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Camilla Belle

How to Dress Like Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle is a young actress that is seeing her acting career take off and has recently had a boost with a role in the movie  10,000 B.C. and Lost World: Jurassic Park.  Off the scene, Belle is one of the most elegant and graceful dressers in Hollywood today. Her pretty looks combined with her stunning fashion has many women today wanting to dress like her.

You too can dress like Belle if you have the time and patience to dedicate to this look. Here are some tricks and tips to help you accomplish this timeless look:

•    Casual skirts and dresses: When out and about or even in an interview, Belle looks both stunning and casual at the same time. The dresses she wears tend to be on the shorter side and made of a lighter material. She likes to stay on the darker side of the color spectrum with colors such as greens, blues, and even black as her favorite. When choosing your color of dress, go with what best matches your skin complexion. Skirts should be on the short side as well and keep the same color theme in mind.
•    Formal wear: If you plan on looking like Belle for a formal outing then you need to plan on going big. Belle always wears long and flowing gowns on the red carpet and these gowns are usually made of a silky and shear material. When going formal Belle changes position on her color scheme and likes to go with the lighter colors that are cooler in nature. Light blue is a favorite of hers and she wears it very well.
•    Shoes: Pumps and high heels are in tall order here. When going formal go for the heels but be sure that the height is not too much. When going casual in dresses and skirts then a nice pump will certainly do the trick. Colors should be matched with what you are wearing.
•    Accessories: Belle likes to be on the flashy side when it comes to her accessories. She often wears bigger earrings and is more times than not seen wearing a gold necklace. Bracelets are not out of the question either and if you want to wear them feel free to do so.
•    Hair and make-up: Belle stays on the lighter side of make-up but tends to really use a lot of blush to accentuate her cheek bones and also uses a lot of eye shadow so you should attempt to do the same. When going formal go for a brighter red lip stick as opposed to the more flesh tone color that you will want to use when just dressing casual. Simple is the word for hair and Belle is often seen with her hair put either up or down. Her hair is long and straight so to emulate it perfectly, you can use a hair flattening iron to achieve the look.

Again, dressing like Belle requires a little more time and patience then just dressing like many of the more laid back Hollywood starlets of today. If you can pull it off though you will get looks throughout the day as Belle’s style is one that is truly stunning.