sheet around to your back and then tuck under your arm and come back to the front again.

6.    Now you will see what to do with the other corner of the sheet. From here you take the second corner that will be in back of you and bring it up over your back. Now the two corners can be tied in a knot or they can be fastened with a safety pin or even a broach.

7.    Finish by securing the different layers with safety pins and be sure that the safety pins are hidden and not in plain sight.

8.    Top off the look with a pair of calf high sandals and you can even go as far as making a u-shaped headpiece with leaves and wear that at the party for the truly authentic look.

Now you will be ready to go into the Greek Party looking as good as John Belushi did in Animal house. For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, go rent it, it is a timeless classic and will show you exactly what you have to look forward to.

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