Custom T-Shirts – Support a Cause

Remember the slogans, ‘Free Tibet’, ˜End Police Brutality’, ‘Erase Hunger’, ‘Meat = Murder’, ‘Animals are the Only Fashion Victims’, and the like that made people sit up and take note? T-shirts have certainly evolved from a mere garment to a canvas to display your personal, social or political views.

The power of the slogans on t-shirts

T-shirts, undoubtedly, are the most visible form of mobile publicity ever devised. And their power was discovered in 1990s, when the catchy slogans emblazoned across the chest and back became a rage. Humorous and ironic, but always espousing a cause, these t-shirts slogans have been making political and social statements with telling effect since long. Little wonder they’ve even been embraced by celebrities like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

This modern phenomenon of ˜personal branding’ has today become a handy tool for those wishing to cash on to the political climate or support a cause. Offensive, shocking or pornographic, these slogans and graphics make hard hitting statements and reveal the leanings of the wearer–political or otherwise.

T-shirts can make a big difference as part of a campaign. According to Liberty, a British Human Rights group, “They may not change the world, but they allow us all the opportunity to state clearly our support for liberty and human rights”. However, there are no two opinions t-shirts are useful in generating publicity, public awareness and debate. Although, much depends on what they’re trying to say and who’s wearing them, they’ve an impact, particularly when they’re worn in places we least expect them to see.

Want to know the effect of these tees? T-shirt with the slogan ‘Fashion Targets Breast Cancer’ has raised ten-and-a-half million US dollars since its launch ten years ago! Name a supermodel and it’s likely she’d have modeled the recognizable ‘target’ logo at some point in her career. Some of these supermodels are Elle MacPherson, Gisele Bundchen, Yasmin Le Bon and Jodie Kidd.

Sometimes individuals support a cause by waging a slogan war against the authorities through the medium of t-shirts. It’ll be pertinent to mention one such personality. She’s Katherine Hamnett, a British designer, who has become famous, or rather infamous, for her protest t-shirts. In 1984, she wore an anti-nuke t-shirt to meet Margaret Thatcher proclaiming ‘58% Don’t Want Pershing’! Again in 2003, she sent models down the catwalk wearing t-shirts that said ‘No War, Blair Out’.

Making custom t-shirts

If you want to convey your message through a custom t-shirt, you don’t have to shop for plain t-shirts and run after graphic designers and printers. Finding a company that accepts outsourced t-shirt orders is easy. So, if you’ve a cause, don’t hesitate to announce it to the world through custom tees.

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