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My Dorky Dad Needs a New Shirt

Typically, the parents’ role is to take care of the children. They ensure that you have food in your belly. That you get to school on time. A parent makes sure that you do your homework and that you’re dressed properly. However, in extreme cases, the child must take care of the parent. Mine is one of those extreme cases and I have decided that it is time for me to step in.

Because he’s already a grown-up, my dad knows how to handle most of the basics. He makes his own food and even makes some for me some times. He gets up everyday and goes to work without having to be waked up. No one has to remind him to do his homework, which I guess turns into paying the bills when you get old. But, he still hasn’t mastered the ‘dressing properly’ part of adulthood. Sure, he wears a suit to work and he looks pretty okay most of the time. When he gets home, he puts on his ‘casual clothes’. This is where it gets ugly.

The shirt, that is. He puts on his cool Dad shirt. Yikes. He has to think it’s cool or else he wouldn’t wear it as often as he does. The truth is, it’s the most hideous piece of clothing I, or anyone else, have ever seen. She’d never admit it, but even my mom thinks it’s awful. So I’ve decided that there needs to be an intervention and it’s up to me to save my dad from himself and his horrible taste. I’ve got to be sneaky about it, though. The shirt can’t just disappear or he’ll catch on and he might get his feelings hurt. What I’ll do is get him a new, much cooler shirt.

I’m even going to take it one step further. I’ll make him a personalized shirt just for him from little ole’ me. That way, it will automatically be way cooler than anything he has in his closet. And, he’ll be obligated to wear it as often as possible. That’s what parents do, right? They use, in any way possible, any and all gifts given to them by their children. I’m going to use his unconditional parental love against him. It’s for his own good.

So, kids, remember, you do not have to accept your parents’ embarrassing wardrobe choices. You do have options. In fact, your options are limited only by your imagination when you choose the fool proof route of having an original shirt designed for your stylistically challenged mom or dad. My only suggestion is that you not design the shirt to read “Fashion Victim.” I mean, you’re trying to help them overcome their challenges in the wardrobe department, not announce them to the world. However, if a shirt that says “Fashion Victim” would be a step up from their previous choice, I guess you can’t lose. Whatever you do, act now. Gift your dorky mom or dad with a cool new shirt designed by you. They’ll thank you for it one day.

How to Choose a T-Shirt That Will Stand Out in a Crowd

When wearing a t-shirt, it may sometimes feel like you blend in with all of the other people out there wearing t-shirts. T-shirt wearing is now so common that it can take a little bit of creativity to make yourself stand out apart from the crowd. There are several ways to go about choosing a t-shirt that will stand out. Choosing a color that gets noticed is one way. Choosing a saying that gets attention is another. Still other people like to wear a t-shirt with an attention-getting picture on it. And for the very bold, a combination of all three things is a sure way to stand out and be noticed in even the largest crowd.

Choosing a color that will make a t-shirt stand out apart from all the others can be done by picking the brightest, most eye-catching color possible. When you want to do that, there’s just one option- neon. A bright t-shirt in a neon orange, yellow or pink is just about as eye catching as a t-shirt can get among a crowd of people. The eye is drawn immediately to these bright t-shirt colors and it can’t help but get plenty of notice from everyone else in the immediate area.

A t-shirt that has a very clever or shocking statement will always get some attention. To get the biggest impact from words on a t-shirt, though, you need to be shocking. Taking a familiar saying and turning it around to mean something completely different is one way to do this. Another way is to use words that aren’t generally considered polite in most areas of society. This can, of course, lead to problems. To avoid any problems, use a word that sounds like a rude word but that won’t get you kicked out of your event.

Pictures can be one of the easiest ways to get a lot of attention very quickly for t-shirt. A picture of someone that is very recognizable and that is popular in pop culture is an easy way to get attention quickly. The best way to choose the right person for your t-shirt is to find out who is being talked about the most. Listen to who your friends are discussing and who is on the news most often and you may have the makings of a great T-shirt for capturing attention. If you can do something to change that photograph to make a statement, it will be even more attention-getting.

To do this to comic effect, try changing the picture slightly with small details. You might try painting sinister looking eyebrows onto a picture, putting a strange hat on them, or even putting makeup on them. There are a lot of ways to change photograph to make people notice right away that something about this photograph is different. You may get a lot of attention from people who are simply trying to figure out how you have changed the picture. This is a fun way to get attention without being offensive to anyone or getting yourself into trouble.

