Ideas for Wearing A T-Shirt To Bed

When you turn down the covers at night and crawl into your own bed, no matter what your age, gender or size, the most important thing is comfort. One of the best ways to be sure you are as comfortable as you can be is by wearing the perfect thing to bed. Nothing is as easy to wear and feels as good as a loose, soft, comfy, cotton T-shirt. Men, women and children enjoy sleeping in T-shirts year round, because after all, they are the ultimate in comfort.

For people who have to wear business suits, uniforms or need to follow a dress code daily, they rarely get to enjoy wearing T-shirts. Getting into one at the end of the day is the ultimate in relaxation and is a signal to others that it is down time. Even for those without limitations on what they wear during the day, a sleep T-shirt is still a great fit.

The key to wearing a T-shirt to bed is to make sure that it is larger than you would normally wear. This is so you have more freedom of movement and can relax without the more fitted daytime look and feel. For women and girls, longer T-shirts than usual work great because you don’t need to bother with pajama bottoms or sleep shorts.

Finding the perfect T-shirt to wear to bed may be as simple as “borrowing” one from your boyfriend, husband or dad. The sentimental feeling of sleeping in a loved one’s clothes is comforting. However, for the serious T-shirt sleeper, you will want to have a variety of different sleep tees for different nights and different moods. You can have sleep T-shirts custom-made for different seasons, holidays, days of the week and more. You can opt for different color sleep T-shirts, different designs and even different styles.

Some of the fun things you can have printed on a custom-made T-shirt to sleep in include:
·    Not tonight Honey, I’ve got a headache
·    This is not my boyfriend’s shirt
·    Don’t talk to me until after my coffee
·    Sometime I wake up grumpy, other times I let him sleep
·    Official Snoring T-Shirt
·    World’s Best Dozer
·    Snoring Champ
·    1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep, zzzz
·    Eat, Sleep, Drink Coffee
·    Wanna nap?
·    Sleeping rocks
·    Of course I’m good in bed, I can sleep for days
·    The whole being awake thing is overrated
·    I love sleeping
·    Catchin’ z’s
·    Sleeps with cats

For the skeptic who thinks sleep T-shirts can’t be sexy, choosing the right type of sleep tee will take care of the issue. A form fitting black T-shirt with a v-neck or scoop neckline is very inviting. Thinner T-shirts that you can see through will also spice up sleep time. You can even get a T-shirt printed with a come-on to make sure your partner gets the message.

No matter what type of sleep T-shirt you have in mind, you can have it made exactly as you want. Order a custom-made T-shirt today and go to bed in style and comfort from now on.

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