Pleats and cuffs

When to Wear Cuffs and Pleats

Pleats and cuffs

Perhaps there is nothing more traditionally formal looking than a pair of dress pants that are pleated and have cuffs. The style and elegance are ones that can be dated back for over one hundred years, if not more. Still today many men like to wear a classic looking pair of trousers that are pleated and cuffed, but when is it the appropriate time to wear cuffs and pleats?

Here are some times when cuffs and pleats are appropriate:

•    At the office: As previously mentioned, cuffs and pleats are for a formal setting and so they are perfect for an office type job that is more on the upscale side. Anyone from lawyers to stock brokers and even real estate agents can all be seen wearing a nice looking pair of pants that feature the classic pleats and cuffs.
•    A formal event: Let’s say you are attending a wedding and you are not actually in the wedding. You don’t want to go too formal and rent a tuxedo but you still want to dress in a formal fashion and avoid throwing on some Dockers. A sharp looking pair of pleated and cuffed pants is the perfect solution and will have you looking sharp without much effort. Pair the pants with a nice white button down shirt and add a nice tie and you will be one of the best dressed men to attend the wedding.
•    Presentations: If your job requires you to do presentations then a pair of pants with cuffs and pleats is perfect for you. The classic look gives the impression that the pants are fresh off the press and that type of attention to detail screams success. As wrong as it may be, many people judge you by what you wear long before they ever get to know you.

Here are some occasions not to wear cuffs and pleats:

•    Casual Friday: Cuffs and pleats are way too formal to allow you to get away with wearing them in a casual setting. If you were to wear your pleated and cuffed pants on a Casual Friday you risk looking like you are stuffy and you will definitely stick out like a sore thumb.
•    Boy’s night out: Unless you are trying to sell something to one of your friends, leave the cuffed and pleated pants at the house and opt for something a little more laid back. Hanging out is a casual thing and if you wear your cuffed and pleated pants out with the guys you will look out of place and have people thinking you are the attorney for your friends.
•    Alone: You shouldn’t wear cuffs alone or pleats alone. If you buy a pair of pants that are pleated but not cuffed, you will want to get them cuffed. One because it will look better and two because it will help the pants hang the right way. If you cuff your pants and there are no pleats you are screaming 70s so do yourself a favor and just get unpleated pants that are the proper length.

In a nut shell, when you want to look your best a nice classic pair of pants that feature cuffs and pleats will help you get the job done every single time.

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