How to Choose a T-Shirt to Show off Your Breasts

When you want to show off your breasts, there are few things that are better to wear then a T-shirt. The nature of cotton means that the material will hug the shape and will mold itself to the woman’s figure. Cotton T-shirts will develop a memory after being worn several times, and their shape will conform to your shape. If you want to make your breasts as noticeable as possible, wearing a cotton T-shirt that is tight around the breasts means that the T-shirt will stretch itself to accommodate your shape. That means a well fitting T-shirt and one that will not hide the breasts away from public notice.

If you want them to get the maximum attention, you might even try to wear a T-shirt that is a size too small. This will force the eye to notice your curves. The first time you wear a T-shirt that is a little too tight; the shirt may act in a slightly concealing way. It might push down on your curves and make them less noticeable. However, wear the T-shirt several times and you will soon see that it has stretched and its new shape is a powerful way to enhance your breasts.

Another quick way to get plenty of attention for your breasts is to wear a bright color that will command everyone’s attention to them. That attention might be attracted by the bright color, but that attention will stay because of the shape that you are showing off. A great bright color to wear is a bright yellow. Bright yellow is one of the most eye-catching of all the available colors. Wearing something that is bright yellow never fails to get attention. And if you’re ready to show off your breasts, you will first need to gain attention.

If you further want plenty of attention to your bust line, you may also want to design something with shapes, colors, or other designs that will enhance that area. Bright colors attract the eye and make things seem larger. Dark colors make things seem smaller than they are. So, the T-shirt that is darker on the bottom and lighter at the top will bring the eye up to the area that is lightest. If the bust area is light and the rest of the T-shirt is a very dark color, all the attention that comes to you will be focused on your breasts.

There are other ways that people design T-shirts in order to get the most attention they can for their breasts. This can include placing two large symbols or pictures at the bust line. Some people choose bunches of grapes, and there also T-shirts that feature fried eggs or other round items in order to get the most attention possible on that area. If that doesn’t seem entirely up your alley, you might try a few words printed across the chest.  If the words are small, people will have to get close and look at your chest in order to be able to read them.

How to Choose a T-Shirt if You Have Large Breasts

There are times when you might want a little attention for your figure, but there are likely also times when that kind of attention is simply unwanted. When you want some attention paid to your figure, there are many different T-shirt types to wear than if you don’t want that kind of attention.

A good, attention-getting T-shirt for someone with this type of figure is one that is well fitted. The well-fitted T-shirt will fit the bust like a glove and will not be baggy around the chest. This is a way to enhance the bust line and to make it more noticeable to anyone who sees you in this type of T-shirt. Depending on the type of bra you wear, the T-shirt size that you choose may be different.  A bra that offers a lot of support will probably allow you to wear a smaller sized T-shirt than one that doesn’t. Choosing a good support bra means not only being able to fit into a smaller size, it also means having a silhouette that is made more attractive by the tight-fitting T-shirt.

There may be a lot of times when you don’t want any attention for your figure, however.  During those times, choosing a T-shirt that is looser in the bust line is the best idea. A looser bust line conceals the exact size and shape of the bust and keeps it from getting too much attention. Wearing a T-shirt that is one size larger than one that fits like a glove is a good way to keep the bust line from being too prominently noticeable in the T-shirt while keeping the T-shirt from getting to baggy.

To make the bust line seen smaller than it is, wearing a darker color on top is the best advice.  Many women with large breasts wear black or dark-colored T-shirts to achieve this look. Any dark color will have this effect on your figure. You can choose from dark blue, dark green, dark purple, or even a deep burgundy red and the dark color will make the entire area that covers look smaller to the eye.

On the other hand, if you are seeking to enhance the area, choose a lighter color. A bright yellow, a pink, orange, or even a white T-shirt will make the area seem a little larger. This enhances the figure and calls attention to it.

For women whose breasts are very large and tend to get attention no matter what, wearing two T-shirts may provide a little bit of extra support. One T-shirt with a slightly larger T-shirt worn over it, or even two T-shirts being worn that are the same size, will give a little extra support to the breasts as well as offering more material. This thicker material means that the breasts may not be as easily noticeable then if the material was thinner. And with the extra support, the breasts will move less as the woman is in motion, meaning even less attention being focused on the breasts.

Choosing Maternity T-Shirts: What to Look For

Whether you are expecting your first bundle of joy or your fifth, one thing is certain: you’re not going to fit into your current clothes for long! Luckily, the maternity clothes offered today are far superior to the choices our mothers and grandmothers had. Today’s maternity items also tend to be more comfortable, functional, and fashionable. One of the greatest additions to these clothing lines has been maternity t-shirts. Whether browsing online, or wandering the mall, the choices are vast. Here are some pointers to help guide you when choosing maternity t-shirts.

