How to Paint Baby’s Footprint on T-Shirt

Having a child is an emotional experience that many parents want to remember forever. The intense love and connection between a baby and his parents seems to put everything into perspective immediately. Parents are often left feeling a deep connection causing them to want everything for the little one and wanting to protect them from the cruelty of outside world. There is so much joy in being a parent that you may want to record how precious your child was. One really fun way to do that is by having your baby’s tiny footprint painted onto a t-shirt.

There are several ways to get your child’s footprint onto a t-shirt. Paint may be the easiest and most colorful solution. You will need fabric paint for this, other paints may not hold well and either bleed through or wash off the shirt making all your hard work useless. After selecting your color of paint and t-shirt you will need to prepare the shirt. It is a great idea to wash the t-shirt before doing anything to it. Washing the shirt will help keep it from shrinking later. Place the shirt flat on a solid surface such as a table or countertop. Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the paint from bleeding through and causing damage to the back.

After the shirt is prepared pour the paint onto a plate, preferable paper so you can through it out after. Dip your baby’s clean foot into the paint for a thick print. You can also run a small foam roller brush through the paint then over the baby’s foot for a print that isn’t too thick and is coated evenly. You may need someone to help you keep the t-shirt in place so it doesn’t move as you press the paint covered foot firmly yet gently onto the t-shirt. Pull the foot straight up keeping the t-shirt taught. Allow the t-shirt to dry according to the paint’s directions or for two days if there aren’t any instructions. You can also use the same method with ink instead of paint.

Another way to get the baby’s footprint onto a t-shirt is by scanning an image of the baby’s footprint onto a computer. You can use one you placed onto paper on your own, or use the copy from the hospital. After the image is scanned, you then print the image onto an iron-on transfer sheet. The transfer is ready to iron onto the t-shirt per the instructions. This is a fun way to put the footprint onto a t-shirt without having to be messy if you simply use the footprint the hospital provides.

Babies grow up faster than anyone can imagine. Those tiny feet and toes do not stay tiny long. Capturing the image of those little feet onto a t-shirt is a great way to remember those beautiful times with your little one. Footprint t-shirts are also a great present for grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Making a shirt for those that love the baby is an excellent way to share in your happiness and provides the wearer with a way to show off those tiny feet.

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