How to Remove Lint From Your T-shirt

Removing lint from a t-shirt can be a never-ending task. Trying to keep your t-shirts free of lint and in perfect condition may seem like a fulltime job. Keeping lint from your t-shirts is also one of the ways to keep your clothing, especially t-shirts, from fading and wearing over time. Proper lint removal techniques will make your clothing last long enough to give you plenty of enjoyment.

Using packaging tape, you can quickly and efficiently remove the lint without damaging you t-shirt. Place the t-shirt on a table or bed. Wrap the tape around your hand with the sticky side out. Using light pressure, slowly run the tape down the t-shirt. You can also pat at the t-shirt with the tape if you prefer, but rolling the tape seems to keep the shirt from moving too much during the process.

Another great way to remove lint is by using a hairbrush and Velcro. This tip is especially great while traveling. Buy some stick-on Velcro tabs. Put the hooked side of the tab on the back of your brush while leaving the fuzzy side on. When you need to de-lint a garment you will be ready. Pull the fuzzy side of the Velcro off and brush the hooks over the garment. The Velcro will remove the lint and hair quickly and easily. To remove the debris from the Velcro, rub it against the grain. You can then reattach the fuzzy side to the hooked side to keep the Velcro clean while not in use and prevent the Velcro from attaching itself to other items in your bags.

There are also plenty of products available on the market to help with lint removal. There are lint rollers that have a sticky substance on them that the lint attaches to. Another product is a lint removal brush. This product is very similar to the Velcro suggestion above. The brush is swept over the clothing and traps the lint. However, unlike the homemade version, this brush is said to be self-cleaning. You simply slide a lever and the lint is removed and trapped inside the storage unit until you are ready to empty it into the trash.

Lint removal mitts are also easy to use. They are essentially mittens that attract the lint all over, rather than onto a small area like a brush. The idea behind the mitt is to be able to simply brush your clothing like you normally would with your hands, but adding a mitt to make removing the lint easy.

While a product like those above may work, one way to keep lint down is through proper dryer lint filter cleaning. By making sure that the lint filter in your dryer is cleaned after (or before) each load, your dryer will work properly and keep the lint to a minimum. Your lint filter is designed to trap as much of the lint as possible, before it ends up all over your clothing. So keep your dryer lint filter clean so you will have less lint to remove later.

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