•    Finally, Function!

Don’t waste your time pulling hubby’s large size t-shirts out of the drawer. You can do so much better than that. When choosing maternity t-shirts you will need to consider one very important question: are you currently nursing or do you intend to nurse this child? One of the sad secrets for first time moms is that you may continue to wear your maternity clothes for a month or two after the birth, until your body starts to resemble its actual shape again. If nursing is a factor, you will want to make sure your t-shirts are also nursing shirts. Nursing shirts usually are designed with discreet flaps that appear to be part of the t-shirt design, so no one will even know that you are wearing a multi-functional piece of apparel.

•    Will It Fit Tomorrow?

Frankly, you will be asking yourself this question throughout the whole pregnancy. Everything from your hair to your shoe size is subject to change. When in doubt – size up!

Comfort should be an expectant mom’s number one concern. Most maternity t-shirts come sized in small, medium, large, and extra large. Bigger is definitely better since you’re dressing for two now. If a t-shirt feels the least bit snug, you are better to choose another style, or go up a size. The great thing about maternity t-shirts is that they are supposed to be casual and loose fitting- both great qualities for an expanding belly!

•    Express Yourself

Choosing a maternity t-shirt as a way to express your individuality has become very popular. Whether you choose a pink t-shirt with the word “BABY” spelled out in crystals, or an unadorned soft cotton t-shirt with nursing flaps will be a very personal choice. T-shirts can be surprisingly feminine or typically casual depending on your taste and desires.

Listen, when you are pregnant your mind is going to be on a hundred important and exciting issues: decorating the nursery, choosing baby names, and baby-proofing your home. Just don’t forget to make sure you that you have the right tools to get all those things done. A pregnant woman needs to know she can quickly reach into a drawer and pull out an attractive, comfortable, and well-fitting piece of clothing that she can move in all day long. So when you are choosing maternity t-shirts keep in mind your personal needs, fit and sense of style. This will help you make sense of the wide array of choices and arm yourself with one basic component of a great maternity wardrobe.

Keeping Your Cool with the Right T-Shirt – Breathable Fabrics

You want your everyday clothing to be comfortable, almost like a second skin. That’s one reason breathability is so important in a t-shirt. Let’s face it, there are situations in life where you’re going to sweat, and you want your t-shirt to help keep you cool. Then again, there are times when you need a t-shirt that will keep you warm and cozy, and you’re willing to sacrifice a little bit of breathability. We can give you some guidelines for choosing the t-shirt that’s just right for any situation.

The material used in the t-shirt is important factor in breathability. Cotton is considered by many to be one of the most breathable fabrics. Plus when you wear cotton, you can feel good that the product is 100% natural. It’s even possible to buy t-shirts that are made from organic cotton for the truly environmentally conscious consumer. The drawback of cotton is that it absorbs moisture, making it potentially less comfortable to for active wear or other situations where you need to keep cool. It also tends to wrinkle more than some synthetic fabrics.

That’s where we can turn to synthetic materials to enhance breathability. Often synthetics such as polyester are blended with cotton to give you the best of both worlds—added durability, less shrinkage, and much less of a tendency to absorb water. Plus, polyester or a poly/cotton blend resists wrinkles, which contributes to keeping your t-shirt looking crisp and fresh even after a long day.

Also, how the fabric of your t-shirt is constructed can be just as important as the type of fabric used. Wearing a t-shirt made of a fabric with a loose weave allows more air to circulate around your body, cooling you off more effectively. In cooler weather, you’ll want to look for a t-shirt made of a thicker, heavier-weight material to help your body retain heat. You could also look for a long-sleeved or turtleneck version of your favorite t-shirt to add to your cool-weather wardrobe.

Also, you could think about the different styles of t-shirts that are available, and try to choose the one that will keep you the most comfortable in a particular setting. T-shirts with less coverage, such as those with cap sleeves, a deep v-neck, or a sleeveless tee will allow you to keep cooler. Of course, these styles may not be suitable for a conservative office setting, unless they’re worn as a layer under another piece like a blazer.

For active wear, there are dozens of specialty synthetic fabrics available that help keep you cool by wicking moisture. If you’re really going to work out a lot, you have certain concerns such as protecting against chafing and keeping your t-shirt smelling fresh and clean. To address those concerns, some t-shirts are made with a sleek, close fitting design. Also, some are made from specialty fabrics that have odor control built into the material.

The t-shirt is an important wardrobe staple that will never go out of style. Plus, there are so many styles of t-shirts and so many different fabrics available that you’re sure to find one—or many—that will be just right for you, and help you keep cool and comfortable.