Clothing colors

How To Find Your Best Clothing Colors

Clothing colors

Wearing colors that best suit you can make all the difference in your appearance. There are rare individuals that look good in every color, however for the most part, people have tones that suit them better than others. There are a variety of things that impact which colors look good on you. These factors range from your complexion to your hair color, to your body shape to your personality and more.

You will find that by wearing certain shades your complexion will look ruddier or washed out or simply not its best. You need to know if your complexion is fair, dark, olive or ruddy and which colors look best with it. A general rule of thumb is that clothing that is close in tone to your skin is unflattering. Your hair however can change what colors work for you. If you have fair skin and very light hair, you definitely need color in your wardrobe or you will look like a ghost. However, if you have fair skin and dark hair, light colors work fine.  Finding the right clothing colors to suit your coloring, including your complexion and hair color, is something everyone should spend time doing.

If you naturally gravitate towards dark colors, by all means go for it. Black and dark shades work well for most people. They tend to have a slimming effect, which pleases many individuals regardless of skin color. If you are heavyset, black and dark colors are a good choice for you. If your body shape is unbalanced, wear dark tones where you are bigger for the best result.  Just remember to try to balance dark clothes with a little color to avoid a Goth look. If you have a very pale, porcelain complexion, you may want to avoid too much black, especially near your face, as it will give you a vampire look.

Your personality also has a significant impact on the best clothing colors for you. If you enjoy being the center of attention, reds, yellows, bright shades, neons and metallics will be options for you. Work these into your wardrobe while keeping in mind guidelines for choosing color.

Another way to help determine your best clothing colors is to do a color analysis and decide which season you are. If you are a summer, you should wear blues, pinks, lavenders, winter white and unique shades like lemon and watermelon. If you are a winter, you should wear darks, bright colors, icy pale shades and pure white. If you are an autumn, you should wear earth tones and slightly muted bright colors. If you are a spring, you should wear reds, oranges, aqua, lighter shades of navy blue and ivory.

By finding out your best clothing colors, you will be ready to pull together a perfectly flattering outfit whenever you need it. A simple and quick way to do so is by standing in front of a mirror with T-shirts of different shades. Focus on your face and the changes reflected there as you hold one color after another up to your neck. Spend a little time on this trick and before you know it you’ll have found the best color choices for your clothes, as well as a few items to give away.

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