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Symbols of Canada on Canadian T-Shirts

Canada 1Canada is one of the largest countries in the world in geographic size. It is so enormous that its many different regions look like entirely different countries. There are frozen wastes in Canada as well as prairie lands, huge mountains, forests and sea coasts. The large number of different types of habitats also means a large number of native animals. All of this makes for fabulous pictures that look great on Canada t-shirts.

A Canada t-shirt can feature such Canadian sights as moose, unspoiled mountain lakes and decent hockey players. These are just a few of the many things that are associated for Canada. A picture of a moose walking along the road is a sight that some Canadians are familiar with. Others are more familiar with the Canadian islands along the Atlantic coast. Still other Canadians are more familiar with the vast prairie lands that encompass so much of the country. All of these scenes are Canadian and all are great ways to represent the country on a t-shirt.

The easiest way to show that a person is Canadian is to design a t-shirt Canada 2with a big maple leaf on it. The maple leaf is such a classic symbol of Canada that no more needs to be said on a t-shirt for people to understand its meaning. If the maple leaf is joined by the name of the country or a picture of a scene from the country, the message will be that much more apparent. Canadians are proud of their country and everything it stands for. That pride can be expressed with a t-shirt with any of these images and countless more that represent Canada.

For some people, traveling around the world to places that may be unfriendly to Americans leaves Canadians ready to try anything to let the world know that they are Canadian. With a Canada t-shirt, they can do just that. Canadians can wear the shirt proudly to show their nationality to everyone around them. And if it helps them to avoid a little trouble, that’s just icing on the cake.

Canadian flags are another image that can make for attractive Canada t-shirts. Everyone loves the red and white, and Canadians all love their flag. A Canadian flag is a symbol of Canada in so many ways that it is an unmistakable image to anyone who sees it. No one with a Canadian flag on their t-shirt will be mistaken for anything other than a Canadian.

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    Decent hockey players? I think decent is a little understated, don’t you think? I guess Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos will have to settle for being decent.

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