Support the Troops with T-Shirts

In these hard times for America, many citizens have loved ones who are currently in service to their country. Whether in a war zone, simply overseas, or on duty at home in America, our servicemen and women are part of a dedicated group who deserve all the support we can show them. If you have a friend, family member, or spouse who is currently serving the country, you might want to design a custom t-shirt for them or for yourself to show your support and pride.

Whether your loved one is in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or another branch of service, there are many types of t-shirts you could design to send a message of support. If your loved one is a soldier stationed overseas or at an American base, they may not be able to wear clothing you send them, so why not make it for yourself and wear it around as a walking tribute to the one you love?

You could make a t-shirt personalized with your soldier’s name and picture, along with many choices of images, such as a yellow ribbon, an American flag, or perhaps the image most closely associated with their branch of military. You could also include their dates and places of service.

If you do want to send a t-shirt to your soldiers, a great idea would be to design a t-shirt that reminds them of home. Get a great picture of the soldier’s family together—children, parents, brothers and sisters, spouse. You can choose any type of picture you see fit, but consider something fun, spontaneous, and informal. It will be great to remind your soldiers of what’s going on at home and what’s waiting when they get back. So instead of something more posed and fancy, try a picture of your family’s real life back at home. You can then include text from the family, like, “We love you, come home soon!” or “Thank you,” or “We’re thinking of you!” You can also get creative with inside jokes or quotes that would help keep your soldiers’ spirits high while they are away from home.

In the sad event that you have lost someone who was serving his or her country, you could make a t-shirt in memorial. What better way to remind the world on a regular basis of the person you loved who was lost in the line of duty? A simple t-shirt is one possible way to honor your loved one even as you walk down the street. Choose your favorite picture of your loved one—either in or out of uniform—and include their name, the dates of their birth and death, and perhaps a quote or song lyrics that are especially meaningful to you.

However you decide to do it, designing a custom t-shirt and wearing it proudly will help you and your family honor your loved one who is serving the country.

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