Share the Love or Anti-Love with a Valentine T-Shirt

Well, here it comes, February 14th. Are you ready? Do you have your outfit planned? Are you going out for a romantic evening, or hanging out with the family? Well, if it’s the latter, you might want to outfit the entire family with a Valentine t-shirt!

There are lots of choices available. The most popular colors are pink, purple, red, white and even light blue. Color choice will depend on who’s going to be wearing the shirt.

Kids especially like to wear fun t-shirts to school; it’s easy to outfit them in a tee of their choice for the big day. Kids will like tees that have cute conversational hearts on them, with sayings such as Be Mine, Cute, or Cool. Other t-shirts the kids might enjoy could have a big red heart on the front, with their favorite kind of dog or cat, saying something like, “I Love My Lab!”

For the grown-ups, tees showing Cupid and star-crossed lovers might be desired. Others might bear the saying, “I still believe in love”, “Love is a Two-Way Street”, or “Be My Valentine”.

Young men (or the older guys, too) might choose Valentine’s Day to propose. For those who want a rather whimsical approach, why not try wearing a tee that pops the question for him? He can ask the girl to meet him in a crowded place like the mall, a club, or at a sporting event. Then, he can weave his way through the crowd to her side. Or, maybe he can get himself up on the JumboTron where the whole world can see his intentions.

There are any number of animals associated with Valentine’s Day. Almost any critter can convey a Valentine’s wish. There’s even a shirt out there with a cactus, a porcupine, and the words “True Love”! Teddy bears and kittens are popular choices, but frogs with hearts in their eyes and smooching monkeys can also be found on the more unusual Valentine’s tees.

Some t-shirts are rather simple and understated. They show a simple heart or two; just enough to show that the wearer feels the love. Even the simple word “Love” is enough to let others know that you enjoy the holiday.

Then there are suggestive tees. These shirts display how attractive the wearer of the shirt finds others. Some examples are:
“You’re so hot you’d make the devil sweat”
“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d U next to I” and
“Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

Of course, Valentine’s Day, like any other holiday, has its detractors. The cynical, the lonely, the newly single and the folks who have never been in love may all fall into this category. Some folks might choose to express their opinions with:
“Valentines Schmalentines”
“I Never Loved Him Anyway”
“Cupid Rhymes with Stupid”, and there’s always
“I see no reason to celebrate VD”.

No matter your mood or how you feel about February 14th, you can see that there’s a way to express it. Just pull a t-shirt on over your head and let the world know about it!

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