Layering Clothes and the Versatile T-Shirt

Layering clothes is always fashionable. From time to time, certain layering combinations are more popular than others, but in general layering is always in. It gives your outfits more dimension and always looks more pulled-together than wearing just wearing one layer by itself. It is also more practical for a number of reasons, not the least of which is in case you have to deal with temperature fluctuations.

T-shirts have long been a staple of layering clothes. It is the basic layer that everyone from little children to the most senior of citizens wears. T-shirts are a lifesaver when it comes to layering because they work well under everything. You can put a T-shirt under the most casual of clothes to practically the most dressy of clothes and get away with it. The T-shirt is the most versatile and useful of all types of clothes. Therefore you should always have plenty of tees on hand and in a variety of colors for all your layering needs.

Some common clothes layering combinations include:
•    T-shirts under long sleeved button-down shirts
•    T-shirts under sweaters
•    T-shirts under and over polo shirts
•    T-shirts under T-shirts
•    T-shirts over bathing suits
•    T-shirts under overalls
•    T-shirts over and under tank shirts
•    T-shirts under jumpers
•    T-shirts under blouses
•    T-shirts under women’s suits
•    T-shirts over turtle necks

Another advantage of layering clothes is that it is an easy and inexpensive way to make your wardrobe more versatile and make it last longer. Different color T-shirts will change the look of your outfits quickly and easily when layering. By having a T-shirt next to your body, it will absorb more of the oils and dirt from your skin and therefore your clothing layer above it will remain cleaner. You may not need to clean those other layers as often, saving on the wear and tear associated with washing and drying. You will also be able to get away with wearing the same outfit more often, just with different tees.

When you layer T-shirts with other shirts, you get to wear favorite, soft comfortable T-shirts more often than you would otherwise. You are also ready to shed the more formal outer layer after work or school in order to relax, play sports, exercise or just have fun. With layering you can also get more use out of those printed shirts that are not always appropriate. It’s fun to wear things that have a message on them that you feel strongly about. However, many workplaces and schools forbid such tees. By layering them under other things you can still wear them, but follow the dress code too.  You can have fun with layering by having T-shirts custom-printed with all sorts of lines like:
•    Goes with red, black, blue, green, etc.
•    Official layering T-shirt
•    Instructions: Put this on first, then add other layers
•    Layer #1
•    Layering Rocks
•    I heart layering clothes
•    More layers please

Get your custom-made layering T-shirt today and look fashionable while saying what you want to say.

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