Show Cue Spirit – Create a Billiards T-Shirt

Playing pool is not just an enjoyable evening out on a Friday night after work. Billiard halls are often filled with groups of people surrounding a table, laughing, drinking, and playing pool. Billiards is a great sport that is often overlooked as a mere hobby. True billiard players take great pride in their sport, and can spend a great amount of time and money practicing and competing against others.

If you really love playing pool, you might want to share it with those around you. One fantastic way to show the world your love of the sport is by wearing a shirt designed by you. Custom billiard t-shirts are a blast to create. Some simple designs include just the normal “I love Billiards” or a simple “Rack ‘Em”.

For male players popular designs are often play on words. “Nice Rack” is one of the most used slogans as is “It takes a lot of balls to play pool the way I do.” Female players can just take pride in that they are women playing pool with “Girls play too” or tell everyone “Stop staring at my rack.” While these shirts may work without graphics, the designs can help others to really understand what you are trying to say. Make a custom billiard t-shirt unique by using colors and graphics to enhance a common pool saying.

Pool sharks don’t usually go around advertising, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a shirt indicating you are indeed a pool shark. You can even wear a shirt that says you are a hustler, even if you really aren’t, no one will question you. Whether the graphic on your shirt is a shark or you just skip the graphic and simply identify yourself as a hustler, have fun with the design. If you plan on hustling someone though, make sure you wear a different shirt or they just won’t take you seriously.

Oftentimes pool players visit the same pool hall for most of their games. Shirts can be designed with the name of the billiards hall. The shirt can include things such as the city it is in, or what makes that particular hall special. Maybe you love that particular place because the tables seem well kept or you like the color of the felt. Or maybe you just like the other regular players. All of these things can be used for your custom t-shirt.

Family members of a billiards player can show their pride for favorite pool player with custom t-shirts. Spouses of the player can wear shirts similar to athletic equipment shirts with “Property of Hustler” or “Property of Pool Player”. Parents can design shirts that just say that they are a billiards parent. Even the kids can get involved with the sport with shirts designed to say things about being a future player or the child of a player. For a more personalized shirt, family members can include the name of their favorite player as well.

Have fun creating a billiards t-shirt. Whether the shirt is for yourself or a loved one, you can capture the essence of the sport and the player by customizing a shirt with various graphics and sayings.

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