Show the Love for Your Customers with T-Shirts

When an establishment has been in operation for at least one year, great things begin to happen. The business in question first and foremost typically decides to celebrate. They celebrate the fact that they’ve made it through the first year; they celebrate the fact that the whole thing hasn’t come crashing down around them; and then celebrate the people who have made it all possible – the customers!

If YOU are the owner of a business, be it retail, wholesale, service-oriented or restaurant, you are most likely most grateful to those folks who choose to darken your doors with their presence, and more importantly, with their cash. They are the life’s blood of your endeavor, and without them, you would be completely out of business. Literally.

Now that your first year anniversary has rolled around (or your 10th or 25th), it’s time to celebrate and thank the folks who have helped make it all happen. If you have a week-long celebration complete with giveaways, food and sale prices, why not order some Customer Appreciation tees for your staff to wear? You can include your company’s logo or design, the dates and the number of years you’ve been established. You could even have a “Thank-you” message printed, if you like. Put one of these shirts on every one of your employees’ backs, and they’ll be walking advertisements for how thankful you are for your customer and their continued patronage.

Of course, if you’ve been in business for awhile and things have really been in the black, you may want to include tees as a giveaway to your valued customers. Ordering t-shirts to show your appreciation of your customers will definitely make them feel like they are doing a great thing to help you out and frequent your business.

Any size business can do this; but it is probably more feasible for the larger ones. You may want to be able to offer t-shirts in various sizes, from a child’s small to XXL, and that can get pricey. However, order all larges and you can fit most folks who walk in the door. If the shirt is too big, they can use it as loungewear or even a nightshirt. If it’s too small, they may pass it along to someone else. (Maybe someone else who’s never been to your business; this might just get that newbies to step through your door!)

If you’ve put in a large order for tees, it might be a good idea to advertise them a bit. Depending on how many tees you want to give out, take out an ad in the paper, get on the local radio station, or just hand out fliers with each purchase. How much or how little you advertise is dependent on how many folks you want to come see you and your business. Remember that lots of folks will do just about anything to get a “free” prize or giveaway, and if all they have to do is come down and check out your business, you’ll probably get lots of new customers!

Whether you wear one yourself or give them away to your customers, customer appreciation tees are a great way to show your clients and customers how much their business really means to you.

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