Make Your Valentine Yours with a Special Valentine’s Day T-Shirt!

Not sure what to get that special someone on Valentine’s Day? Tired of the usual gifts like chocolate, candy, and flowers? Or maybe your Valentine is actually allergic to chocolate and flowers! But you want to show your affection and love on this special day. What’s a sweetheart to do?

Think about this option: if you design a t-shirt for your Valentine, you can show your love, creativity, and commitment all in the same gift. The time and thought you put into the design of the t-shirt will be crystal clear to your Valentine, right off the bat. Better yet, you can customize the t-shirt to your special someone’s tastes; not only are the size and style of the shirt up to you, but you also have endless supplies of choices to make on the images, text, and layout of the t-shirt.

Many people like to start out with a favorite picture of themselves with the object of their affection. Remind your honey of that trip you took to Hawaii, of your wedding day, or of your first date with a picture included into the t-shirt design. You can add a quote about love, or maybe the lyrics to “your” song—the song you share with your Valentine. Don’t have a song? No problem—any song that reminds you of the way your loved one makes you feel, or expresses your feelings to your loved one, will do just fine. If you’re really looking to impress, you could even write your own poem to put on the t-shirt.

For the younger crowd, another Valentine’s Day t-shirt idea would be to make t-shirts for your class! Imagine how surprised your classmates would be to find t-shirts designed by you in their Valentine’s bags. I don’t know about you, but that sounds better to me than just another mini candy bar! A t-shirt lasts forever and will remind your classmates of that Valentine’s Day in school.

If you’re planning to make t-shirts for your whole class, you should probably just make one design. This way, everyone’s t-shirts will match, and you won’t go crazy trying to come up with a custom design for each person in your class. Valentine’s Day t-shirts for an entire class probably won’t be as affectionate as a t-shirt you’d make for, say, your husband or wife. But there are still plenty of positive messages to express to your friends and classmates. Try finding a good, classic Valentine’s Day image, of a heart, or Cupid, or even just a design with the colors red, white, and pink. If your class has any kind of slogan or mascot, you could add that. Make sure to put the teacher’s name and the year on the t-shirt too. That way everyone will remember when they got their special Valentine’s Day t-shirts!

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have fun designing your t-shirts. That’s the whole point: to have fun and enjoy giving to the people that are important to you!

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