Matching T-Shirts for Your Family Members is Growing in Popularity

Show off your pride for your children with matching t-shirts! T-shirts are a fun and inexpensive way to dress alike. Wearing matching clothing is a nice way to show your closeness with your children.

It’s so easy to create your own t-shirt combinations that are perfectly customized for your family. Take pictures of dad and son. Scan them into the computer so you can easily upload the pictures to online t-shirt design sites. Add “Big Guy” and “Little Guy” to their respective shirts. Or use their names with a picture of their favorite activity like hunting, fishing, or a sport. There are thousands of designs to choose from online or you can create your own.

You can also stick with simple text like “Team Daddy” or “I’m on Daddy’s Team.” Put your child’s picture on Dad’s shirt with “I’m Joshua’s Dad.”

When Zane Bennage turned 5, his grandparents bought he and his dad special matching shirts for dad’s favorite sports team. This football season, the father-son team has matching personalized Pittsburgh Steeler t-shirts.

Some families are buying matching t-shirts for family photos. You can put your family crest or favorite activity or everyone’s names right on the shirt. They make great holiday cards.

For mothers and daughters, the options for matching shirts are only as endless as your imagination. Try “My Mom Rocks” for mom and “My Kid Rocks” for daughter. Or, for mom and baby, “Does this diaper make my butt look fat?” and “Does this baby make my butt look big?”

You can keep your t-shirts simple with a design you like and add your names. T-shirts with giant, sparkly flowers and retro band shirts are both trendy right now.

If you don’t find something you like online, at the store or in a catalog, design your own. It’s a great father-son or mother-daughter project to draw or craft something special and unique to your relationship.

Ty Brown and his son, Mark, started with a simple graphic design program on their computer. They used their favorite motorcycle logo and worked their last name into it. Thanks to simple online t-shirt design companies, they uploaded the design and were ordering shirts in no time. Ty’s wife, Jen and their daughter May took a different approach. They went to the fabric store and really started from scratch. 6 year old May picked out accessories to embellish the purple shirts she selected. Once they had buttons, felt and sparkly rhinestones, the two were ready to get to work. Jen cut out big flower pieces from the felt. Then, May helped add the buttons to the flower centers and rhinestones around the edges. Jen used a simple fabric marker to write their names on their shirts.

When everyone’s shirts were done, the Browns had a friend take a picture and their customized t-shirt creations were featured in their annual Christmas card.

Mother-daughter and father-son t-shirts are great for family vacations, too. Get an “I Love NYC” or “Rehobeth Beach” shirt. The boys get one color and put their names on the back in a sports jersey style. The girls can choose another color and have their names embroidered on the front.

Don’t forget holidays and special events. For one group of family friends, all the mothers and daughters get matching shirts for their “girls’ day out.” The trips started as back to school shopping trips to the local shoe store when the kids were young. One year, they decided to head to the large King of Prussia mall for a weekend long visit. They decided to get customized t-shirts to mark the occasion and to help quickly spot each other in the mall. Now, that there are grandchildren to take back to school shopping, it’s become a tradition to get mother-daughter-granddaughter shirts for each family.

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