Sparkle and Shine with Your Rhinestone T-Shirt

Whether you are adorning your t-shirt with rhinestones or creating a customized rhinestone t-shirt through an online site, adding these gems to your t-shirt adds sparkle to your wardrobe.

You can create many different looks and styles with rhinestones. From your name or nickname spelled out in the pretty stones on the front of the shirt to rhinestones lining the sleeves or neckline of the t-shirt, you can go super-flashy or understated with your rhinestone t-shirt.

A rhinestone t-shirt designed by you makes a great gift for friends and family. They will be thrilled to receive the special gift. Go the message t-shirt route: write your friend’s nickname on the t-shirt or the pet-name you have for your girlfriend in rhinestones and watch her face light-up when she opens the gift.

What about other messages on the t-shirt spelled in rhinestones like “Daddy’s Girl” for a child…or even a teenager! You could also include the name of your horoscope sign or a favorite hobby, such as “Aries” or “Scrapbooker.” Other fun message ideas include:

· “Flower Girl” or “Bride”
· “World’s Best Mommy!”
· “I Love Sparkle!”
· “Bling. Bling.”
· “Shine Like the Stars”
· “Superstar!”
· “Big Sister” and “Little Sister”
· “Baby on Board”

You can use rhinestones to highlight certain words or to spell out the entire message. Utilizing the gems in this way will make for a very eye-catching t-shirt. People may stop to read the message, because it is gleaming at them!

Words aren’t the only thing you can embellish with rhinestones. You can also create a rhinestone heart, peace sign, smiley face or a cross. Let your imagination decide.

Rhinestone t-shirts are great gifts for a bride to give to her bridesmaids. Include “Maid of Honor” or “Bridesmaid” on the front and add the date of the wedding in rhinestones. It makes a unique keepsake gift to commemorate their involvement in the special day.

Trying to come up with the perfect baby gift for your niece, granddaughter or little friend? Create a rhinestone onesie t-shirt for that new baby girl with her name and date of birth. Or make a “Baby’s First Christmas” t-shirt. Other ideas for the youngest t-shirt wearer are “cute,” “baby,” and “night owl.”

If you are not interested in learning to create the rhinestone t-shirts yourself, consider finding a website to do the work for you. By utilizing their online services, you will be able to choose from different colors and styles of t-shirts and browse their unique rhinestone designs. Many sites will provide customizing services, so you can give them the special design you want, and they will make it happen for you.

So if you are looking for something unique for a gift or just to enhance your wardrobe, rhinestone t-shirts give you a fun and stylish option. Rhinestones bring class to a basic t-shirt and make it possible to throw on a t-shirt and still look like a million bucks.

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